Better Halves - Recap

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Peter talk to Hiro and Ando and gives them Future Hiro’s message of “Save the cheerleader, save the world,” explaining who it came from. Ando, translating for Hiro, explains that future Hiro had a sword, impressing Hiro no end. Peter tells them to get to New York City and find the cheerleader, then puts Isaac’s paintings together. He realizes they follow a progression but there is one missing. Isaac confirms that Simone has the missing painting.

Claire and Mrs. Bennet are making cupcakes when Claire inadvertently burns her hands on a pan of cupcakes. Her hands heal before her mother can notice. Mr. Bennet comes in and reveals that he has talked to Claire’s biological parents and has set up a meeting for her with them the next day. He leaves the final decision up to Claire, who says she’s ready.

Niki and Micah are asleep when she hears a noise and wakes up. The police are outside but D.L. appears quietly behind her and starts talking, somehow having slipped by the police. She warns him that all she needs to do is call out to get them in the house. He insists he should be able since it is home and he’s still Micah’s father. The police come to the door and D.L. goes to see Micah. Niki lies and says she was talking to Micah. She then talks to D.L. who explains he was going to steal Linderman’s $2 million but backed out when he realized Linderman would go after Niki and Micah. He’s determined a woman stole it but doesn’t know who, and is going to Las Vegas to talk to a crook that laundered it and try to find the thief from there.

Claire is at school with Zach and talking about whether her biological parents have any powers. Zach hopes that they don’t so Claire will be unique, and she wonders if he’s flirting with her. Claire admits that if they don’t have powers, Claire doesn’t plan on telling them about her own.

In Las Vegas, Hiro is talking about how he will stop the explosion in New York City as part of his heroic journey, and that it’s also Ando’s journey as a hero. As they leave, the high roller that they cheated at poker cuts them off and demands that they play him again so he can get some payback.

Hank and Lisa, Claire’s biological parents, arrive at the Bennet house.

Niki and D.L. are talking and D.L. says that he had to leave to find them money. Niki says she became a different person after he left, and he thinks she’s talking about the Internet stripping. He’s okay with it knowing she did what she had to, to take care of Micah. Niki tells him to sleep out on the couch and leave in the morning, but after a few minutes invites him in to share their bed.

Ando and Hiro end up at a warehouse playing poker with the high roller and two other men, including Ernie. Hiro has to stop time to make sure Ando wins.

Ando notices that Ernie has a gun in his lap, aimed at Ando. Ando quickly gets Hiro the bathroom as an excuse and explains that the men are planning to kill them. They overhear one of the men outside say that a woman come in, then they hear screams as a man is almost thrown through the door. Hiro tries to concentrate to stop time but before he can, the noise stops and they hear the woman walk away. Hiro feels guilty that he couldn’t be a hero and save them, and they escape through the window.

D.L. and Niki wake up the next morning and talk about how they first met. Then he says that he heard her get up in the middle of the night and go outside for a bit. Niki looks in the mirror and sees her reflection self holding D.L., even though she isn’t. Micah sees them together and they all hug.

Mohinder is packing to leave for India with his father’s ashes, while explaining what happened to Peter on the train. He thanks Eden who promises that he’ll be back, even though he doesn’t believe it.

D.L. is talking with Micah and going through his comics, then apologizes for not being around. He hints that he has a superpower that he used to escape from jail, impressing the boy. He goes out to some comics and D.L. assures Niki that he’s going to stop running once he finds the woman who set him up for the theft. He insists that Niki come with him so he can prove to her he didn’t steal the money.

Claire and both sets of parents have an awkward chat and discuss how Claire resembles her biological father. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet go out into the kitchen while Lisa and Hank ask Claire what they can tell her about themselves.

D.L. and Niki arrive at the warehouse and find the door locked. D.L. manages to open it, claiming that it must have been unlocked. They enter and find the men from Hiro and Ando’s poker game, brutally killed. D.L. gets Niki out of there.

After Hank and Lisa tell Claire how they ended up giving her away for adoption, Claire asks about any “medical” conditions they might have. Other then a history of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, they don’t mention anything “special.” Mr. Bennet is listening in but his phone rings and he apologizes. He takes the call in private: it’s Eden, in New York. She tells him that Mohinder is leaving for India, then gives him a report on what she knows about Peter and Hiro. She also mentions the “save the cheerleader” message, and Bennet considers it. He then tells Eden to bring the precog in.

Back at their house, Niki tells D.L. about the men who died in the garage that came after her. D.L. figures the murderer is the same person who set him up. Niki goes to find Micah’s backpack and sees herself in the mirror. She then finds herself sitting on the sofa. She talks to Micah who says she brought him the backpack a minute ago. She goes to her room and looks in the mirror, and the reflection starts talking to her, saying they’re not crazy. The reflection, Jessica, says that she stole the $2 million, framed D.L., and killed his gang, all to protect Micah. She tells Niki to get the money and get away with Micah before D.L. figures it out and takes Micah away from her, and Niki reluctantly agrees.

Hiro and Ando are going back to their car and Hiro is upset he couldn’t save them. Ando tries to reassure him, saying that Hiro can always try to come back later through time and fix things.

Mr. Bennet walks Hank and Lisa out to the car and Hank says everything went well. Mr. Bennet tells him that if he needs anything else, he’ll keep them posted. Inside, Mrs. Bennet mentions that when Claire was a baby she had some kind of chromosomal disease but she doesn’t seem to remember much else.

Niki goes up into the ceiling of the house where Jessica hid the money along with a gun. She drops down to the floor but D.L. is waiting for her and wants to know why she framed him. Niki tries to explain about Jessica but D.L. has had enough and prepares to take Micah and the money. Jessica takes over and attacks D.L., throwing him across the room. Micah asks what’s going on from the next room but Jessica says they’re just moving furniture. She moves in on D.L. only to find that he’s disappeared, He appears behind her, phasing through the wall like a ghost. They struggle and end up on the bed where Jessica tries to choke him to death. As they struggle, D.L. pulls away the shoulder of her blouse, revealing a symbol. When Micah comes in, she’s distracted long enough for D.L. to phase his hand into her chest, knocking her unconscious. He leaves with Micah and the money.

In New York City, Isaac is looking at the painting he did of a blonde woman. Rubbing the paint over the shoulder, he reveals the same symbol. He then answers a knock on the door: it’s Eden, who asks to come in.