Nothing to Hide - Recap

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Peter is reading the paper to Charles Deveaux at the latter's apartment. Charles says he loves him because Peter speaks his mind, and that's his real power. Peter goes to the window and offers to demonstrate he can fly. He prepares to fly and sees himself over New York City... and wakes up in his apartment, awakened by the doorbell. Simone is at the door and she tells him that her father died an hour ago.

Zach drops by Claire's house and tells her that he found the tape at his house, somewhere that he's sure he searched previously. Claire takes the tape and Sandra comes in and asks her to watch Lyle, as Mr. Bennet won't be in until later. As Claire and Zach help her carry stuff out to the car, Lyle notices the tape sticking out of Claire's pocket and secretly takes it.

Niki wakes up the floor and discovers that D.L. and Micah are gone. Looking into the mirror, she tells Jessica to help her.

Matt and Janice are discussing their improved relationship when Matt says there's something he's discovered (his telepathy) that they need to talk about. Matt picks up on her surprise when he says that, and her concern that "he knows." He decides to hold off and says they'll discuss it after work.

Tina comes to Niki's house and Niki tells her that D.L. took Micah.

Peter and Simone go to Isaac's loft where they discover that he left and his paintings have disappeared. Simone shows Peter Isaac's sketch of her father and when she complains that everyone is leaving her, Peter assures her that he'll always be there for her. Simone talks about how her father said he was flying all over the world to help people in pain, and that Peter had assured him everything would be okay and there were special people who could save the world. Peter doesn't remember any such conversation. Simone asks him if the missing painting was important and when he assures her it was, she tells him that she sold it to Linderman.

Nathan, Heidi, and Angela are working on an ad for Nathan's campaign, and Heidi and Angela end up overriding him. Angela has set up an interview with a reporter, Oliver Dennison, and invited him to family brunch. Nathan is reluctant to use his family to advance his career but Heidi notes he didn't have any problems using Peter. She convinces him to go ahead with the interview to catch up in the polls, and that it's time for her to enter the public eye. She's been avoiding the press to avoid making Nathan look weak, and she tells Angela to go ahead with the interview. Heidi leaves... in a wheelchair.

Matt is at work changing into his uniform in the locker room when his former partner Tom MMcHenry wonders if he's okay. When Matt assures him he's fine, Tom offers to buy him a beer later. Agent Audrey Hansen comes into the locker room and tells Matt that he needs to come with her, as Sylar has killed again.

Claire discovers the tape is missing and finds Lyle watching it on his computer. They fight for it but before Claire can get it away, Lyle sees the part where she's hit by a car. He doesn't believe her attempt to pass it off as a special effect and uses his stapler on her hand. When he sees her instantly heal, he runs out the door with the tape and Claire chases after him. Zach is coming over and chases after Lyle as well. Claire's brother ends up locking himself in the mini-van where they have him trapped.

Audrey and Matt go to the morgue to examine a burnt corpse that was discovered in a parking lot. The victim is an oncologist at UCLA Medical Center, and Matt notes that the brain is intact. The corpse is radioactive and Audrey reveals they found a fingerprint seared into the victim's bones, which match a Theodore Sprague.

D.L. is driving away with Micah, who wants to go home. D.L. insists it isn't safe but Micah is worried about Niki. D.L. tells him she'll be fine but Micah says that heroes don't run away, and D.L. must be a bad guy.

Niki talks about her bad dreams to Tina, and the fact she now realizes that they all relate to the image in the mirror, Jessica, another version of herself. Tina doesn't believe her and Niki tells her that she's tempted to let Jessica out so she can get MIcah back.

D.L. spots a burning car and stops to help. Ando and Hiro arrive in their van and see D.L. trying to get the woman out. The fuel ignites and starts to spread to the car, and D.L. phases through the car window to unlock the door. As he gets the woman clear, the car explodes and Hiro uses his power to stop time. He runs up and gets D.L. and the woman to safety, then unfreezes time once he's clear while Ando shields Micah. Once the debris clears, Ando and Micah find Hiro and a confused D.L.

The Petrellis have brunch with Dennison and they discuss Heidi's life in a wheelchair. When she makes a passing comment about her anger, Oliver wonders if she's angry at Nathan but Heidi covers. Peter comes in and is puzzled about the idea of the family having brunch. Nathan gets him into the house where Peter tells him that Charle Deveaux died. Peter asks for Nathan's help getting the painting from Linderman but Nathan is more concerned about looking good for the press. Nathan refuses to help so as to not risk exposing his connection to the millionnaire, and tells Peter leave. Instead, Peter goes to the table and joins the brunch.

Micah discovers Hiro's future issue of 9th Wonders! and Hiro explains how he can alter time. Micah remembers Ando from when he came to the house to see Niki. Ando says he's called the police and D.L. says they have to go. Micah tries to get his father to go back to Niki now that he's proven he's a hero, but D.L. refuses and drives off ahead of the law.

Claire and Zach try to get Lyle to come out but he refuses and plans to put the tape on-line. Claire begs with him, saying that if their parents discover she's "special" then they'll reconsider adopting her. Lyle finally relents and gives her the tape.

Matt and Audrey to go Ted Sprague's place and Audrey figures that he's the killer, Sylar. They go in and find high but safe levels of radiation. The place has a lot of damage from radiation burns, and in the bedroom they find high levels and quickly get out.

During the brunch, Oliver asks Peter some questions about his brother's campaign and Peter makes some veiled hints about Nathan's connections and his special abilities. Oliver knows about Nathan's connection to Linderman and that he was in Las Vegas with Niki and then disappeared for a while. Peter quickly covers, saying that Niki was a psychologist who was helping Nathan to help Peter deal with his mental problems.

Matt ignores a call from his wife and finds an anti-cancer drug in the bedroom. It's for Karen Sprague, Ted's wife, and the doctor who issued it was the dead man. Matt figures that Ted isn't Sylar and accidentally killed the doctor while arguing with him in the parking lot. They find Sprague at the hospital where his wife is in ICU and he takes a nurse hostage. He demands to stay with his wife and warns that if they shoot him he might explode. Matt hears Karen's dying thoughts and says them out loud to Ted. He lets go of the nurse and goes to his wife as Matt relates to Ted her dying thoughts and memories.

Niki calls Nathan and asks for his help. He refuses and hangs up. Heidi wheels herself into the room and wonders if Nathan is having an affair, and if he still loves her. She insists that she is going to walk again, but not if she has no one to walk for. Nathan sticks by Peter's story about Niki.

Tina hears the sound of a breaking mirror in Niki's room and goes in to find that Jessica has taken over. Jessica tells her to get out, that Niki doesn't need anyone else's help.

Audrey prepares the special precautions to confine Ted, and Matt wonders how someone could have tha tkind of power. She tells Matt to talk to his wife and when he calls her, he ends up with their answering machine. Janice listens silently as Matt admits he thinks she's not telling him something, and that he loves her and will see her later.

Nathan calls Mr. Linderman about the missing painting and is told that it's been sent directly to the gallery. He goes to Peter's apartment and tries to convince Peter to drop the matter. Peter insists the painting is the key, and that Nathan needs to at least try to make a difference. Nathan warns that he was kidnapped and that if anyone finds out what they can do, they'll both be locked up.

As Audrey has Ted processed and his mugshots taken, he reveals he has two strange marks on his neck. As Matt changes in the police locker room, he notices two similar marks on his neck. Tom comes in to congratulate him and inform him that Audrey has pulled some strings to allow Matt to retake the detective exam by interview, due to his dyslexia. However, Matt overhears Tom's thoughts and determines that his former partner thinks he's a loser and is sleeping with Janice. Matt slugs him and the officers pull him away.

D.L. and Micah are staying at a hotel for the night. Micah goes outside and finds an out-of-order pay phone. He touches it and activates it, then calls home. Jessica answers the phone and Micah asks to speak to Niki, realizing who she is. Jessica says that Niki won't be coming back until Jessica takes care of a few things. Micah tells her where they are and then quickly hushes up as D.L. arrives. The boy claims he was just goofing around, and the phone is dead again. At home, Jessica hangs up the phone and continues loading a pistol.