Homecoming - Recap

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At Union Wells High School, Jackie and the other cheerleaders glare at Claire over the fact that she was in the accident that crippled the quarterback. The principal posts the list of Homecoming Queen finalists and Claire is on the list, much to her surprise. Jackie isn't thrilled but Zach and the other "unpopular" kids cheer her on.

In New York City at Isaac's loft, Nathan receives the painting from Mr. Linderman, while Simone talks about Peter's believe that Isaac can draw the future. The painting apparently shows Peter, injured and dying, and Simone notes that Peter believes he needs to save the cheerleader to save the world. Nathan believes that Peter is deluding himself and pours paint over the painting, destroying it to save Peter's life.

In the Nevada desert, Jessica is testing a high-powered rifle that she plans to use on D.L. She assures the gun seller that she can stop D.L. when the cops can't, as long as she shoots her husband from a distance. As she leaves in a van, she sees Niki's reflection in the side mirror and assures her that they're "going hunting."

D.L. and Micah arrive at a café in Utah, and Micah tries to convince his father to go back to Niki. D.L. doesn't think it's safe and insists that while he and Micah are going to be partners from here on out, he's not going to wear tights like Batman. D.L. is forced to buy a newspaper to conceal his face as a cop goes into the café, but then discovers that Micah has fled.

In India, Mohinder and Nirand are discussing Mohinder's recent dreams. Mohinder believes the dreams are about his sister, even though he never knew he had one. Mohinder notes that Sanjog's file indicates the boy has the ability to enter the dreams, and resolves to find him.

Peter meets with Simone at Isaac's loft and she tells him about Nathan destroying the painting. Peter insists on knowing what the painting showed of the future and Simone shows him a digital copy she took. It shows someone who looks like Peter at the Union Wells High school, in front of a Homecoming poster, dead at 8:12 p.m. When Peter insists that he has to go, Simone reveals that she's found a Union Wells High School in Odessa, TX, and their homecoming is that night.

At the Burnt Toast Diner in Texas, Ando gets a call from Peter, who says they have to get to Odessa and he'll meet them at the diner.

Mr. Bennet is examining Isaac's latest painting but it doesn't show any detail. Eden defends Isaac, insisting that he's not simply a tool. Bennet wonders if she's letting her emotions get in the way but she notes he's doing the same as it concerns Claire. He tells Eden to force Isaac to paint another painting and when she balks, he shows her photos of Sylar's victims. He warns that he'll do whatever it takes to stop Sylar from doing the same thing to Claire. He orders her to get Isaac to paint and then use the future-visions to get to the high school and capture Sylar, while Bennet keeps his daughter at home, safe.

Claire is uncomfortable with her newfound popularity with all the freaks and geeks, but Zach notes that the recent rumors about her made them popular with her, and they voted for her. Zach then gives her a copy of Activating Evolution and notes there's a section on spontaneous regeneration. Claire wonders why Zach is being so nice to her, and when Jackie comes over and insults him, Claire punches her in the face.

Clair arrives home and her father tells her that she's grounded. Claire runs upstairs, furious, while Mrs. Bennet notes that their daughter will hate him for a long time. Mr. Bennet hopes that's true.

Micah is trying to catch a Greyhound bus when D.L. finds him. Micah insists that Niki needs their help and D.L. reluctantly agrees.

Mohinder and Nirand are trying to find Sanjog in a market by showing people his picture. A vendor points out Sanjog playing with a soccer ball and Mohinder approaches the boy. Sanjog insists that Mohinder sought him out in his dreams and that he already has the answers, then runs off.

At the Burnt Toast Diner, Ando finally sees the picture of Charlie and Hiro from her birthday party six months ago. A waitress confirms that Hiro worked there but disappeared a few weeks ago.

Zach brings a ladder and climbs up to help Claire escape form her house. She asks him to go to the Homecoming Dance with her and he's reluctant, but she says she's just starting to realize who her friends are and convinces him to go.

Peter arrives at the diner and meets with Ando, who tries to explain what happened with Hiro. They figure Sylar killed Charlie and Peter says that now that they know where Sylar is going to be that night, they need to stop him. Peter admits that without someone else with powers, he's not much, and Ando admits he feels the same without Hiro around. Peter heads for the high school while Ando stays to find Hiro.

Mr. Bennet discovers that Claire has slipped out and that his wife knew but didn't say anything. He warns her that she doesn't know what she's done and leaves for the high school.

Mohinder and Nirand return to Chandra's office and Nirand insists that Sanjog is just a subconscious projection. However, Sanjog appears and Mohinder realizes he's dreaming of a conversation Chandra had with Nirand months ago. Nirand believes that Chandra is obsessed with Shanti's death but needs to give it up or he may lose his tenure. The dream then changes and Mohinder finds himself between himself and Chandra before his father left for New York. Mohinder wants to go with his father but Chandra warns that Mohinder cares too much. Sanjog appears in the dream and tells Mohinder he has his answer. Mohinder wakes up at his desk with the computer program still running. It prompts him for a password and Mohinder enters the name Shanti. A list of evolved humans and their locations come up, and Mohinder cries.

Peter arrives at Union Wells and sees the banner saying Jackie was the hero who rescued the man from the train wreck. He bumps into Claire and asks about Jackie, saying he's alumni. She says that Jackie isn't that special and claims to be jealous. Peter tries to reassure her and goes outside, where he see the Homecoming banner from the painting.

Behind him, another man is looking at the trophy and the news article about Jackie: Sylar.

Claire comes into the locker room to find Jackie and the other cheerleaders preparing for the halftime show. Jackie insists they were once best friends and wonders what happens, but Claire says she's finally being he real self and no longer wants to pretend to be like Jackie. She tells Jackie that she knows she lied about rescuing the man at the train wreck because Claire did, and has the incident on tape. However, they're interrupted when the lights go out.

Mr. Bennet arrives at the high school and finds the bleachers from Isaac's painting, where Claire was fleeing from the killer. Inside, Claire tries to get Jackie to safety but Sylar, believing Jackie is his target, grabs her and uses her abilities to cut open her skull. Claire tries to stop him but he casually slams her into the wall, breaking her limbs. When he sees her regenerating, he realizes he has the wrong victim. Claire runs out and into Peter, and they both run away from Sylar. Peter tells her to keep going and turns to face Sylar, who starts telekinetically throwing lockers. Peter dodges them and goes after Claire.

Mr. Bennet finds Jackie's body and is relieved that it isn't Claire. Meanwhile, Claire runs out into the bleachers, like in Isaac's painting. However, the shadowy figure is Peter, who catches up to her. They get to the top of the stands as Sylar reaches the bottom. Peter tells her to find people to hide with so Sylar can't attack her without witnesses, but as she runs off Sylar confronts Peter, grabs him, and they both go over the bleachers and crash to the ground below, in front of the Homecoming banner as the clock turns to 8:12 p.m.

Claire returns to find Sylar gone and Peter dying in a pool of his own blood. As she looks on, astonished, Peter starts to regenerate by mimicking her power. Peter tells her to get help and wonders if he did indeed save the world, but she says she's just a cheerleader. She finds her father, who tells her he'll take care of everything. Claire then says that there's something she needs to tell him.

Sylar is fleeing through the nearby woods when Eden confronts him. He tires to use his telekinesis on her but it doesn't work and she tells him to sleep. The Haitian comes up behind Sylar, having negated his powers, and catches Sylar as he collapses from Eden's order.

The police arrive and take Peter into custody, believing he's Jackie's killer.

Mohinder's mother confronts him about the fact he's returning to New York City. She explains that Chandra didn't tell Mohinder about his discovery of evolved humans for fear that Mohinder would abandon his own life to help his father. Mohinder insists that he's going to find and warn them, but she wonders who will help him.

D.L. prepares to drive back to Las Vegas with Micah, but the boy reveals that he called Niki and told her where they were. D.L. gets Micah into the car and goes around to the other side… unaware that Jessica has targeted him and is pulling the trigger.

Hiro is at the Burnt Toast Diner, six months in the past. He introduces himself to Charlie and says he's thee to save her life. She invites him over to where her friends have a birthday cake for her.