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Heroes: Fallout

The tragedy in Texas has devastating results for some of the heroes and their loved ones. Meanwhile, more about the nuclear bombing of New York is revealed and the newest of Isaac's paintings paints a picture of a hero's crisis. Elsewhere, Matt and Audrey have a break through in Sylar's case.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x11
Production Number: 111
Airdate: Monday December 04th, 2006

Director: John Badham
Writer: Joe Pokaski

Alternate Airdates:

BE (VT4) Apr 09, 2007
AU (Seven) Apr 11, 2007
UK (BBC TWO) Apr 23, 2007
NL (RTL 5) Aug 30, 2007
DE (RTL 2) Dec 12, 2007
FI (MTV3) Dec 26, 2007

Guest Stars
Clea DuVallClea DuVall
As F.B.I. Agent Audrey Hanson
James Kyson LeeJames Kyson Lee
As Ando Masahashi
Jimmy Jean-LouisJimmy Jean-Louis
As The Haitian
Nora ZehetnerNora Zehetner
As Eden McCain
Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker
As Zach
Zachary QuintoZachary Quinto
As Sylar

Co-Guest Stars
Randall BentleyRandall Bentley
As Lyle Bennet
Conroe BrooksConroe Brooks
As Utah Highway Patrolman
Main Cast
Jack ColemanJack Coleman
As Noah Bennet
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
As Matt Parkman
Ali LarterAli Larter
As Niki/Jessica Sanders (S01-S02); Tracy Strauss (S03-)
Masi OkaMasi Oka
As Hiro Nakamura
Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere
As Claire Bennet
Adrian PasdarAdrian Pasdar
As Nathan Petrelli
Sendhil RamamurthySendhil Ramamurthy
As Mohinder Suresh
Milo VentimigliaMilo Ventimiglia
As Peter Petrelli
Noah Gray-CabeyNoah Gray-Cabey
As Micah Sanders
Leonard RobertsLeonard Roberts
As D.L. Hawkins
Tawny CypressTawny Cypress
As Simone Deveaux
Santiago CabreraSantiago Cabrera
As Isaac Mendez


Claire and Mr. Bennet return from the prom and he reveals that he knows about he powers, having seen the tape she and Zach made. He says that he wanted to protect her and that he's done thing he isn't proud of to keep her safe. Mr. Bennet assures her that Jackie's killer has been taken care of, and Claire mentions that Lyle knows about her powers along with Zach. He says that he'll talk to Lyle and she should have Zach destroy the tape...

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Episode Notes
Jack Colemen (Mr. Bennet) is now credited as a main cast member.

This episode marks the death of Eden McCain.

This is the first episode that The Haitian has spoken.

This is the first episode in which all main cast member appear, though Tawny Cypress (Simone Deveaux) only appears briefly in Peter's vision. A deleted scene had Mohinder meeting with her at Isaac's loft.

This episode does not feature an opening nor a closing monologue by Mohinder, making it the first episode not to.

Ratings: 15.02 million viewers

Episode Quotes
Mr. Bennet: I have something I need to tell you, it's unfair to keep it from you any longer. What you can do... I've known about you, Claire. I knew before you knew, before you made those tapes with Zach.
Claire: You saw the tape? Why didn't you say anything?
Mr. Bennet: There are a lot of reasons but mostly I just wanted to protect you.
Claire: Protect me? All this time I've... felt so alone and like I'm some sort of freak and you knew?
Mr. Bennet: I've worked very hard, I've done some things that I am not proud of to keep you safe.

Mr. Bennet: Your mother doesn't know. Neither does your brother.
Claire: Actually, Lyle kinda found out.
Mr. Bennet: Really? Anybody else?
Claire: Just Zach.
Mr. Bennet: Nobody else can know, it's the only way to keep you safe. That man who tried to kill you... there are others out there like him who want what you have and will hurt you to get it. That's why we can't tell your mother, we can't tell anybody.

Audrey: You've never cheated on her?
Matt: No. You don't believe me.
Audrey: Well, statistically speaking, law enforcement attracts a certain kind of male personality.
Matt: Ohhh, what personality would that be?
Audrey: Dogs.
Matt: And the female personality?
Audrey: Bitches. We keep it in the canine family.

Peter: Nathan, what are you... what are you doing here?
Nathan: You get in trouble, I drop everything to fix it. Isn't that how things work?

Peter: Yeah, I thought I'd be the hero.
Nathan: Yeah. How'd that work out for ya?
Peter: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
Nathan: You're meant to do a lot of things, Peter. Saving the world isn't one of them. You gotta learn to recognise when life is bigger than you are. You're not a fighter but that's okay, the world needs nurses, too.

Mr. Bennet: You're not going anywhere, Gabriel.
Sylar: My name is Sylar.
Mr. Bennet: Now it is. Wasn't so long ago that you were Gabriel Gray. An insignificant watchmaker.
Sylar: I restored timepieces. You know why I was so good at it?
Mr. Bennet: No, why don't you tell me?
Sylar: Because I can see how things work. What makes them... tick.

Mr. Bennet: Everyone else we've... met has had only one ability. You've taken on several.
Sylar: Guess it's what makes me special.
Mr. Bennet: It's important to you, isn't it? Being special.
Sylar: It's important to everyone.
Mr. Bennet: I think you're insane. I think the infusion of so many alterations to your DNA has corrupted your mind - all this power is degrading you.
Sylar: And yet, here I am, alive and well and as soon as I get out, I'm gonna collect one more ability from your daughter. Sweet, innocent...
Mr. Bennet: That's enough.
Sylar: Ripe, indestructible.
Mr. Bennet: I said that's enough, Gabriel!

Eden McCain: Think about what he almost did to Claire. I could tell him to kill himself. No-one would have to know.
Mr. Bennet: I don't have time for this, not today.
Eden McCain: You know I'm right. I know I'm right and if that-that Haitian could speak, he'd tell you I'm right!

Audrey: (to Peter) What's a hospice nurse from Manhattan doing at a high school homecoming in Texas? You some kind of pervert?

Eden McCain: You're sober.
Isaac: The locks on the door helped.
Eden McCain: Anything interesting?
Isaac: Nothing predictive if that's what you're asking.

Isaac: You're leaving? What-what good is painting the future if no-one will do anything to change it?
Eden McCain: So, change it.

Hiro: And now the Cheerleader is dead too.
Ando: The earth is doomed?
Hiro: "Save the Cheerleader, save the world." We failed to save her so now we can't save the world.
Ando: No, no. "Save the Cheerleader." Then "Save the world."
Hiro: No, it's an "if, then" statement.
Ando: How do you know?
Hiro: I was the one who said it!
Ando: "Future you" doesn't count as you!

Isaac: This is Isaac Mendez.
Hiro: Mr. Isaac?!
Isaac: Hiro... we need to meet.
Ando: Who is it?
Hiro: Destiny!
Ando: I wish destiny would lose our number.

Niki: You're wrong about him. You're outta control.
Jessica: What do you know about control, Niki?
Niki: You're part of me. You do what I say.
Jessica: It doesn't work like that. Not anymore.
Niki: Why are you doing this?!
Jessica: Because you're not strong enough.

Peter: I think I died.
Claire: I've died before. It's no big deal.

Claire: (to Peter) You're totally my hero.

Hiro: And I saw you...
Isaac: What about me?
Hiro: I saw you on the floor. You were dead. With your head... cut... off.

Isaac: And very recently, I painted a picture of... a man exploding.
Hiro: How do you stop an exploding man?

Audrey: Really, Parkman. Since when does absence of noise warrant a stakeout?
Matt: You always say I don't take you anywhere.
Audrey: You sure know how to spoil a girl.
Matt: Eat your Tex-Mex.
Audrey: (thinks) Gotta say he can be cute. Oh God, did he just hear that? (out loud) Did you just read my mind? You can't do that. It was a stray thought, I... you can't do that.
Matt: So, do you really think I'm "cute"?
Audrey: I really think you're married, and I think you love your wife.

Zach: Alright, Claire, I'm here, what's the emergency?
Claire: Something's going on. It's like the... Stepford Body Snatchers or something!

Sylar: We're quite alike, you know. You collect special people... so do I.
Mr. Bennet: We're gonna take you apart, Gabriel. Like one of your little watches. Sorry, 'timepieces'. And, we're gonna find out exactly what makes you... tick.

The Haitian: He'll be here soon. He's thinking that you won't remember anything but it is very important that you do. Tell me, Claire... can you keep a secret?

Ando: I thought he only painted the future...
Hiro: Oh no! What if I step on a bug? I could change history...
Ando: Change history? You're gonna die!
Hiro: I really need to find that sword...

Peter: It's all my... fault. The explosion.
Nathan: What are you talking about?
Peter: It's me.
Nathan: Breathe. Come on, Peter, breathe. Peter? Peter! Peter!

Episode Goofs
Jessica shoots at D.L., but the bullet passes through him and hits a car tire, deflating it. In the next shot, the tire is once again completely inflated.

When this episode picks up where "Homecoming" left off for Jessica and D.L.'s storyline, D.L. is no longer wearing the hat he had on in the previous episode.

Sylar pulls Eden through a pane of glass at the prison, yet when she is through the glass, the blood on her face is dried not fresh as it should be.

Cultural References
Visual: Hiro greets Isaac with a hand sign.

This is a Vulcan hand sign which means "live long and prosper" and can be seen in use on Star Trek.

Claire: It's like the Stepford Body Snatchers or something!

Claire is alluding to both The Stepford Wives (1975) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956).

Abilities Development
Isaac Mendez: Isaac is able to paint the future while sober.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTim Kring
Executive ProducerTim Kring
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