Unexpected - Recap

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Ted Sprague is in his cabin in the desert when he receives an instant message on his laptop computer from a user named "Wireless." However, his laptop isn't hooked up to the Internet. Wireless says that she knows what happened to him and sends him a schematic of a pneumatic needle. When Ted says they should meet, Wireless is already behind him and introduces herself as Hana Gitelman. She says that she has the power to send and receive wireless signals, and that she needs help in confronting the people who got both of them.

Claire tries to find her father at home after her mother's tantrum, but Lyle tells her that Mr. Bennet is on another business trip. She tells Lyle there's something wrong with Sandra but when they confront her, Sandra doesn't remember anything from the last few minutes, and she and Lyle don't believe Claire's claim.

Mr. Bennet meets with Isaac at his loft. The artist explains that Peter will cause an explosion that will destroy the city, and shows Mr. Bennet a printing of footprints in a rain puddle, indicating that Peter is invisible. Bennet figures Peter has met someone with invisibility, someone the though they were dead. He recognizes the Deveaux building from one of the paintings and figures Peter might return there. He gives Isaac a gun to defend himself, and says the artist may need to shoot Peter to save the world.

Matt is checking the diamonds he took from Malsky but hides them when Janice comes in. She stumbles across one of the rings and Matt hints it's a gift, and that he bought it at wholesale. She mentions that Mohinder Suresh, a geneticist, called the previous day and wanted to talk to Matt about his DNA. Matt wonders whom he's becoming involved with.

Mohinder and Sylar (still claiming to be Zane Taylor) visit a garage in Bozeman, Montana. Mohinder thinks that Sylar will be able to help as an object example of someone with powers. They talk to a welder, Dale Smither, who is wearing earbuds. She says that she's listening to rap music even though she doesn't like it, because it cancels something out. She cuts herself off and wants to know what they want. Mohinder explains that she donated blood 11 years ago and agreed to have a sample used by the Human Genome Project. He has Sylar demonstrate "his" ability to liquefy metal. Dale admits that she also has a power, enhanced hearing. She has it under control now, and notes that Sylar's heartbeat has increased. Sylar says he's excited to meet someone, while Mohinder asks if he can perform some tests. Dale says she's busy right now and Mohinder agrees to return the next day.

Steve Gustavson holds Hiro at gunpoint and demands to know who Ando is, and where Hope is with his suitcase. Hiro persuades him that Ando doesn't know what's going on and that Hiro needs to go along before they lose Hope.

Ted visits his wife's grave and vows vengeance on the people responsible, but says she won't like what he plans to do. As the flowers and grass wilt around him from his radiation, he says goodbye.

Claude and Peter are invisibly sparring atop the Deveaux building and Claude tells Peter to summon another power to defend himself. Peter finally stops him telekinetically and realizes that he obtained the power from Claire's assailant in Texas. Claude notes that if he can mimic a power that long ago, there might be a chance… and then hits Peter in the face with the pole.

Simone visits Isaac, who claims that Peter has left New York City since he's not in any of his pictures. Simone doesn't believe him and is worried that Peter is dangerous. She tries to give Isaac his apartment key back but he insists she keep it. She does, but asks Isaac to find Peter.

As they drive to find Hope, Hiro explains that he's responsible for Ando. Gustavson notes that partners only get in the way, and that Ando is the one who got the duo in trouble.

Hope and Ando stop at a parking lot in Primm, Nevada. She refuses to answer his questions but Ando inadvertently knocks open her suitcase, revealing thousands of casino chips. Hope draws a gun and holds it on Ando.

At their hotel room, Mohinder thanks Sylar for his help in convincing Dale. Sylar asks how Mohinder can help them and Mohinder explains that he is trying to develop an inhibitor to suppress abilities. Sylar notes that Mohinder is treating the abilities like a disease and Mohinder explains that some of the abilities might be dangerous, something his father Chandra learned the hard way. He explains that Chandra was killed a man named Sylar, and the murderer is still at large. Sylar asks what Mohinder would do if he found Sylar, and Mohinder admits nothing will bring back his father. Sylar assure Mohinder that it's their destiny to find people with abilities, and they'll do it together.

Sandra talks to Claire, asking if there are any problems. Claire suggests she might be brainwashed but Sandra just laughs it off. She says that Mr. Bennet is talking to the doctors about her condition… and then collapses.

On the Deveaux Building, Peter and Claude talk about Claude's pigeons, and Claude talks about how Charles Darwin bred pigeons to develop their "maximum potential." He believes that Peter may be an example of maximum potential among those with abilities. They're interrupted when Mr. Bennet and the Haitian open fire with tasers, using thermal vision goggles to see them. Claude goes down but Peter telekinetically stops the darts, throws Claude off the roof, flies down to catch him, then escapes. Mr. Bennet prepares to pursue but gets the call from Claire that Sandra has collapsed. He calls off the hunt for now and heads back to Odessa.

Janice comes back home and tells Matt that she's had the ring appraised at $40,000, and there's no way he could have bought it. He explains that it belonged to his dead client Malsky, but she's furious that he's giving her stolen jewelry. She says that he's become something different since he gained his powers, someone who lies and steals. He promises to take the stolen diamonds down to the police station but gets a call and tells Janice he has to go out.

Peter takes Claude to his apartment. Waking up, Claude punches him in the face and blames Peter for leading Bennet to them. They figure that Isaac must have helped Bennet find them. Claude warns that the people Bennet gets hold of disappear for a few days and return with amnesia and a mark on their neck. Peter tries to get Claude to stay and help but Claude refuses and leaves.

Simone goes to Nathan to see if he's found Peter. She suggests that Nathan hold a press conference to tell the world about people with abilities, but he warns that the general populace would panic and use them for experimentation. Simone doesn't like Nathan's attitude, noting that where he sees disaster, Peter sees Hope. She says she won't be voting for him and leaves, as he warns her not to go public.

Ando picks up the chips as Gustavson and Hiro arrives. Hope uses Ando as a shield as Gustavson demands his share. The two of them shoot at each other and Ando takes a bullet in the arm. Hiro and Ando duck for cover in the luggage compartment of a bus, but Hope comes over and prepares to shoot them. They both close their eyes but Hiro concentrates and unconsciously causes the bullet to reverse and go back in the chamber. Hope is knocked back and Gustavson tackles her. Hiro and Ando are both left to wonder if Hiro's power is working again, but Hiro figures it was a misfire.

Dale is working on a car at her garage when she hears an approaching heartbeat. She gets up and sees Sylar, and says she didn't hear any footsteps. He notes that he didn't make any. She asks what sound she's hearing in his heart, and he says "Murder."

Sandra is at the hospital as Dr. Beth Lindall explains to Claire that her mother has a subdural hemorrhage in her brain. Lindall suspects either radiation or domestic abuse, and doesn't believe Claire's explanation that there's a man who can cause amnesia.

Matt meets Ted at the cemetery, and Ted explains that the mark on their neck is a tracking device. Hana is there and explains that Bennet has been injecting them with a radioactive isotope, and that the needles used were shipped to Primatech Paper Co. Ted has confirmed the isotope is in his blood, but Matt is skeptical. Ted notes that Matt still has a wife and thus something to protect. He needs Matt to read Mr. Bennet's mind so they can get the answers they need, save themselves, and then be heroes and save others.

Mr. Bennet arrives at the hospital and says that Sandra will be okay and they're taking her home the next day. Claire blames him and he asks to speak to her in private. When she accuses him if wiping Sandra's memories, he initially denies it but finally admits that he did it because Sylar attacked Sandra and he had her memories wiped. Mr. Bennet warns that Claire's knowledge is dangerous and tries to apologize, but she warns that he doesn't get off that easily.

The next day, Mohinder and Sylar visit Dale at her garage. It's clear that Sylar has gained dale's power and is overly sensitive to noises. Mohinder goes in and finds Dale's corpse. Sylar warns Mohinder not to call the police until they're out of town, as they have no legitimate reason to be there.

As the police arrest Gustavson and Hope, Hiro tells Ando to go home. Ando apologizes but Hiro says that he's putting Ando's life at risk and he doesn't want to lose anyone else. Hiro gets on the bus for Las Vegas… alone.

Mr. Bennet brings Sandra home and Lyle takes her upstairs. Claire says that she wants to leave but someone needs to stay to protect Sandra from her husband. They're interrupted when Ted and Matt arrive and take the family prisoner.

Isaac completes a painting of Peter standing in his loft, just as Peter arrives. Peter wants to know why Isaac betrayed him and the artist explains that he needs Bennet's help to avoid exploding. When Peter asks Isaac about the mark on his neck, Isaac lies claiming he doesn’t know what they are. An angry Peter telekinetically throws Isaac across the room, and then sees the painting of himself and Simone together. He accuses Isaac of betraying him out of jealousy, but Isaac insists he's working with Bennet to save the city. Isaac grabs Bennet's gun but Peter turns invisible and throws paint cans at him. Peter says that Isaac couldn't even save himself, which is why Simone left him. Trying to get a fix on Peter's voice, Isaac hears a noise behind him, turns, and shoots twice… into Simone. Simone collapses, dead, as Peter catches her in his arms.