Landslide - Recap

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Claire and her father are reunited but Peter starts to go critical from absorbing Ted's power. Peter tells Claire to do what they discussed and she starts to pull out the pistol. However, Peter manages to gain control over himself and his new radiation powers just in time and stops the explosion.

Ando goes through the Yellow Pages trying to find a sword repairman in the city. Hiro is skeptical about them finding anyone, but Ando finds an ad with the symbol. The two leaves to visit the sword smith.

Mr. Bennet is surprised to learn that Peter is Claire's uncle. Peter gets Ted to leave the city with him before either one of them blow up, and Claire goes with them. Bennet and Matt still plant to continue their search for the Company's "tracking system." As they separate, they're unaware that Sylar is around the corner listening in with his superhearing.

Nathan meets with Linderman and expresses concern about his trailing poll numbers, as well as his part in the city's destruction. Linderman informs him that Nathan's father was one of his allies who gave up. As a gesture of good faith, Linderman uses his power to heal Heidi of her paralysis.

As Peter, Ted, and Claire, head out of the city, Peter picks up traces of Sylar's thoughts and realizes the killer knows about Ted's power. FBI agents led by Audrey Hanson arrive and arrest Ted. Peter uses his borrowed invisibility to get himself and Claire away. Audrey thanks Sylar, who tipped the FBI off posing as Isaac Mendez.

Hiro and Ando run into Nathan and try to convince him he's a villain in the future. Hiro tries to get him to help them but when Nathan refuses, Hiro realizes he's already on the path toward his future. They continue to the shop, Jittetsu Arms, and meet Mr. Claremont. Claremont is impressed with the antique sword and says he can only repair it based on a third party. Kaito Nakamura steps out of the back room and asks for a private word with Hiro. Ando is reluctant but Hiro honors his father's wishes.

At the Kirby Plaza facility, Candace is still holding Micah prisoner at the Company's facility. When Micah wonders why she doesn’t use her powers to become a hero, she says he's too innocent. Linderman arrives and asks for Micah's help to talk to machines, and then he can be reunited with his family.

Kaito informs Hiro that he knew his son had powers but didn't believe he had the spirit to wield them. Kaito now believes his son is worthy of the Nakamura legacy. Hiro warns that he failed to kill Sylar but Kaito insists on training him as a master swordsman. After a brief training period, Hiro is prepared and has a new conviction. However, he discovers that Ando has set off on his own to kill Sylar after buying a sword. Kaito warns that Ando will die if he faces Sylar.

Candice takes Micah to a polling place, disguising herself as a voter. Once inside a booth, she has Micah use his power to alter the votes and assures that Nathan wins in a landslide. He does so and asks if he can finally go home.

D.L. and Jessica locate Nathan and are angry that he didn't kill Linderman when he had the chance. They warn him that Linderman will only use him as a puppet. They plan to kill Linderman and Nathan agrees to tell them where to find Linderman as long as they finish the job once and for all.

Matt and Bennet locate the house with the tracking system but are unable to gain access despite Matt using his abilities to bluff the guards with intimate knowledge of them. They run into Jessica and D.L. and Matt determines they're all trying to break into the building. Bennet convinces D.L. to secretly get them all in using his phasing abilities.

Mohinder checks in on Molly, who has recovered from the virus and regained her ability. She uses her power to detect the other hero in her life: Matt, who is now in the building.

Matt and Bennet get to Molly's floor, unaware that Thompson is watching them on the security cameras. Matt senses Thompson's thoughts and saves Bennet's life, and Bennet kills Thompson. They find Molly and Bennet is shocked to learn that she's a child. Matt refuses to kill her and doesn't sense Mohinder, who knocks him out from behind. Mohinder draws on Bennet and Bennet draws on Molly.

Ted is taken out of NYC in an armed police van. Sylar ambushes the van and flips it over with his telekinesis. He opens the door and finds Ted trapped inside, held up by his restraints. The stunned and injured Ted calls out in pain and Sylar steps forward to "help" him.

D.L. and Jessica find Linderman, who reveals that he has manipulated their lives and brought them together. He offers to pay Jessica to kill D.L. but Jessica sees her other self Niki and refuses to give in. As Niki and D.L. are reunited, Linderman pulls out a gun to shoot her. D.L. leaps in the way and takes the bullet. Linderman ignores the badly wounded D.L. and moves in to kill Niki, but D.L. manages to phase his fist inside of Linderman's skull, killing him. Niki holds the injured D.L. in her arms.

Nathan gets words of his win and goes on TV to make his victory address. He talks of how the world is spinning out of control and needs healing.

Audrey goes to the crime scene and finds Ted, his skull cut open. Peter and Claire have been stalled in traffic caused by the crash and see what's happened. They all realize that Sylar is involved. Peter realizes that Sylar could also cause the explosion and Claire warns that he'll have to stop Sylar. Peter isn't confident, given his lack of control over Ted's power.

On a rooftop, Sylar practices his new power and prepares to cause the explosion.