Four Months Ago... - Recap

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Peter returns from the future without Caitlin, ending up in the same place he left. Hearing a noise behind him, he fires a lightning bolt at the source and burns the hand of the person making the sound. However, the charred skin heals almost instantly. A man steps out: Adam Monroe. Adam wants to know why Peter attacked him but when Peter claims ignorance of him, he quickly figures out that Peter had his memories wiped by the Haitian on behalf of the Company. Adam tells Peter to try and focus on a picture of Nathan Petrelli, and his duplicated regenerative abilities should heal the parts of his brain containing his memories. Peter concentrates, then starts to remember…

Four Months Earlier: Nathan flies a barely-contained Peter high into the air so that when he detonates, he doesn’t destroy New York City. The radiation starts to burn Nathan and he’s forced to let his brother go. Peter drops through the air… and explodes. Down on the ground, the fireball fills the sky. The blast knocks the injured Nathan out and he starts to plummet… until Peter flies up and grabs him.

Peter takes him to a hospital in New York City and leaves him with the staff. When a policeman tries to move in, Peter uses Claude’s invisibility to slip outside… where Bob, Elle, and the Haitian are waiting for him. Elle knocks Peter out with an electrical blast.

At another hospital, Niki talks with D.L.’s doctor, who informs her that the bullet came to close to his aorta but they’ve removed it and he should be fine.

Maya is attending Alejandro’s wedding to Gloria in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Maya spots Gloria dancing her former boyfriend, Gilberto, and then the couple sneak off to a shed. Maya follows them and sees the two of them cheating on Alejandro. Gilberto grabs her and demands she keeps their secret, and Maya panics. When she does, black liquid starts to flow from her eyes, and the same liquid flows from Gilberto’s and Gloria’s eyes. They collapse, dead, and Maya runs outside to see that the entire wedding party is dead except for Alejandro. They run off into the night, believing the authorities will hold her responsible.

At Company headquarters, Bob wakes up Peter and explains that while Nathan is safe, Peter can’t be allowed to run loose as long as he can’t control his powers. The Haitian can neutralize his powers for now, and they have a cure but need a bit more time for testing. Until then they’ll give Peter medication to negate his powers. Peter agrees to stay with them.

Nathan wakes up in the hospital and his mother Angela tries to reassure him. Nathan finally looks in the mirror and sees that he was disfigured by the radiation.

The doctor informs Niki that D.L.’s medical expenses are covered and Bob shows up to identify himself as her benefactor. He’s used the Company’s resources to hush up the Kirby Plaza incident and wants to help Niki as well by curing her of her split personality. However, he insists she’ll have to move away from her family and come to work for him. She refuses to leave the family she’s just been reunited with, and plans to go on normal medication. Bob warns her that it will take extraordinary measures for her to be fully “cured,” but accepts her decision.

Elle puts Peter in a cell and gives him regular medication, a “Haitian pill,” to negate his powers. After she leaves, the prisoner in the next cell calls out and identifies himself as… Adam Monroe.

Three Months Earlier: At Micah’s eleventh birthday party, the boy is still interested in using his powers as a superhero, and wants D.L. and Niki to help. D.L. says he’s satisfied with a normal life as a “hero” by becoming a firefighter. He and Micah are unaware that Niki is dumping her medication.

Two Months Earlier

Elle gives Peter his regular medication as well as mild electric shocks. She freely admits she’s a sociopath who was brought up in laboratories after accidentally setting her house on fire and injuring others, and after a regimen of lithium treatments. After she leaves, Adam calls out to warn that Elle and the Company are both dangerous, and they have no cure. They haven’t had a cure since Adam was first imprisoned there, 30 years ago. Peter doesn’t believe him, even when Adam points out that they can’t leave their “rooms.”

Nathan’s wife Heidi visits him at the hospital and tries to reassure him. Angela comes in and talks privately with her daughter, saying Nathan’s claims of flying and Peter’s exploding are signs of male Petrelli delusion that his father also had. She asks Heidi to keep the whole thing secret and the daughter-in-law agrees.

Niki is practicing in front of a mirror at home for her first day on the job as a car salesman. D.L. gives her a kiss and good luck and takes Micah to school. Once he’s gone, Niki’s mirror image comes to life and says she’s Gina, an alias Niki used in L.A. Gina takes over Niki’s body, leaving Niki trapped in the mirror, then departs for L.A.

Peter confronts Bob in his cell and asks if he can leave to visit Nathan and Angela. Bob says that it’s not safe for him to do so and that he’ll have to stay there for the foreseeable future. After he leaves, Peter turns to Adam, who says that he can heal Nathan by giving him some of his blood. However, he can’t do it until Peter gets them out.

D.L. is working as a fireman and forced to use his powers to get a young girl out of a burning house. The flames obscure his phasing, and the onlookers and the news crew hail him as a hero. Micah, watching the news, is proud of his dad. When D.L. gets home, he realizes that Gina has left for L.A., leaving a message written on the mirror in lipstick.

One Month Earlier: Elle delivers Peter’s medication and he starts flirting with her. Distracted, she playfully shocks him in response as they kiss, then leaves. He flushes the pills down the sink then uses D.L.’s power to phase through the wall to Adam’s cell, then get them both out through the wall.

Maya has fled to Venezuela and taken refuge in a church. Alejandro tracks her down and tells her she needs to turn herself in for her own safety. She refuse but her brother has brought along a policeman and the Mother Superior. Maya’s powers activate again, causing the two normals to collapse. Alejandro grabs her hand… and absorbs her power into himself. Realizing she’s been telling the truth, he takes her out of the church and on the run.

D.L. hits the bars in L.A. and finds Gina, dancing with a drug dealer. He tries to get her out of there but the guy throws a punch which D.L. phases through, ten knocks the dealer out. He then shows Gina a picture of himself, Niki, and Micah, and manages to get her to revert back to Niki. He tries to get her out of there but the drug dealer pulls a gun and shoots him dead.

Three Weeks Earlier: In the aftermath of D.L.’s funeral, Niki and Micah meet with D.L.’s relatives Nana, Monica, and Damon. While Micah talks with Damon, Nana promises Niki she’ll take care of Niki’s son while Niki does what she has to. Going outside, Niki finds Bob waiting for her and she agrees to work for him and get the Company treatment.

Peter and Adam go to Nathan’s room and Adam injects some of his blood into Nathan’s IV. Nathan’s burns start to heal and Peter grabs a photo of the two brothers before leaving to avoid the Company hunters. He and Adam get outside but Elle and the Haitian are waiting for them. Elle attacks both of them and they’re forced to split up. The Haitian pursues Peter, negating his powers, and finally brings him down next to an empty storage container. He handcuffs Peter inside the container, then gives him his own Godsend necklace. He says that he won’t turn over Peter to his bosses since he owes Angela Petrelli a debt, but wipes his memories and leaves him in the container.


Sylar is making his way back to the U.S. with Maya and Alejandro. Niki is with the company. And Peter, his memories recovered, is ready to work with Adam to save the world.