Cautionary Tales - Recap

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Noah and Sandra Bennet are packing up to move away when Claire comes downstairs, dressed for school in her cheerleader school. Noah once again states that they're leaving Costa Verde but Claire snaps back that he's the one who is endangering the family and she refuses to go. Noah grabs a roll of duct tape and prepares to tie her up, but Sandra breaks up the fight by telling Claire she can go to school to say goodbye to her friends but then they'll be moving. Claire storms out.

Hiro and Ando go to Kaito's funeral in Japan, and Hiro goes up to give the eulogy, but then turns and walks away. Ando asks him what's going on and Hiro explains that everything is his fault and if he says the eulogy, then he'll have to accept his father is gone. Hiro then concentrates and teleports into the past.

Matt is at home with Molly going over the group picture of the Company and trying to figure out how it all goes together. When Molly offers to help locate them, Matt refuses, noting what happened the last time she tried. When she tries to argue with him, he telepathically projects his order into her mind and she seemingly accepts. Startled, he tests his newfound power and projects a compulsion for her to eat her cereal, and she does.

Mohinder meets Bob in Costa Verde at a hotel, and they discuss the plan to kidnap Claire. Bob notes they'll have to kill Noah Bennet to do it but Mohinder objects. Bob introduces him to his new partner: Elle, who is sunbathing by the pool. She demonstrates her abilities by blowing up a small drinking glass.

At school, West comes up to Claire and asks what is going on, Claire doesn't think that she's anything but a cheerleader and wants a normal life, but West wonders if the whole thing is a set-up by her father, and whether Claire is on it. He flies off, while Claire spells out the word "Sorry" in the nearby rocks.

At the NYC police station, Matt goes to his superior, Fuller, and tries to get assigned to do more work on the Petrelli case. Fuller refuses until Matt telepathically compels him to give him 24 hours.

Noah and Sandra are at home discussing West, and Sandra is shocked when Noah admits he kidnapped the boy. Noah shows her the Isaac Mendez painting of him lying dead with West holding Claire, and the one of Mohinder holding a gun, and admits if Mohinder is one of the good guys, he must have a reason to shoot Noah. Noah insists that they have to find West. He calls Mohinder, who lies that he's still in New York City and says he'll have Molly locate West. Mohinder then goes to Bob and Elle and says they can lure Noah to some other location so they can kidnap Claire. They don't think it's a good idea but Mohinder threatens to go to Noah if they don't agree, to avoid killing. Bob finally agrees but gives Mohinder a gun: the one from the Mendez painting.

Hiro appears one week in the past on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, and listens to his father's conversation with Angela Petrelli about the death threats. After Angela leaves, Hiro confronts his father who is happy to see him. Hiro warns him that he will die that night and has just come back from his funeral. Kaito accepts it is his fate to die but Hiro touches his shoulder and teleports themselves both back in time.

Noah is leaving the house when West swoops down and flies him up into the sky. West demands answers about Claire and threatens to drop Noah if he doesn't come through. Noah admits that Claire lied to defend West, and West lands back on Earth. He's weakened by the heavy lifting and Noah grabs him and holds him down. They're interrupted when Mohinder calls Noah and tells him West's supposed address. Since Noah is at West at a different location, Noah realizes he's setting a trap. After he hangs up, Noah tells West that he needs his help.

Claire is practicing cheerleading routine when her coach tells her that a man from the education commission is there. It's Bob, who talks to her about the drinking incident. However, when he mentions her real name of Bennet, Claire realizes something is wrong and runs away.

Mohinder and Elle are waiting for Noah, and Mohinder insists he talk to Noah alone when he arrives. Mohinder gets into Noah's car and tries to explain they need Claire's blood to cure the virus. Noah insists that Mohinder has "gone native," just as he warned at the beginning of the operation. Mohinder draws a gun on him.

Claire gets back home and sees the computer image of the Mendez paintings. When Sandra comes in, Claire warns her about Bob, but Bob comes in with a gun and comes in. Sandra recognizes him as her husband's boss at Primatech.

Noah and Mohinder go to the high school and stop at a secluded street behind the place. Elle shows up and starts coming toward them, but West swoops down and slams her into Noah's car, knocking her out. Mohinder prepares to shoot Noah but Noah disarms him. He's ready to shoot Mohinder but West talks him out of it. They take Elle back to the house and find Sandra there, tied up. She explains that Bob took Claire but West brings in the unconscious Elle and Noah starts looking for Mr. Muggles' doggy bath. He ties Elle up, puts her feet in the metal doggy bath filled with water, and sprays her with the sink hose. He then wakes her up and tells her to give him her father's number. She refuses and tries to blast free, but the water short circuits her powers. Once she realizes she's helpless, Noah tells her he was there when her own father experimented on her, but he plans to trade her for Claire. Elle doesn't remember any experiments and gives up the number and Noah gives Bob two hours until they trade daughter for daughter. Bob agrees, but then takes a sample of Claire's blood.

Hiro teleports his father 17 years into the past, to the funeral for Hiro's mother. Kaito still refuses to try and deny his fate, and Hiro bumps into his younger self. When the young Hiro says he refuses to let his father die, the older Hiro comes around and realizes he can't play God. Hiro teleports his father back to the night of his death and Kaito admits he's proud of his son. Hiro teleports into the shadows and Kaito's killer arrives. He and Kaito go over the balcony edge again, but Hiro freezes the scene and sees who the killer is: Takezo Kensei.

Matt visits Angela in jail, but she refuses to cooperate and taunts him with the fact he's even weaker than his father. Matt uses his powers to force her to tell him the truth about the killer, and who the last woman in the photo is. Angela tries to resist, bleeding from the nose, and says the last woman only wants to be left alone, and that Mat is even worse than his father, but finally gives up the name.

Noah, West, and Elle meet with Bob, Mohinder, and Claire. The two fathers trade off their daughters, and West flies Claire away. Elle burns through her bonds and knocks out West, bringing him down from several hundred feet. Claire manages to break their fall with her own body and starts to heal. Noah shoots Elle in the shoulder and threatens Bob with the gun. Noah prepares to kill him to eliminate the head of the Company, but Mohinder shoots him through the eye, killing him as Claire and West look on. The Mendez painting is fulfilled. West flies Claire out of there while the others approach Noah's corpse.

Back at the Bennet house, Claire admits she hates her father no matter what West says. Sandra arrives and they inform her that her husband is dead, and Sandra collapses in tears.

Hiro has teleported back to his father's funeral in the present and gets up on the podium. He refuses to eulogize his father, but speaks of all the things that he learned from Kaito and how his father will always live on through his teachings.

Mohinder sits in the back of the Company van, contemplating the gun he used to kill Noah. Bob tries to comfort his daughter but she ignores him, thinking about the experiments Noah mentioned.

Matt is considering the picture of the twelve, having written in the number of the last woman: Victoria Pratt.

Sandra holds Mr. Muggles and cries, while West tries to comfort Claire.

In a room somewhere, Noah Bennet's corpse lies on a gurney, an IV drip in his arm filled with Claire's blood. His eye begins to heal and then he comes back to life and stares around in confusion.