Truth & Consequences - Recap

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Peter has a vision of himself in the New York City of 2008, and sees himself and Caitlin being taken away by the CDC. He picks up an evacuation notice and starts screaming… and finds himself in Montreal, where Adam says he never left. Peter shows him the evacuation notice and says the virus is the Shanti virus. Adam explains that the Shanti virus was developed by one of the Company heads, Victoria Pratt, who took it from a young girl 30 years ago, and developed it as a bio-weapon. They decide to locate Pratt.

Bob visits the Bennets with an urn containing Noah’s cremated remains. He offers them his condolences and concedes that given Noah’s sacrifice, the Company will let Claire go her own way. The Bennets prepare to leave while Bob goes outside to meet with his daughter Elle, telling her to watch Claire and to do it successfully to regain his trust.

Noah is lying dead on a medical gurney with an IV drip in his arm. His eye heals and he comes back to life. Mohinder comes in and explains that he had no choice but to kill Noah, but they used Claire’s blood to bring him back to his life. Mohinder insists that it’s Noah and his obsession with bringing down the Company that has caused all the problems, and they need Claire’s blood to cure the new mutation of the Shanti virus. Noah insists that it’s the Company that engineered the virus and can’t be trusted, but Mohinder leaves, locking the door behind him.

Micah is with Monica and Damon discussing comic books and St. Joan. While Damon talks about selling them for money, Monica and Micah discuss why the heroine wears a mask to hide her identity and protect her family. Niki arrives and explains to Micah that she has the virus, it’s currently dormant but the Company will find a cure. Micah goes to get D.L.’s medal from his backpack with the comics, only to discover it’s gone.

In Cook Lake, Virginia, Maya and Sylar sit by the shore and discuss her attempts to stop her power from killing people. Sylar suggests that Alejandro go back home and Maya learn to control her abilities on her own. He provokes her into losing control by talking about how Maya killed Alejandro’s wife, and she starts to bleed black tears. Sylar collapses but gasps out that she needs to learn control. She finally manages to suppress her ability and agree that Sylar is right.

In Japan, Hiro and Ando go over the photo of the Company Twelve, looking for a clue to Kensei’s identity. Hiro figures that since Kensei has regenerative abilities, he must have survived the centuries.

Peter and Adam travel to Searsmont, Maine, and approach Pratt’s rustic cabin. Peter insists on going in alone to gain her trust, and finds a woman working on her garden. She initially denies being Pratt, but then pulls out a shotgun and tells him to leave. Peter explains about his trip to the future and the Shanti virus’s devastation, she invites him in.

Hiro finds an old photo of his father with Kensei and Pratt, and finds handwriting identifying Kensei as Adam Monroe. Ando finds a file with Adam’s name and an ordered dated 11/2/77 from Kaito ordering Adam’s imprisonment. Hiro teleports himself to Primatech Research on that day and secretly watches as Adam is captured and Kaito condemns him as a traitor. Adam boasts that he could have used the virus to save the world by culling humanity. Kaito has Adam taken away then talks to Pratt. She warns that the particularly strain, Number 138, could have started a global pandemic and Kaito gives orders for it to be locked away at Primatech’s Odessa, TX facility. Pratt objects, saying it must be destroyed, but Kaito warns that the other Company founders won’t allow it.

In the present, Peter explains to Pratt about his trip to the future and how Caitlin is still stranded there. She explains about Strain 138 and lies that it is New Mexico. He goes back to Adam who realizes Pratt is lying, and she shows up to shoot them both down. She prepares to blow off Adam’s head to kill him once and for all, but Peter regenerates and knocks her out.

Alejandro is at the hotel doing research on Sylar’s past and finds a report of how he killed his mother. Maya and Sylar come in and Alejandro tries to warn her. However, Sylar claims that his mother thought he was a monster and tried to kill him, and he killed her in self-defense. Maya believes him and insists on going to see Dr. Suresh. Alejandro storms out and Sylar holds Maya close.

Back at Pratt’s cabin, Adam ties her up while she tries to warn Peter that Adam tried to release the virus. Peter doesn’t believe her and telepathically probes for the location of 138 in Odessa, Texas. Once he has the info, Adam secretly unties her and she goes for her shotgun. Adam then kills her in “self-defense” and as Peter leaves, Adam draws the Symbol on Pratt’s photograph and leaves it on her corpse.

Nana interrogates Damon and finds out that he took Micah’s backpack to find out how much his comics were worth, and then someone set him up and stole it. Damon apologizes for losing D.L.’s medal, and Micah insists that they’ll have to get it back themselves, over Niki’s objections.

Sylar is preparing to leave when Alejandro storms into the room, saying that Maya is staying with him. Sylar knocks him down and grabs a knife, killing Alejandro. When Maya comes to the door, he pretends he was in the shower and comes out, leaving Alejandro in the corner. She thanks him for helping he and they kiss.

In her room, Claire is looking for the wind-chime to signal the Haitian so he can wipe her memories of her father, along with her guilt. West convinces her not to and she decides to release her father’s ashes into the ocean. West, Sandra, and Lyle attend the informal ceremony, but Claire spots Elle watching them from a nearby car. She confronts Elle and says that she’s going to destroy the Company by revealing her regenerative power to the entire world.

Monica has discovered where the thieves are and tells Micah, announcing she’s going to recover the medal. Niki gets a call from Mohinder saying he has the cure, and she finds Micah missing.

Micah and Monica are outside the thieves’ house. Micah scans the house using his abilities and figures no one is there. Monica uses her ability and her iPod to mimic a video of a parkour expert and climb into the house. She finds the bag but the gang drives up and come in. She hide above the stairs but drops one of Micah’s comics, alerting them. They take her prisoner, haul her out of the house to their van, and knock her out, as Micah watches from hiding.

Mohinder is heading home when Sylar calls him and reveals that he sent Molly’s babysitter home and he and a friend (Maya) are at his apartment.

Hiro returns to the present, gets his sword, and teleports to Odessa to kill Adam. Peter and Adam enter the Odessa facility but time stops for everyone but Peter, who has Hiro’s ability. Hiro tells Peter to step aside so he can avenge Kaito but Peter refuses, believing Adam is going to destroy the virus. Peter prepares an electrical bolt as Hiro charges at him…