The Second Coming - Recap

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Manhattan, New York, Four Years in the Future

Peter is running down a street with someone apparently in pursuit. He runs into a warehouse only to find himself-face-to-face with Claire. She’s holding a gun on him and Peter explains that he’s going back to the day “that they all found out.” Claire tells him it’s too late but Peter insists that life would be different if he can just make sure the public never founds out they have special powers. Claire says that she’s made peace with the past but he never has, and she can’t let him do it. Peter insists he can fix everything but Claire pulls the trigger. Peter freezes time, takes the gun from her, then teleports back to the past.

Future Peter arrives in Odessa at the building where Nathan is giving his press conference. Future peter takes a coat and cap to conceal his identity then comes in at the back of the press conference. As Nathan gives his speech and prepares to reveal the existence of “special people” to the public, Peter shoots him twice in the chest. Running off, he hides the gun in a closet then ducks into a restroom with Peter in hot pursuit. Parkman comes in a few seconds later only to find that Peter has lost the shooter, who seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Claire is at home watching the newscast on the shooting. She calls Peter who tells her he’s in the ambulance with Nathan. She wants to provide blood to heal Nathan but Peter tells her to stay there. The ambulance arrives at the hospital and the doctors work on Nathan. After a few hours, the doctors tell Peter that there’s nothing they can do. Peter goes in to say a final goodbye to his brother. He kisses Nathan’s forehead… and Nathan sits up, alive and well.

Hiro is in his new CEO office, bored and reversing time back and forth. Ando comes in and calls him “sir,” but Hiro tells him not too. Hiro notes that he’s now a man without a quest, and all the money in the world wont’ show him his destiny. He insists that destiny isn’t going to arrive at his door… just as the family lawyer arrives at the door and says that he has a recording from Kaito made before the latter’s death.

Claire is packing to leave and goes to the bedroom door… to find Sylar waiting for her. She wonders how he survived Hiro killing him, but Sylar points out that he’s recovered and has come for her power. She hits him with a trophy and runs downstairs, but Sylar uses his telekinesis to seal the doors and windows, and cut off the phone. She grabs a knife and prepares to kill Sylar, unaware that Sylar is behind her. She hides in the closet and Sylar tries the handle.

In New York City at Mohinder’s apartment, Maya is waiting to hit someone as they come through the door. It opens and she swings at the person: Mohinder. He explains he put Molly on a plane and admits that he’s at a dead end with his research and plans to go back to India. Maya is angry that he isn’t trying to cure her power and her power briefly activates. She manages to control it and Mohinder realizes that her power activates due to adrenal flow rather than blood. He tells Maya to get angry and prepares to take a sample.

In Japan, Hiro plays the DVD and Kaito explains that he has left Hiro a secret in the safe and that that no matter what he does, he shouldn’t open it. Hiro goes to the safe over Ando’s objections and locates a remote to open it. There’s a DVD inside and Hiro plays it: it’s another message from Kaito saying he didn’t want Hiro to open the safe. However, the formula also contains half of a formula which Kaito says could destroy the world in the wrong hands. Hiro opens the envelope and takes out a laminated half-piece of paper. Before he can red it, there’s a burst of wind and something streaks through snatching the paper. Hiro stops time and follows the speed-streak through the office. At the end of the streak is a young blonde girl. She sees Hiro and then asks how he’s slowing her down. He tries to grab the paper but she refuses to give it up, and asks him questions about his powers. When he doesn’t answer, she wonders if he can use his powers when unconscious. She then slugs him and time catches up as she disappears in a burst of speed.

Peter is in the closet and finds the gun hidden. Matt comes in and points his gun at Peter, asking how he knew where the gun was. Peter fails to answer convincingly and Matt tries to read his mind, only to get feedback. “Peter’s” face chances to reveal a scar on an older visage: Future Peter notes that Matt has to go so he can’t reveal his secret. He touches Matt, who disappears. Future Peter then restores his face to his younger self’s image and leaves.

Nathan wakes up at the hospital and wonders what’s going on. He puts on a suit from his closet and leaves. Future Peter arrives and notices Nathan going into a nearby chapel, followed by a curious news team. Future Peter follows Nathan in and sees him go to the front of the chapel and talk to a Hispanic woman in prayer. Nathan tells her that he saw God and died, but now he’s been given a second chance. He now knows that he’s been put on Earth to do great things. He now has a simple message to pass on and the newsman asks what it is. Future Peter prepares to kill Nathan, who says… that everyone, everywhere, is connected. Nathan kneels at the altar and Future Peter, his concerns laid at rest, comes up to catch him as he collapses.

Mohinder is analyzing Maya’s adrenal sample and talks about how thrilling it must be to have a power. He isolates the source of the powers and holds up the syringe he’s placed it in. Satisfied, he says he needs to take it to his lab and duplicate it.

Sylar is outside the closet, taunting Claire, when he notices a box of files from her father’s office. He goes through it and finds dossiers on other special persons confined at Primatech. He boasts that he’ll get to them but wants her first. She comes up and stabs him, then runs for door. He telekinetically pins her to the wall and the starts slicing open her skull. He places her on a table and examines her brain. He explains that he needs to learn the secret to her power before he bleeds to death from her stab wound. As he talks about how her brain holds all the answers, he carefully examines it but denies any interest in eating it. Finally he says he’s found what he’s looking for, stands up… and his wound heals. He puts the top of the skull back on her head and she wonders if he’s going to kill her. He says that she doesn’t understand her own power, and that he can’t kill her. She can’t die… and now neither can he.

Mohinder is testing the sample when Maya tells him to destroy it as a violation of the natural order. He explains that he can use it to give ordinary people superpowers. She warns that it could be dangerous in the wrong hands, but he notes that too many people like that have it now, people like Sylar. He notes that if he had powers, he could have stopped Sylar. She wonders if the sample can be used to cure her but Mohinder only nods that it can’t. Maya insists that if it doesn’t provide a cure, it should be destroyed.

Nathan wakes up to find Future Peter there with a newspaper story about Nathan’s speech at the chapel. Nathan insists that God saved him and wonders if their powers represent the hand of God. Nathan wonders if they’re angels put on the Earth by God. Future Peter asks about Nathan’s plans to tell the world of their powers and Nathan insists they wouldn’t be angels if everyone knew the secret. As Nathan dozes off, Future Peter says he hopes that one day Nathan will forgive him. As he leaves, Linderman comes in and talks to Nathan. Nathan accuses Linderman of healing him and the latter doesn’t deny it. He does insist that together they have a great destiny awaiting them.

Governor Robert Malden of New York is watching the newscasts about Nathan. He thinks they’ve found the person they’re looking for and calls in his assistant, a woman named Tracy. She looks just like Niki Sanders and it’s clear the two are romantically involved.

Matt wakes up to find himself in a desert with no one and nothing in sight. He calls out to the sky but receives no answer.

Hiro tells Ando about his encounter with the speedster and wonders what was on the paper. Ando suggests Hiro travel to the past to ask Kaito but Hiro refuses, saying he never plans to travel to the past again. However, he decides to go to the future to see the outcome and transports through time to a chaotic Japanese city. He sees himself up on a catwalk, arguing with Ando and holding the formula. Future Hiro draws his sword, but Future Ando fires a blast of red energy from his hands, killing his former friends. Hiro runs down the street and turns to see buildings and cars collapsing in a wave coming toward him. He concentrates and arrives back in the present.

Mohinder is out walking on the docks, carrying the syringe with the formula. He considers throwing it into the water… and then injects it into his arms. He starts to convulse and then drops to the ground, unconscious.

Angela Petrelli arrives to visit Nathan. Future Peter comes in but she knows who he really is and demands to know what he’s done with her son. She reveals that she had a precognitive dream that he would come from the future. She wonders who he is to play God and tells him to go back to where he came from, once he restores the “real” Peter. Future Peter tells her that he’s stored Peter somewhere safe.

In an underground Primatech facility, Level 5, a Hispanic man in a cell is pounding on the walls and yelling that he’s Peter Petrelli. Other prisoners nearby are similarly confined. Noah Bennet is in a nearby cell bouncing a ball off the wall, and hears Peter’s cries.

Sandra and Lyle return home to find Claire, her forehead still bloody.

Wandering through the desert, Matt comes upon a rock with a cave-type drawing of the world cracking in half.

Sylar is strolling down a quiet suburban street.

Linderman watches over a sleeping Nathan.

Tracy is watching the news broadcast on Nathan.

Mohinder is lying on the ground as two muggers approach him. They try to take his money and he reaches up, disarms one of them, and bends the barrel of the gun. He throws the other mugger several dozen feet into a wall. He looks at his hands in astonishment and walks off… unaware that on the warehouse behind him, there is a painting of the Earth being cracked in two, the same image Matt has seen in the desert.