One of Us, One of Them - Recap

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Angela Petrelli comes to visit Sylar, who is restrained in a Level 5 cell and kept on sedatives. She removes the sedative field and removes the arms restrains, and says that she can provide him with the love and guidance a son needs from his mother. Sylar insists she isn't his mother but she informs him that he gave her up for adoption but now she'll take good care of him. She calls in a woman, Bridget, and explains that she has the power to read an object's past by touching it. Angela notes that Sylar will need to be strong for what comes ahead and then leaves Sylar and Bridget alone. As she walks down the hall, the sound of Bridget's screams echo throughout the place.

Tracy is in her apartment, alone and experiments with her newly discovered power, freezing a rose.

Nathan is informed that Tracy isn't answering her phone. As he goes into his office alone, Future Peter teleports in. Nathan asks where his present-day brother is and Future Peter admits he doesn't know, but is looking for him. Nathan plays back the message that Peter had left using Jesse's body and saying he was trapped in Jesse's body. Peter warns that the Level 5 escapees are on the loose and he's afraid they'll hurt someone.

Knox plans a bank robbery with his fellow escapees, Flint and the German. Peter, in Jesse's body, has no choice but to go along.

Noah arrives at the Primatech facility and insists that he's only returning to help recapture the Level 5 escapees. Angela informs him the Haitian is on assignment elsewhere and introduces him to his new partner: Sylar. Noah objects, given that Sylar attacked Claire. Sylar notes that Claire can't die and so he never put her at risk, and observes that Noah doesn't understand what his daughter can do.

They get in and the German starts to open the bank vault using his magnetic powers. Flint prepares to kill a woman, but Peter intervenes and manages to stop him.

Knox and the others get the money but the police arrive almost immediately. Knox tells the others that he called the police, and it's part of his plan to draw out the man that captured them all: Noah Bennet.

Sandra and Meredith discuss what's best for Clair. Claire comes in and informs her mother that there's no point in her going to school, angering Sandra.

Angela, Noah, and Sylar watch a news broadcast of the hostage situation and recognize those responsible. Angela insists that Sylar is going on the mission and needs some structure, and Noah reluctantly gives in.

Hiro and Ando arrive at a movie theater in Berlin where they've tracked Daphne using the bug in her medal. She arrives and informs them she's there to intercept the second half of the formula. She tries to super speed away, but she and Hiro both discover that their powers are gone. Hiro sees the Haitian enter the theater with a briefcase and recognizes him from his future time jaunts.

Without Sandra's knowledge, Meredith talks to Claire and finally agrees to take her out of school to teach her how to fight.

Nathan goes to see Tracy and ask why she wasn't at his wearing-in ceremony. She asks him what he knows about Niki and the sex video, and he insists that she should already know since she is Niki. Tracy tells him that she isn't Niki and wants to find her. She has found an address for Niki in New Orleans and goes there to get answers.

The German insists that he'd rather get out with the loot, and Knox absorbs the nearby fear of the crowd and channels it into enough strength to ram his fist through the German and into the wall behind, killing him.

Matt is in Africa with Usutu, who paints the future and focuses on events in Matt's own life. One scene shows Matt with a blonde woman holding a baby, but Usutu notes that that particular future can no longer occur.

Noah and Sylar drive to the crime scene and Noah tells Sylar to stay quiet, stay out of the way, and let Noah handle the situation.

Hiro and Ando follow the Haitian inside and try to come up with a plan while the movie plays. Daphne grabs a seat behind them and tells them she's just doing it for the money. She notes to Ando that Hiro seems to be the one in charge and wonders if he's Hiro's sidekick. Hiro insists he isn't... until he discovers Hiro has gone off on his own.

Inside the bank, Peter (as Jesse) tries to talk Knox into simply leaving. Knox asks him about his family and friends in Detroit and Peter notes he'll be glad to see them. Knox attacks him, saying that he knows Jesse doesn't have any friends.

Upon arrival, Sylar ignores Noah and takes command of the situation, intimidating the police into following his orders. Inside Knox and Flint are beating up on Peter/Jesse, demanding to know who he really is. Peter tries to explain that he's inside Jesse's body and went along with them to save innocents. Knox doesn't believe anyone is that noble, or stupid.

Ando follows after Hiro and they hide, and then see the Haitian meet with a woman working for Angela. He collects the other half of the formula from her, noting that Angela wants both halves closer to home.

Noah prepares to go into the bank, putting on a flak vest. Sylar points out that it won't do any good and Noah says that it's for the benefit of any witnesses. When Sylar insists he's there as backup, Noah tells him not to interfere no matter what and to talk to the witnesses and cover up for anything strange that happens.

In New Orleans, Tracy arrives at a funeral home and opens the casket to find Niki inside, dead. Micah arrives and at first mistakes her for Niki. In private he explains that his mother had a power and he does too, and wonders if she does too. Using his power, he searches the Internet and learns that Niki and Traci were born on the same day in the same hospital in California by the same man, Dr. Zimmerman. Tracy thanks Micah for his help and departs.

As the Haitian prepares to leave, Hiro approaches him claiming the briefcase is his. He calls for Ando, disguised as an usher, to settle the matter. However, Ando come sup with his own plan and simply knocks the Haitian out. They get the briefcase but Daphne snatches it from them. When Hiro tries to stop her, he discovers the Haitian has recovered consciousness and is suppressing his time abilities.

Noah comes in and offers himself in exchange for the hostages. Knox attacks him but Peter yells, triggering Jesse's ability to manipulate sound into an attack force. He smashes Knox and Flint aside and... time freezes as Future Peter arrives. He moves Peter outside of Jesse's body and then says that Peter has to see what is going to happen and what it means for them. He transports Peter into the future with himself.

As soon as future Peter disappears, time resumes and Jesse takes control of his body back. Noah thinks he's Peter and thanks him, and Jesse attacks him. Knox prepares to kill Noah but Sylar arrives and telekinetically stops him. When Jesse tries to release a sonic blast, Sylar telekinetically closes his throat. Flint recovers and prepares to kill Sylar, who has his hands full holding the other two. Noah manages to get his gun and wing Flint.

Meredith takes Claire to an empty storage container and has her lock the door, then ignites her flame. Claire demands to know how to fight and Meredith explains this lesson is about surviving. The air gets thin and Claire starts to choke. Meredith, accustomed to the lower oxygen, demands to know why Claire wants to fight. Claire insists that she wants to help people at first, but finally breaks and admits that she wants to get revenge on Sylar for what he did to her.

Noah takes Flint outside for medical attention and Sylar telekinetically closes the bank door and telekinetically shoves Jesse into the wall. Noah tries to convince Sylar to resist his hunger, but Sylar says it's no good and starts to slice open Jesse's skull. Knox slips out the back during the distraction.

Back at the Bennet house, Meredith apologizes to Claire for having to teach her a tough lesson, but it was necessary. Sandra is furious to learn that Meredith is training Claire and insists that Meredith knows nothing about her daughter and how to raise her. Meredith insists that it was either teach Claire what she wanted to know, or she'd walk out.

Usutu paints over the former image of Matt's baby with a new image of Matt crying and holding the blond woman's body.

At the Bennet house, the doorbell rings and May, one of Claire's cheerleader friends, comes by to pick Claire up for a cheerleader's retreat. Claire, seemingly in a much better mood, asks Sandra if it's okay she can go. Sandra agrees and Claire leaves for the weekend.

Tracy arrives in California and finds Zimmerman's address. When he answers the door, he initially addresses her by another name but soon recognizes her as Tracy. When she wonders how he knows her, he claims that he's the one who created her.

Matt confronts Usutu and demands to know what his future holds. Usutu gives him a bowl with some kind of drug, which initially does nothing. Usutu puts a music player's headset on Matt and plays tribal/meditative music, and Matt's eyes suddenly go a solid white.

Noah and Sylar return Flint to the Level 5 holding facility and put him in a cell next to Hiro and Ando. Angela thinks there's still hope for Sylar. The Haitian arrives and wonders if Sylar is his replacement. Noah notes that Sylar will live for now… until Noah figures out his weakness and kills him.

Nathan reads the Bible, while Micah considers is mother's casket at the funeral home. And Claire is driving through the night on her own, a box of her father's Level 5 files on the seat next to her.