Eris Quod Sum - Recap

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Hiro and Ando are in Africa with Usutu. Despite the fact the world is at stake, Hiro refuses to go back in time. Usutu warns him that if he doesn't choose his own path, someone will choose it for him.

After throwing the bench at Tracy and Nathan, Mohinder, pleads with them for one last blood sample from them so that he can find the cure for Maya. They refuse and he leaps over them, rips Maya out of her cocoon, and then jumps up out the skylight and escapes.

Peter wakes up handcuffed to a table in a laboratory at Pinehearst. Arthur is sitting nearby, waiting for him to wake up. Peter realizes he's still powerless and Arthur explains that his powers are gone forever. He wants Peter's help to prevent the future that the latter has seen. Peter refuses and Arthur departs, informing Peter that he's "grounded."

In Costa Verde, Claire and Sandra returns home and Sandra says how proud she is of everything that Claire has accomplished. The house lights flicker and they go inside: Lyle is lying stunned on the floor. He mumbles "the bitch is back." Investigating, Claire finds Elle at the family computer, giving off sparks. Claire tells her to get out of the house and Elle throws a lightning bolt at her. Claire regenerates instantly and is unaffected. She drags Elle to the door but Elle tosses her to the ground in a judo throw. However, Lyle throws a bucket of water on Elle, short circuiting her and causing her to collapse from the pain. Settling down, Elle apologizes and says that she needs their help.

Mohinder takes Maya to Pinehearst, where the technicians isolate her in a laboratory. Arthur arrives and Mohinder says that he believed he was dead. Arthur says he faked his death and considers Maya. Mohinder says he'll do anything to cure Maya and keep his promise. Arthur goes in and absorbs her poison emission ability, leaving her normal. Mohinder rushes to embrace her but she gets up and tells him to stay away from her. Arthur and Mohinder go outside and Mohinder asks if Arthur can "cure" him. Arthur wonders if he really wants to be cured. They go to a separate lab where Dr. Livitz is working on the two halves of the stolen formula. Mohinder recognizes it as the formula he's been working on. Arthur informs Mohinder that they've gone as far as they can go and they need his expertise. Mohinder figures that Arthur has his own agenda for using the formula, and Arthur tells him to leave if he isn't willing to work with them. Mohinder considers his offer... and then says he needs test subjects.

Angela is still in a coma caused by Arthur. She manages to appear in the dreams of Sylar, still comatose in a Level 5 cell after Peter left him there. Sylar wonders how she can appear but Angela hints that he's the one summoning her despite the power restrictors, and that he has more power than he knows. She tells him that he needs to rescue Peter and tells him to do it for Mommy. He bursts his bonds and telekinetically breaks open the cell door, then goes to Angela's room. He promises to save Peter and leaves.

Elle's electrical field is still unstable, and she explains to Claire that she can't eat or sleep in this condition. Daphne contacted her and offered Pinehearst's aid in curing her condition, but Elle preferred going with Noah, who she knows from the Company. Claire wonders if Pinehearst can cure her condition, and explains that she's lost the ability to feel pain and wonders if she will lose all feeling whatsoever. Elle doesn't see the downside but agrees that they should go together to Pinehearst.

Daphne returns to Pinehearst and informs Arthur and the others she failed to recruit Matt yet. Arthur wonders why, suspecting she's thinking something that would deter Matt if he read her mind. Knox senses her fear and Daphne asks what she can do to make up for her failure. Arthur gives her a new assignment: kill Matt. Maury Parkman hears this and angrily says that Matt's safety was the price for his loyalty to Arthur. When he argues with Arthur, Arthur casually snaps his neck with telekinesis, while Daphne nervously pleads that she's no killer.

Claire tells Sandra that the trip to Pinehearst is something she has to do without her father's help, and asks her mother not to call him. Sandra agrees.

Matt returns to his apartment in NYC and tries to call Mohinder without success. There's a knock on the door and he opens it to find Daphne, with a gun. She explains that her new orders are to kill him or her employers will kill her. He turns his back to her and describes their future together, the daughter they'll have. Daphne drops the gun and apologizes, saying she wasn't fast enough to save "him." Matt reads her mind and realizes she's talking about his father.

Arthur and his men discover that Peter has freed himself but easily subdue him. They take Peter to Mohinder, who plans to inject him with a new version of the formula to give super powers. Mohinder figures that since Peter previously had powers, he should be a more successful experiment. Peter says that he saw the future and Mohinder told him that manipulating powers was wrong. Mohinder asks what happened to his transformed self in the future and Peter confirms that Mohinder is deformed. Mohinder covers up the mottling on his skin and prepares to inject Peter. However, Sylar arrives and telekinetically knocks Mohinder and Livitz back, impaling the latter on some pipes. Sylar frees Peter but Mohinder hits him repeatedly and knocks him out with his enhanced strength. Arthur arrives and Peter manages to escape into the Pinehearst facility.

Nathan and Tracy call for backup and then check on Mohinder's cocooned victims. One of them tries to grab Tracy but Noah arrives and tasers him.

Claire and Elle take a plane from Costa Verde to New Jersey where Pinehearst is located. Claire talks about how she wants to help villains and Elle tells her that she's better off with a normal life. Claire mocks her about how it's Elle that freed the villains and Elle starts to lose her temper and control of her powers. The electronics and the plane start to short out. Claire offers Elle her hand to ground the electricity while she regenerates the damage. Working together, they manage to get Elle stabilized and the pilot regains control of the plane.

Daphne tells Matt that Arthur's team will come for them both. Knox breaks in and absorbs their fear. He uses the increased strength to break Daphne's neck as she tries to run by him. Matt manages to immobilize him telepathically and threatens to feed Knox his own worse fear. However, Knox feeds on Matt's free, manages to break free of the telepathic hold, and rams his fist through Matt's chest, killing him. Satisfied, he goes... and the mental illusion fades. Matt and Daphne emerge from the next room and Daphne says that now they're believed dead, they can escape. Matt insists on going after the people who killed his parent, for revenge and because he's a cop and they're criminals. When Daphne warns he can't do it alone, he suggests they go to the Company.

The Pinehearst facility is sealed while Arthur's people try to locate Peter. He explains to Sylar that Angela isn't the sympathetic mother: she had a precognitive vision when Sylar was born and later tried to drown him. Only Arthur's intervention saved Sylar. Now he explains that Angela wants to use Sylar as a weapon to get at him and free her favorite son, Peter. Sylar considers Arthur's offer to join him.

As Peter heads for the lobby, he sees Mohinder. Mohinder goes to say goodbye to Maya. She still doesn't want him near her, insisting she can never trust him after everything he did in her name. She plans to leave and make amends for the people she killed, and suggests he do the same.

Claire and Elle arrive outside at Pinehearst and Elle thanks Claire for helping her despite the lousy way she treated her. In the office above, Peter gets to Arthur's office and finds his brother Sylar. He tells him that he's seen the future where everything is destroyed but Arthur says they can change it. Sylar telekinetically shoves Peter out the window where he falls seven stories and lands in front of Claire and Elle. Elle realizes that Peter is alive but he isn't healing, and he explains that Arthur took his power. Elle goes to see Arthur and have her power removed, leaving Claire to get Peter to the car. The two of them wonder how Peter survived the fall.

Noah, Meredith, and a team of Company operatives are securing Mohinder's laboratory. Noah wonders what Mohinder injected into them and Nathan says it was supposedly only a tranquilizer. Noah gets a call from Claire while Meredith suggests that Tracy watch herself romantically around Nathan. Tracy says they're not involved.

At Pinehearst, Sylar warns his father that Peter won't give up and they should recapture him. Arthur is more interested in how Peter survived the fall and wonders if Sylar helped his brother. They're interrupted when Arthur gets a call. It's Daphne, who says that she's convinced Matt she' helping him. Arthur warns that if she screws up again, he'll put her back where he found her.

Claire helps Peter with his injuries, and Peter wonders if Sylar betrayed him or if he set up the whole thing to let him escape while he stayed close to their father. Tracy and Nathan arrive and Peter explains that he lost his power. Nathan doesn't initially believe Arthur is dead but Peter convinces him. Nathan insists on going after Arthur but Peter warns that it's too dangerous. Claire tells Nathan about Pinehearst, and Tracy recognizes the company as a bio-tech firm that she receives a consulting fee from. Nathan apparently agrees with Peter and says he's going to get the Justice Department to shut down Pinehearst. Tracy leaves with him and outside notes that he's clearly going to ignore Peter's warning and go in anyway. She says she can use her position to get inside but Nathan says he plans to do some breaking and entering.

Usutu makes a bowl of food for Hiro and Ando while explaining that the recipe for the substance that allows spirit walking has been in his family for thousands of years. Hiro still refuses to travel through time but admits that if he could simply observe and learn his enemies' weaknesses, it might work. He eats some of the food, and Usutu explains that the food is the substance that sends a person on a spirit walk. Hiro's eyes go blank white and he collapses. Usutu explains to Ando that if Hiro wouldn't choose his destiny, Usutu had to choose for him.