The Eclipse, Part 2 - Recap

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The Haitian is running through the woods and Peter chases after him. The Haitian laments the fact he doesn’t have any powers and can’t do anything against his brother, Samedi. Peter point out that he’s powerless as well and knows how he feels. Peter say the eclipse might be a good thing, that it’s now a test of their resolve. Since Samedi doesn’t have his invulnerability, they can prove to his followers that he’s not a god if they can make him bleed. The Haitian asks why Peter came and Peter claims it was to bring him back to stop Arthur. However, when the Haitian says he’s lying, Peter admits it was to prove to himself that he’s still a hero even without powers. The Haitian heads off to confront his brother.

Claire is taken to the hospital while Sandra accompanies her. The doctor explains that Claire has an infection and has no immunity to disease, which is impossible. She threatens to call the police if Sandra doesn’t tell her the truth, and can’t say if Claire will be okay.

At Stephen Canfield’s house, Elle and Sylar finish making love and Elle wonders what happens if their power loss is permanent. He says she gets what she wants and Sylar explains that now they can reinvent themselves. As Elle says it’s scary, she notices a laser targeting spot on his forehead. She shoves him out of the way as Noah opens fire. Elle grabs the gun and opens fire as Noah comes in. He shoots her in the hip as she and Sylar run out the door. He follows the blood trail and yells at them to run, saying they can be scared like Claire was.

Nathan is chained in a cell with two Haitian women. He speaks to them in French, introducing himself and claiming to be a friend. The older one starts to talk to him when Samedi arrives and notes that giving away one’s name also gives away one’s power. The younger girl is taken away to slavery and Samedi informs Nathan that it isn’t her choice. Nathan warns that he won’t let Samedi get away with it, but Samedi says that Nathan is but a man and he’s a god.

Mohinder is performing research on the eclipse while Flint watches him. Arthur arrives demanding answers and Mohinder explains that he hasn’t found anything and the eclipse could simply be coincidence. Arthur has Flint torture Mohinder briefly with a cigarette lighter to provide motivation.

Noah is looking for Sylar and Elle when Sandra calls him on his cell phone. She tells him that she took Claire to the hospital and explains that she’s infected because she’s never been sick. Sandra doesn’t know what to tell her and warns that the police are asking questions. Noah says he’ll be right there and hangs up. As he starts to walk away, he notices blood on a gate. Drawing his gun, he goes inside and follows the blood trail.

Daphne explains to Matt that she has cerebral palsy and she gained the ability to walk, and run, and run really fast, after the eclipse. Daphne believes that Arthur is responsible but Matt is skeptical. She insists she’s a villain and that Matt doesn’t know her. Her father arrives and Daphne says that Matt was just leaving.

Mohinder prepares an injection for Flint and claims it’s a tracking injection. Flint doesn’t believe it and Mohinder hits him over the head with a microscope. The two men struggle and Mohinder goes berserk, viciously beating Flint into unconsciousness. He takes Flint’s security key card and the address with Maya’s address on it and escapes.

Sam and Flack look at the cover of 9th Wonders! showing them talking to Ando and Hiro. Sam thinks it’s a trick that Frack is playing on him, but Ando shows him a comic showing the exact conversation that they’ve having, as they have it. Hiro starts going through back issues of 9th Wonders!. When Sam asks for money, Hiro gives him his corporate credit card and starts going through the back issues.

Sylar takes Elle to a supermarket and tells a clerk that they don’t need help, and tosses money at him to pay for the medical supplies he’s taking. Sylar tells Elle that they need to split up but Elle insists that Bennet is the powerful one since they don’t have their powers. Sylar wonders if he deserves to be killed but Elle tells him not to give up and insists they need to stay together.

Samedi takes the young girl to a hut and prepares to rape her, but the Haitian knocks him to the ground while Peter tells the girl to run. Samedi is astonished that he’s bleeding and wonders if the Haitian is going to kill him. He warns that the only way to stop him is to kill him. The Haitian knocks him unconscious with a rifle butt and Peter ties him up.

Hiro and Ando are going through the back issues when Matt arrives and wonders what they’re doing. Frack says he has a theory, that the eclipses are related and their powers will come back when the eclipse ends. Matt points out the current issue, which shows Daphne running out of her house. Ando tells Hiro that he will get his powers back and they can then work on getting his memories. Hiro doesn’t want to grow up and runs away to lock himself in the bathroom, leaving behind the back issues that show Charlie and his father, dead, as well as his battles with Sylar and Adam.

Nathan talks to the woman in his cell, confessing that someone is supposed to be protecting her, someone like him. He admits that he had power and influence but didn’t protect her or anyone like her. Peter and the Haitian arrive and free Nathan and the girl. They go outside and hear the soldiers starting to mobilize. Peter says they have no choice but for him to hold them off: he’s expendable and Nathan is a Senator. Nathan reluctantly agrees and Peter takes a rifle and prepares to hold off the soldiers.

Claire wakes up and asks where Noah is. Sandra tries to lie without success and Claire says that while she wanted her power to go away, now she’s dying without it. The police arrive to talk to Sandra about the shooting. Claire admits she’s just a stupid teenager who wanted to be more. Sandra tells her not to talk like that but Claire flat lines.

Elle and Sylar spot Noah on the security monitor. Sylar shoves Elle into an elevator, closes it, and sends it down. He then tackles Noah, who knocks him off.

The doctors crack open Claire’s chest as they prepare to revive her.

Sylar talks about how Noah needs to be in control, asking what Claire would think of him. Distracted, Noah drops his guard and Sylar gets in a few punches. However, Noah gets the upper hand and drops him, then grabs a packing knife. Elle comes back up on the elevator and watches, helpless, as Noah cuts Sylar’s throat then walks out.

As the eclipse ends, Sandra stands over her daughter’s dead body. She pulls back the sheet to look at her face as the sunlight shines on Claire… and Claire comes back to life, her wound healed. Sandra says they have to leave.

Matt returns to Daphne’s farm house and Mr. Milbrook answers the door. He informs Matt that Daphne has left and he doesn’t know where. Matt uses his restored telepathy to confirm he’s telling the truth. Matt also picks up Daphne’s thoughts as she blames herself as a horrible person. He goes into the field and finds Daphne adjusting a scarecrow. She says she made the scarecrow, Ray, when she was 13. Her father was having trouble with birds and she made the scarecrow. Daphne says that Ray saved the fields, but Matt says she’s the one who saved the fields. He admits they’re all flawed, powers or no powers, but he knows she’s a good person and she knows he knows it. She asks for his forgiveness and Matt says she needs someone else’s forgiveness. He tells her to go do it and she runs to the farmhouse and embraces her father.

Four soldiers move through the streets looking for the escapees. Peter opens fire on them, driving them back, but soon runs out of ammo. He throws down his rifle and surrenders. The Haitian arrives and knocks out the two soldiers, while Nathan knocks out a third soldier and Peter dispatches the fourth and last one. Samedi arrives and says that they may have defeated his men, but he’s a god. He tells Nathan it isn’t his fight but Nathan says Samedi made it his fight. He flies into Samedi and slams him into a jeep, but Samedi is unharmed because of is restored powers. Peter tells the Haitian to turn off Samedi’s ability so he can shoot him, but the Haitian says it’s his responsibility. He advances toward his brother, and Samedi says he still loves him. The Haitian grabs Samedi’s head and uses his powers, overriding Samedi’s resistance as the man falls to the ground, unconscious.

Mohinder goes to Maya’s apartment and calls out to her. However, as he starts to knock on the door, he sees that the scales have grown back. He quickly hides around the door and she looks out only to find no one there. She sees the address slip but not Mohinder, hiding around the corner.

Ando tries to get Hiro out of the bathroom and Sam tells him to get out. Hiro points out that Sam and Frack didn’t grow up: they still eat junk food and read comic books. Sam says that heroes put saving the world before everything else. Hiro wonders what the point is with his father dead, but Sam says that Hiro gives people hope. Hiro emerges and thanks him. Frack finds a panel in the first issue of 9th Wonders! where Kaito gives baby Claire to Noah. According to the panel, a grown-up Hiro and Claire are watching the encounter from the greenhouse. They figure that Hiro has to take Claire back to regain his memories. Hiro wonders where Claire is and Frack gives him a more recent issue. Hiro sees the panel he needs and teleports away.

Noah returns home and finds Claire upstairs in her bedroom. Claire blames him for not being thee once again and that work is more important. He insists that isn’t the case and she accuses him of just thinking of her as an assignment. When she says that she died and he missed it, he asks her when. He runs downstairs and finds Elle and Sylar there. Sylar pins Noah to the wall with telekinesis and Elle threatens to electrocute Sandra when Claire goes for a gun. Sylar says he’s just there to get Claire and he’s not afraid to do the job he was sent to do. He starts to strangle Noah, who says that the Petrellis aren’t Sylar’s parents. Noah says he’s read Sylar’s file and they’re manipulating him. Elle says he’s lying and Noah says that she helped him create Sylar the murderer. He notes that they can’t ever have a normal life after Sylar killed Elle’s father. Sylar starts to cut open Noah’s throat telekinetically, but Hiro appears and teleports Sylar away. A second later he returns and teleports away with Elle. Finally, he comes back, says, “Save the Cheerleader…” and teleports away with Claire.

Matt and Daphne arrive at Sam’s Comics and Ando and the others bring them up to speed on what happened. Matt suggests they look through the comics but Sam explains that the most recent issue is the last posthumous issue since Isaac Mendez died. However, Sam remembers a legend of one more 9th Wonders! story exists: Isaac Mendez bequeathed it to a bike messenger on the day he died.

The Haitian reunites the two women and prepares to take them to their parents. Nathan thanks the Haitian for his sacrifice and then apologizes to Peter, admitting he respects him for his determination. Nathan then says that he plans to help Arthur, after having seen what one man with powers could do to an entire village. Nathan wonders what a few individuals with power could do, all the murder and genocide they could commit. He wonders how else they can stop such individuals and Arthur has a way to stop them, even if it’s not perfect. He tells Peter to call the embassy to get home, then flies off into the sky.

Arthur is observing the battered Flint in ICU when Mohinder returns. Arthur admits that the eclipse showed them at their worse, and asks if Mohinder is ready to get back to work to find a cure for his mutation. Mohinder agrees but Arthur warns that he’ll have to deal with the monster inside of him on his own.

Elle appears on a beach and finds Sylar already there. Sylar explains what Hiro did. As they embrace, Sylar talks about how he’s thought about what she said about them being free of their parents and powers. He tells her she was wrong and nobody really changes. Elle points out that he changed but he says that it was temporary and now that he has his powers back, he understands he’ll never change and neither will she. He starts to hurt her and then slices her skull open with his powers.

Hiro teleports Claire back to Manhattan 16 years ago and they watch as Kaito gives baby Claire to Noah as a young Hiro plays his video game. Hiro shows Claire the comic book which shows the exact same scene