Our Father - Recap

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Hiro teleports Claire to the top of the Deveaux Building in 1992. They watch as Kaito gives the young baby Claire to Noah for safekeeping, and then calls a young Hiro along. Claire tries to communicate with Hiro, who speaks only a little English. Father and son go to see Hiro’s mother Ishi and Hiro insists on going after them. Claire wonders what to do but Hiro doesn’t know. Claire follows him and sees Kaito and young Hiro meet with Ishi, who is ill. She says she will die tonight and they need to make arrangements for the catalyst. Kaito warns that nothing will be the same and she tells him to think of the future. He decides to have Noah to return with the baby, saying she’s the perfect candidate. Ishi wanted to keep it in the family but Kaito says that Hiro isn’t capable. Young Hiro interrupts to point out that a dove in a nearby cage sis sick. Ishi tells Kaito that their conversation isn’t over and he leaves the room. Ishi kisses the dove and heals its injuries. Hiro realizes he needs his mother to restore his memories, while Claire goes to keep her young self from being infused with the catalyst. After Claire leaves, Kaito sees Hiro and mistakes him for the new chef, and orders him into the kitchen.

On a beach in Costa Verde, Sylar receives a phone call from Arthur. Arthur asks him where he is and where’s Claire. Sylar says he’s not helping Arthur or anyone else and he learned from Noah that Arthur isn’t his father. He brings up the contact list on Elle’s phone, which has the names of persons with abilities, and tells Arthur that he has a new list of people with abilities. Arthur tells him to come see him, and Sylar promises that he will very soon. He then pours gasoline on Elle and sets her on fire with a burst of lightning.

At Primatech, Angela meets with Peter and the Haitian. She gives Peter a gun and tells him to put a bullet in Arthur’s brain to kill him permanently. Now that Nathan has switched allegiances, it’s all up to Peter. The Haitian warns that Arthur can’t be contained, and Angela points out Arthur wouldn’t hesitate to kill either son, and she poisoned him after he ordered Nathan murdered. Peter considers and then takes the gun.

Tracy is meeting with Arthur when Nathan arrives. Nathan wonders why she’s there and she says she’s there to find opportunities for him. Arthur asks what Nathan wants and Nathan says that he now believes in what Arthur wants and they need a leader with vision. Tracy backs Nathan, saying they need a public face for Pinehearst, and Arthur agrees. Out in the hallway, Nathan admits he’s angry at Tracy for going behind his back. She says she’s working to put him in the White House as part of Arthur’s vision, and she’ll go there with him. They proceed to an underground chamber where Tracy explains that powers in the past have gone to people at random, good and bad. Now they’ve chosen the best… and she shows Nathan the platoon of Marines she’s recruited.

In the past, Sandra Bennet arrives with baby Claire. Claire, who has been watching her, comes up to help her get into her apartment and introduces herself as the niece of the next-door neighbors. Inside, Claire helps with her younger self and Sandra admits she isn’t prepared to be a mother. Claire asks about Noah, who Sandra says isn’t home very often and is very good at his job. Claire suggests that Sandra keep a constant eye on Claire and Sandra assures her she’ll watch her adopted baby like a hawk.

Office worker Sue Landers goes to her private office only to find Sylar there, disguised as a deliveryman. She is able to sense a lie and realizes he’s not telling the truth. He seals the office and explains that he wants to understand her ability and covets it. He pins her to the wall and slices open her skull. Her co-workers come in with cake and Sylar, covered in blood, telekinetically closes the door behind them.

Nathan talks to one of the Marines, Scott, who doesn’t know exactly what’s going on except that he’s going to become a better Marine. He explains that he lost men in Iraq and that if he was more than human, they wouldn’t be dead. Nathan admits that he understands how Scott feels.

Daphne carries Ando and Matt to a messenger service in Manhattan. They talk to the dispatcher who denies knowing anything about them, but Matt figures he’s lying and uses telepathy to confirm his suspicions. The dispatcher agrees to get the sketches out of the back and goes to get them. Ando wonders why Daphne is helping Hiro, her nemesis, and she claims she feels responsible. Matt insists she’s doing it because she’s a hero at heart. Matt spots the dispatcher pedaling away with Isaac’s sketchbook. Daphne goes after him and easily gets in front of him, sending him flying. He surrenders the sketchbook.

In the past, Hiro is trying to cook supper for Ishi and not having much luck. He overhears Kaito and Ishi talking about young Hiro. Kaito plans to call Noah to have him bring Claire, but Ishi wants to give her “light” to Hiro. Kaito explains that young Hiro is irresponsible and won’t amount to anything. Young Hiro is listening in and admits Kaito is right.

Claire is talking to her younger self when Noah arrives and asks who she is. She gives Noah the same story she gave to Sandra, who comes into the room. Sandra introduces Claire as a potential new babysitter, but he draws her aside to explain she can’t let strangers in. Noah confronts Claire and says he knows that the neighbors don’t have a niece. He tells Sandra to leave them alone and she goes. Claire says she knows he’s a company man and he’s worried, but he’ll need to protect baby Claire and they’ll come to love each other. The phone rings and Claire says it’s the Company, and they’ll take baby Claire to receive something. She calls the baby Claire-Bear as the phone rings. Noah smiles and puts down the phone without answering it, and admits that Claire-Bear sounds like a good nickname.

Hiro brings Ishi waffles and she says they’re her son’s favorite, and that he seems familiar. He tells her who he is and she believes him. As they embrace, she asks him to tell her everything about his life. Hiro explains he has amnesia and needs her help. Ishi uses her power and Hiro remembers everything, including how much he missed her. He talks of how he saved the world twice and needs to save it again. Hiro asks her for the catalyst, promising to defend it. She believes in him and touches his chest, transferring the light to him.

Peter and the Haitian are driving to Pinehearst and Peter claims he’s thinking about how the world would be simpler without powers. The Haitian says that it’s a dangerous thing to consider killing one’s father, and he knows that Peter wants to save the world and everyone, including his father. The Haitian asks for the gun but Peter insists it’s his responsibility.

Sylar takes the elevator down from Sue Landers’ office. There’s a nervous man in the elevator and when Sylar asks him if there’s anything wrong, the man says there isn’t. Sylar can tell that he’s lying.

The dispatcher gives Matt, Ando, and Daphne the book with Isaac’s sketches and leaves. They go through it and find a sketch of Hiro, saying he’s lost in time. Daphne suggests it’s a cover to get people to buy it, and figures Hiro will return.

In the past, Hiro meets Claire atop the Deveaux building. He speaks to her in English and says that he has taken the catalyst. Arthur appears behind them and telekinetically shoves aside Claire, then pulls Hiro to him. Arthur takes the catalyst and Hiro’s power from him, and then telekinetically throws him over the ledge of the building. He then advances on Claire and tells her to deliver a message to Angela, saying he won. He sends her back to the present and then departs himself. Below, Hiro dangles from a flagpole and calls to anybody who will listen to rescue him.

Ando, Daphne, and Matt see a sketch of Hiro clinging to the flagpole. They figure that since Arthur has the catalyst, he can give people powers and one of them may became a time traveler and save Hiro. Hiro thinks he’ll get the power and starts to find the formula, then wonders how they can.

Arthur, Nathan, and Tracy go to Mohinder’s laboratory where he has a batch of the partially-assembled formula completed. Arthur adds the catalyst to it then asks if they’re ready to save the world.

Peter and the Haitian stride into Pinehearst, subduing a guard with the Haitian’s power. Mohinder prepares fifty doses of the formula but Nathan says they should test it on one first. Arthur senses Peter’s presence and goes out into his office to confront his son. Peter aims his gun and Arthur tries to disarm him, but the Haitian suppresses his power. Arthur doesn’t believe that Peter can pull the trigger.

Nathan selects Scott as the first formula recipient and Tracy reminds Nathan that he’s in charge. He orders Mohinder to give Scott the injection. The Marine notices Mohinder’s mutation and starts to panic, but Mohinder gives him the injection and moves out of the containment chamber. Scott starts to shake and Mohinder admits he’s not sure what’s going on.

The Haitian’s nullification starts to falter under Arthur’s excess power. Arthur offers Peter the chance to get his powers back by using the formula and they can start over. The Haitian tells Peter to shoot but Arthur wonders how he could have a spineless son. The Haitian collapses from the strain and Arthur telekinetically slashes open Peter’s cheek. Peter pulls the trigger but the bullet freezes in mid-air as Sylar arrives and telekinetically stops it in mid-flight, and then disarms Peter. He asks Arthur if he’s really his family and Arthur says he’s his father. Sylar can tell he’s lying and tells Peter he’s not a killer, but he is. He releases the bullet, which continues on its path and kills Arthur. Sylar tells Peter he has no interest in killing him as he has nothing he needs. Peter tells the Haitian to go after Sylar, and then watches as his father’s body glows with spirit light.

Nathan, Tracy, and Mohinder watch as Scott breaks free of his bonds. Nathan asks him how he feels. Scott grabs the bolted chair and yanks it from the floor, then smashes through the wall of the glass containment chamber with it. The Marine responds that he feels good.