Building 26 - Recap

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In Costa Verde, the Bennetts are enjoying their first meal together since Claire and Noah have returned from their supposed college tour. Noah tries to explain to Lyle what his new job entails while Claire gets a message from "Rebel" saying she needs to warn someone that the government is coming after them. She texts back that she can't do anything at the moment, then tries to answer Sandra's questions about what colleges she was interested in. Noah steps in and says she should consider going to community college. Claire goes to her room and Noah comes after her. She says that she's sick of lying to her mother any more, but Noah insists the others are safer not knowing. He warns that the government is watching Claire and that she's going to go to community college and settle down whether she likes it or not. After he leaves, Claire gets another message from "Rebel" saying she has to go to Sam's Comics in nearby Buford to warn an "Alex" that the government is coming.

In Washington at Building 26, Danko is meeting with his team. They review photos of all the persons with abilities and Danko informs them that Claire is off limits for now. Nathan arrives to tell them that their targets are to be brought back alive no matter what the agents' personal feelings are. He also informs them that because of the dangers he's put in a request for doubled funding.

Sylar is driving with Luke in the stolen car, and Luke tries to get Sylar enthused about their road trip. An impatient Sylar demands to know how long until they find his biological father Samson. When Luke doesn't give him a straight answer, Sylar pulls over and tells him to be more specific. Luke tries lying without success since Sylar can function as a living lie detector. Sylar finally pulls off, unaware that they've been spotted on a security camera tied into the government database.

Claire goes to Sam's Comics and finds the clerk, Alex Woolsley. He can't believe an attractive girl is in a comic book store. She finally demonstrates her ability to get him to take her seriously, and then spots Noah as he comes in. They hide behind some shelves and Alex tells her his car is in the back. Claire tells Alex to go. Noah spots him and claims to be a city official checking on past-due parking tickets. Claire distracts her father by calling him, and Alex shoves a comic book rack on top of Noah. They run outside separately and meet at Alex's car to drive away, while Noah calls in a government team.

Hiro and Ando travel to New Delhi to find the wedding that Matt drew in his precognitive sketch. Hiro leaves to find when the wedding starts, and Ando spots the bride-to-be, Anna Pouri. He goes inside to talk to her and she admits that she's not sure about getting married. Anna says she's been praying for a sign and Ando activates his power. Anna is convinced and says she's calling off the wedding, but Hiro comes in and is disappointed because he believed it was his destiny to stop the wedding.

Abby Collins with Homeland Security visits Building 26 and meets with Nathan. She tells him that she's been put in charge of oversight, but doesn't believe there are people with special abilities. When she finds out Nathan is holding one prisoner and violating her rights, she demands to see the prisoner.

Sylar and Luke pull over for lunch and Luke notices a nearby bird. He talks about how Sylar's father used to take him on bird watching hikes, and always pulled a red wagon filled with bird books. Sylar vaguely remembers his childhood and the wagon. When Luke talks about Samson sold Sylar to his brother to raise as his own, Sylar wonders why Samson told Luke so much. Luke suggests it was because Samson thought of Luke as a son just like Sylar.

Nathan takes Abby to a cell where hot lights are trained on Tracy, keeping her from using her freezing ability. Tracy and Abby know each other since Tracy is a lobbyist. Tracy accuses Nathan of lying about her having abilities and Abby leaves to shut down the entire project.

Alex and Claire pull over and Claire explains that the government is rounding up those with special abilities. Alex admits that he can breathe underwater. Claire spots a car following them and they abandon the car seconds before Noah and his team arrives.

Anna takes Ando and Hiro to the bakery that she co-owns with her friend Shaila. Anna explains that her future husband, Deepak, is a dangerous local criminal who forced her to marry him. As she goes to get them some food, Hiro complains that Ando stole his chance to regain his powers by interfering in his destiny. Ando responds that what's really bothering Hiro is the fact that he no longer has powers and has to be the sidekick. Deepak storms in and goes to confront Anna in the back room. Ando wonders what they should do and Hiro tells him to deal with it since he's the one with powers. Ando goes back and Deepak knocks him out and hauls him away.

Danko is watching Noah and his team via the surveillance cameras. He points out to Noah that his daughter's car is nearby, and wonders how Alex managed to evade them. He warns Noah that they'll take later.

As they have lunch at the diner, Luke is still vague about how long they have until they get to Sylar's father. Luke covertly uses his microwave powers to burst a man's water glass. Sylar tells him to stop, warning that they need to use their powers carefully and with proper focus. He admits that his current focus is finding Samson and getting some answers. Luke gives in and gives Sylar the address. Sylar notes that he doesn't need Luke any more, then notices men closing in on them. They try to leave but agents secure the building. One of them puts a gun to the back of Sylar's head and tells him not to move. Luke pretends to be Sylar's captive, distracting the men long enough for Sylar to TK away the one with the gun on his head. They exit through the window and Sylar gets in the car, then locks the doors and drives away, leaving Luke behind.

Anna informs Hiro that Deepak has contacted her and told her that he'll release Ando once she marries him. She goes ahead with the wedding but Hiro interrupts to inform the attendees that Deepak is forcing Anna to marry him. Anna admits that it's true, and says that if she marries Deepak she'll be giving up her own life. Deepak flees but Hiro punches him, knocking him to the ground and recreating Matt's precognitive sketch. A disgruntled Deepak gives the whole thing up as too much trouble and tells Anna she's free. He tells them he'll free Ando and leaves,

Claire goes back to her car and finds her father waiting. She tries lying to him without success and says that she learned from a master. Noah warns her that the government can capture her no matter how invulnerable she is, but Claire tells him that he can't control her any more.

At Building 26, Danko is updating Nathan on the situation with Sylar and Luke when Abby arrives. Nathan tries to convince her of the danger but they're interrupted when Tracy gets free. The agents cut her off but she takes an analyst hostage. When she sees there's no escape, she freezes the man, shattering him. The guards knock out Tracy and take her back to her cell, and a horrified Abby promises that Nathan will get the extra funding.

Claire returns home and Sandra asks about her college trip. Claire refuses to lie any more and tells her mother about the government's operation and Noah's part in it. Noah returns home and Sandra sends Claire up to her room. The couple square off and Sandra tells her husband to stop lying. Noah warns that if he doesn't cooperate with the government, they'll take Claire away for good.

Nathan visits Tracy in her cell and asks how she escaped. She says that one of her chains was weakened and figure she did it. Nathan has no idea what she's talking about, and Tracy warns him that the next time she'll escape for real.

Government soldiers wearing masks load a drugged Luke into a van. It starts to pull away and then stops, and screams echo from inside. One soldier emerges: Sylar disguised as a soldier. He takes their computer, pauses for a moment, and then takes Luke with him.

Ando meets Hiro at Anna's bakery and apologizes. Hiro says that it's not necessary, as he's learned his destiny is to be a hero even without his powers. Anna brings them over a fax: it's come from "Rebel" in Los Angeles and tells them they have to save Matt Parkman.

Noah goes to Claire's bedroom and informs her that he'll be moving out for a while at Sandra's request. He admits that he's been keeping too m any secrets from everyone recently and he's going to try and become a better man. After he leaves, Alex emerges from Claire's closet where he's been hiding.

As Sylar drives, Luke thanks him for the rescue. Sylar says he only went back to find the computer and determine how they're tracking him. Luke notes that Sylar didn't have to take him as well, but Sylar just keeps driving in silence.

Nathan tells Danko about the analyst who died, and how he left a wife and two kids behind. He accuses Danko of freeing Tracy. Danko says that he did to help both of the, and to make sure their work could continue.

Noah goes to the bar of the hotel where he's saying and has a Scotch. He passes out, drugged unconscious, and Peter, Matt, and Mohinder emerge to take him out.