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Exposed - Recap

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At the Bennet house in Costa Verde, Claire brings Alex a sandwich as he hides in her closet. She tells him she's bought a ticket so he can take the train to Albuquerque. Alex doesn't see the point, figuring the government will catch him no matter what, and worries that Claire is in over her head. Sandra knocks on the door and Alex hides in the closet. Claire's mother wants to know where the house money has gone. Mr. Muggles notices Alex's sandwich under the bed and grabs it in his mouth. Sandra notices and then hears Alex in the closet and opens the door.

In Washington, D.C., Noah meets with Danko at Building 26. Danko asks him if he's concerned that they're watching Claire. Noah says that Claire is a big girl and will have to live with her decisions. Danko orders his men to track down Matt Parkman and Peter Petrelli. Nathan arrives and tells them to capture, not kill, but Danko threatens to override him. The two argue privately and Danko insists that he's taking it personally since Peter tried to kill him. Danko leaves and Nathan asks Noah to watch the soldier, but Noah is less than sympathetic after Peter and the others kidnapped him. They're interrupted when they get a report that Peter and Matt are in Manhattan.

Matt is at Isaac's old apartment trying to paint a future with Daphne. However, he keeps painting prophetic pictures of himself rigged with explosives, and the Washington capital in flames. Peter warns him they have to leave and then tries to get Matt to explain what he saw of Daphne's location when he probed Noah's mind. Matt only saw a hallway and doesn't know where it is. A computer activates and Rebel sends them a message, providing Daphne's location in Washington. Peter is suspicious and Rebel warns that the government is on its way. Peter and Matt run out just ahead of two government men. They take pictures of the Matt's paintings and send them to Danko, who figures they're heading for Washington.

Claire introduces Alex to her mother and they try to lie, claiming they were having sex. Sandra doesn't believe it and Claire confesses that Alex has an ability and she was trying to protect him.

Luke Campbell and Sylar are still driving, and use the stolen tracking device to make sure no government agents are tracing them. Luke keeps trying to bond with Sylar, who telekinetically shoves him into the car window and tells him to stop. However, Sylar spots an abandoned roadside diner and pulls over, then telekinetically starts opening it up.

Claire tells her mother that she lied to protect her, but Sandra tells her that she's strong enough to handle herself and Claire. She reveals she's spotted a government surveillance team out front disguised as a pool-cleaning van. Claire admits she doesn't have a plan and Sandra offers to help.

Peter and Matt arrive at building 26. When Matt points out he can only control so many minds, Peter takes his telepathy to replace his borrowed flight. Together they control the guards' minds and get to the top floor. They enter an office, telepathically send the worker away, and Peter starts going through the computer system. Danko's men spot them on the surveillance cameras but discover that the mind-controlled guards will shoot anyone who tries to leave the command center.

Sandra takes away her son Lyle's driver's license for failing his history exam and then uses it to make a fake ID for Alex. Alex goes upstairs to switch clothing and Claire apologizes to her mother for involving her in the whole mess. Claire worries that she was the one who started Sandra and Noah fighting, but Sandra admits they had problems even before Claire came along.

Sylar enters the roadside diner and starts to remember what happened there 28 years ago. His father Samson went there to talk to his brother Martin and pay him to take on little Sylar, who he brought along. Sylar

Sylar goes into the abandoned diner and tells Luke that something happened there. He remembers being there before with his father and dropping a toy car into a hole in the wall. He then rips open the wall, finding the car and confirming he was there.

Claire goes upstairs to get Alex and catches him getting out of the shower. They start to flirt but Claire warns that after seeing her parents' estranged relationship, she isn't looking for a relationship. Alex says marriage is worth it for the moments when two people do manage to come together. Sandra comes up to warn them that the government agents are entering the house. She hides Alex in a secret compartment in the pantry where Noah kept a weapon cache. The agents, Rachel Mills and her partner, search the house but don't find Alex. Sandra tells them to get out and they reluctantly do so. Once they're gone, Alex says it's time for him to leave and Sandra says it's a good idea, but he needs a head start.

Peter finds a file showing that Daphne has been transferred out of Building 26 and to an unidentified medical facility. Rebel sends them a video file showing their capture and transport by the government. Peter copies the file for evidence, figuring they can blackmail Nathan and Danko and get Daphne back.

In the control room, Noah explains that Matt can't concentrate on his telepathy if there's a distraction. Noah sets off the fire alarm and the guards outside falter. Peter finishes copying the file and Rebel tells them he or she is cutting the power for 30 seconds. When the fire alarm goes off, Matt regains telepathic control of the guards just as Danko, Nathan, and Noah arrive. Matt tells Peter to leave with the evidence while he holds the others off. Peter reluctantly leaves and Noah easily captures Matt when the fire alarms start again.

Sylar tries to remember more of what happened at the diner in 1980. Finally he remembers Samson selling Sylar to Martin and then going out to his car. Little Sylar went after him and saw Samson telekinetically kill his mother seated in the car. Sylar's father then dumped his dead wife out and drove away.

Nathan confronts Angela and asks if she's the mysterious Rebel. She assures him that she's grateful for his protection from the government and wouldn't do anything to endanger it. They're interrupted when Peter calls Nathan, who says he'll trade the video file for Matt and Daphne. Nathan agrees to the trade and sets up a rendezvous.

Rachel and her fellow agent see Sandra start to drive away with a boy in the back seat. They stop the SVU only to discover that the boy is Lyle, and Sandra claims they're going to a movie. They hear Claire and Alex escaping and run after them. After tumbling down a slope, Alex and Claire take refuge in a pool and Alex kisses Claire to let her continue breathing. The government agents fail to find them and leave.

Danko informs Nathan that the government won't negotiate with terrorists like Peter. Nathan tries to override him but Danko ignores his orders, telling him he answers to someone higher up. As Danko leaves with Noah, Nathan reminds Noah that Peter can read his thoughts.

Noah meets Peter at the parking garage where they're making the switch. Peter soon realizes that Matt and Daphne aren't there. Noah "thinks" a warning to Peter that Danko is closing in. The head of operations has set up with a sniper rifle but Peter picks up on his thoughts and moves just as Danko fires. Peter takes a bullet to the shoulder but falls off the edge of the garage. Danko and Noah run over just in time to see Peter flash by in high-speed flight and disappear. They're unaware that Nathan rescued his brother, and takes him back to their mother's house. Nathan admits that things are out of control but he's the only one who can fix them. He asks Peter to come with him and Peter hugs him... only to steal power and fly away. Nathan starts to go after him but Angela stops him, warning that the game has changed and they need to be ready.

The news channels receive the video file and broadcast the footage of the prisoners. Danko, unconcerned, studies the video file of the painting of Matt rigged with explosives.

When Sylar reveals to Luke what he remembered, Luke starts to talk about how vicious Samson was. Sylar has had enough of his constantly changing stories and telekinetically slams him into the wall. Luke says they should flee to Canada but Sylar tells him to go back to his mother. Sylar plans to track down his father and kill him.

Danko transports Matt in a van while rigging something to his chest. Matt protests his innocence but Danko tells him that none of the specials are innocent and he's going to make sure everyone knows Matt is the enemy. He drugs Matt then shoves him out of the van and onto the steps of the capital. People start to run as Matt realizes that explosives are strapped to his chest.

Sandra checks on Claire in her bedroom, and tells her that she's happy they did what they did. Sandra is popping some popcorn so they can enjoy it with a movie. Claire goes down to check on it but finds the bag gone. She turns around to find body-controller Eric Doyle munching on the popcorn. He holds up a PDA with a message from Rebel saying that Claire is supposed to save him.