Turn and Face the Strange - Recap

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Noah goes to check on Sylar’s body in Building 26’s morgue. He admits to Danko that he’s impressed he was able to stop the serial killer, and notes they used glass to impale his brain the last time he was killed, and that it melted in the Primatech fire. Danko wonder if Noah really wanted to capture Sylar, given his years of failure, and Noah sarcastically notes that perhaps Danko is simply better. Noah gets word that he has a visitor: his wife Sandra.

Hiro and Ando have bought a SUV and are driving cross-country with Matt Jr. They’re unable to reach Matt at any of his numbers, but know he’s on the East Coast. Hiro believes it’s his obligation to reunite father and son. However, when Matt Jr. starts crying, all of the electrical systems in the SUV go dead.

Mohinder goes to see Matt, telling him her has tickets to India. Matt refuses to leave and Mohinder says he’s heading for his New York apartment to recover his papers. Matt plans to go after Danko and get revenge for Daphne’s death. He thanks Mohinder for being a friend and then says goodbye.

Sandra talks to Noah and explains that he hasn’t told her anything useful and she’s sick of people breaking into her house. Noah assures her that Claire is safe but she no longer believes him. He tells her about Sylar’s death but she is angry at his priorities. A smirking Danko introduces himself, but Sandra says she knows that his men have been watching the Bennet house in Costa Verde. He leaves and Noah tells her to go back to Costa Verde. She says she’s staying at a nearby hotel and won’t leave until Noah finds Claire.

“Danko” goes to a nearby restroom, and finds the real Danko waiting for him. Sylar switches from his “Danko” body to his real form, and boasts that he’s better at being Danko then Danko is. Danko warns him that he’s playing a dangerous game. However, Sylar just smiles and says that he plans to do more than simply kill Noah: he’s going to destroy his life.

Angela calls Noah and tells him that she’s finally had a dream. It’s directing her to Coyote Sands. Noah says that the place was sealed up 20 years ago and he was warned never to ask about it. Angela informs him that she’s reuniting the family but they need him there as well. Noah tries to explain about Sylar but Angela says he needs to get out of there immediately. He hears that they’re taking Sylar’s body to the crematorium and he hangs up on Angela.

Mohinder uses his heightened strength to break into his old apartment only to discover it’s been cleaned out. The landlord arrives and tells him that government agents cleaned the place out. However, he says that Mohinder’s father left some files in the basement, and Mohinder goes to recover them.

Hiro and Ando end up hitching a ride with a Japanese truck driver with a Deep South accent. As the semi leaves, Matt Jr. starts crying again and the electrical systems on the truck go out. Hiro and Ando realize that when Matt Jr. is unhappy, he shuts down power systems.

Matt watches Danko as he emerges from Building 26. Using his telepathy, Matt generates enough paranoia to force him to check on the person closest to him.

Noah gets to the crematorium before Sylar’s body is incinerated. He tells the agents present to point their guns at the back of Sylar’s head, then removes the iron spike that Danko left there. Sylar doesn’t come back to life and Noah realizes that it’s a trick. He orders them to stop the cremation and do a DNA check on the body.

Matt follows Danko to a quiet home in the suburbs. The soldier goes to the door and embraces a young woman, Alena.

Sandra comes to Noah’s apartment and tells him that she heard from Claire. However, she’s there for another reason: she wants him to sign their divorce papers. Noah tries to convince her to continue with the marriage but she insists that he’s simply been using their marriage as a cover for his activities over the years. Noah says that he’s almost done but she doesn’t believe him and leaves. Outside, however, “Sandra” turns into Sylar, who smiles and walks away.

Sam drops off Hiro, Ando, and Matt Jr. back at their SUV, and wishes them well. However, he can’t risk running behind on his delivery. They try to stop the baby from crying. Ando finally makes a funny face and the baby stops crying, but he has to hold it. Hiro dumps him in the back with Matt Jr. and starts driving.

Danko tells Alena that he’ll soon be ready for them to be together. After he leaves, Matt sneaks into the house but can’t bring himself to kill the girl. As he puts away the gun, Alena sees him and asks who he is. He claims to be a friend of Danko’s, and learns that she’s a call girl. Using his abilities, Matt convinces her of his story and she invites him to stay.

At his office, Noah reviews the divorce papers but notices a discrepancy with the signature. He brings up an electronic copy of Sandra’s signature and realizes it doesn’t match the one on the papers. He checks on the DNA sample and the technician confirms that the DNA is that of James Martin, the shapeshifter that supposedly escaped custody.

Alena explains to Matt that she met Danko a year ago and he said he was a school book salesman that frequently travels. He has a wife and two children in Chicago but is getting a divorce to be with her in Washington. Matt says that Danko isn’t who she thinks he is and says the soldier doesn’t deserve her. Alena orders him out and Matt says he can prove what he’s saying.

Hiro contacts Mohinder and learns where Matt is. Mohinder warns that Matt is different, obsessed with revenge. Ando continues to make Matt Jr. happy and they drive for the East Coast. As they leave, they’re unaware that Nathan and Claire are nearby, trying to find Coyote Sands on a map.

Mohinder finds papers confirming that his father Chandra was investigating a 1961 government project, Operation Icarus, at Coyote Sands. An ID badge shows that Chandra worked there.

“Sandra” returns to her hotel room, and Noah ambushes her. She tries to identify herself saying things only she would know, but Noah figures that Sylar has also taken Matt’s abilities. “Sandra’s” cell phone rings and Noah answers it. It’s Lyle, who wants to know where the medication for Mr. Muggles is. Sandra tells Noah where it is and Lyle confirms it, and Noah realizes that Sandra is real. He tries to explain but Sandra doesn’t care and orders him out.

Matt and Alena go to Danko’s apartment. Matt forces them inside and Danko tries to lie. Matt says he was a cop and knows all about military types who try to create a fantasy life for themselves. He tells Alena that Danko kills people for the government, then telepathically forces Danko to admit he let Daphne die. Alena is horrified, and Danko tries to explain that he had to become someone that she could love, because she would have hated his real self. Alena does, and Matt realizes that Danko loves her. He prepares to shoot her, and Danko contemptuously tells him to go ahead but it won’t make any difference to his agenda. Matt tries to pull the trigger but realizes that he can’t. He drops the gun and Danko picks his up. Matt tells him to finish it, but Hiro arrives just as Danko pulls the trigger. Hiro freezes time and gets Matt out of the apartment. When time goes back to normal, Alena tells Danko that he’s a monster and leaves.

“Noah,” without his trademark horn rims, strides through the Building 26 control center and enters Danko’s office. He closes the drapes and then tells Danko he’s Sylar, and used his appearance to sneak into Noah’s old Primatech file. Danko casually acknowledges who he is and take the files, and Noah reveals he’s the real Noah. He takes Danko’s gun and holds the soldier at gunpoint, while wondering why Danko could possibly trust Sylar. Noah demands answers and Danko says that Sylar has impersonated Agent Steve Donner, and has gone out in the field with Team Six to capture several special. When he learns that Sylar will be back in an hour, Noah settles in to wait.

Matt is angry that Hiro rescued him, but Hiro insists that they have to act with honor to do battle with their enemies. He takes Matt to a nearby park where Ando is playing with Matt Jr. Hiro introduces father to son and a joyful Matt holds up his son as the toys around them power up.

“Donner” and Team Six arrive. Noah comes in to offer his congratulations, then draws a gun on “Donner.” He tells Danko to explain but the commander says he has no idea what Noah is talking about. “Donner” mentions Noah’s divorce, and Noah points out there’s no way he could have known that. A soldier tries to disarm Noah, and Noah’s gun goes off. Donner falls to the floor, dead. Noah waits for him to heal and get up as Sylar, but nothing happens. Realizing that Danko has tricked him, Noah shoves him in the way of the other soldiers and then runs out of the building and into the streets.

Once the agents are gone, Danko talks to “Donner” and says he had to throw Noah off. Sylar gets up, spitting out the bullet, and wonders why Danko chose the person he was impersonated. Danko admits he didn’t want to risk any of his own people. Sylar explains that he squeezed out some blood to make the charade convincing.

Noah calls Sandra and tells him that he’s burning all his old numbers and he’ll contact her when it’s safe. He says that he loves her and hangs up.

Mohinder works out on the map the location of Coyote Sands.

Hiro and Ando come back from the store and get in the SUV, where Matt is playing with his son.

Danko calls Alena at her home but she lets the answering machine take the call. He tries to explain but she just turns away from the machine and leaves in a cab.

Angela and Peter get to Coyote Sands and Angela says that it’s where everything started. Nathan and Claire fly down and Angela says that now the family has come together. She admits she didn’t want them to see what happened there, but she’s seen the future and has no choice. She hands out shovels and tells them to dig. As night falls, they unearth a skeleton, and Angela says there are many more buried there.

A SUV pulls up and Claire goes to greet it. Noah gets out and sees his daughter.