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Season 5

77 :05x01 - Monkeyman!/Buses, Bikes, and Subways

When Arnold gives the superhero, Monkeyman, a taste of normal life, he's far too busy to bother helping the weak and downtrodden.

Buses, Bikes, and Subways
Helga and Harold must return to town on their own after the bus leaves them behind after a school trip to a chocolate factory, and Helga has tickets for a wrestling match and she can't be late.
Guest Stars: Andy Dick as Monkeyman
Director: Craig Bartlett

78 :05x02 - Helga's Masquerade/Mr. Green Runs

Helga's Masquerade
Helga decides to act like Lila so Arnold will like her.

Mr. Green Runs
Mr. Green runs for city council.
Guest Stars: John O'Hurley as Councilman Gladhand | Lisa Fuson as Lorraine

79 :05x03 - Sid the Vampire Slayer/Big Sis

Sid the Vampire Slayer
Sid thinks Stinky is a vampire.

Big Sis
Olga gets into a "Big Sis" program, but her "Lil' Sis" is Lila.
Guest Stars: Christine Insley (2) as Blood drive Volunteer

80 :05x04 - Bag of Money/Principal Simmons

Bag of Money
Arnold, Sid, and Gerald find a bag filled with money, though they don’t know what to do with it, so Arnold is selected to hold onto it for the time being. However, when Arnold inadvertently loses the money on the way home, his friends begin to believe that he actually stole the money, so he must work to prove his innocence.

Principal Simmons
When Mr. Simmons is upset that Principal Wartz is being too strict with the students, Wartz decides to resign and he selects Mr. Simmons to take his place. The newly promoted Principal Simmons decides to make massive reforms to permit the school environment to be more liberal, though will the students at PS 118 appreciate his authority?
Guest Stars: Jack Angel as Superintendent Chaplin | Georgia Engel as Old Lady

81 :05x05 - New Bully on the Block/Phoebe Breaks a Leg

New Bully on the Block
The kids must face two bullies when a new kid, Ludwig, returns and wants the vacant lot for himself.

Phoebe Breaks a Leg
When Phoebe breaks a leg after being hit by a truck, Helga believes it's her fault (and it is), so she starts being nice to Phoebe. Yet when Phoebe's leg heals, she decides to stay disabled for a little longer.
Guest Stars: Phillip Van Dyke as Ludwig

82 :05x06 - Parents Day

Arnold asks Grandpa what really happened with his parents, and he finds out that they disappeared after they left the country on a plane, although they might still be alive.
Guest Stars: Rusty Flood as Baby Arnold | Antoinette Stella as Arnold's Mom

83 :05x07 - Helga's Locket/Sid and Germs

Helga's Locket
Helga inscribes her name in her Arnold locket.

Sid and Germs
Sid becomes obsessed with cleanliness.
Guest Stars: Jess Harnell as Movie Narrator

84 :05x08 - Suspended/Ernie in Love

Harold is suspended and will do anything to get back into school.

Ernie in Love
Ernie starts dating a tall model, but she doesn't want to continue dating him because of his height.
Director: Craig Bartlett

85 :05x09 - Summer Love (a.k.a. Beach Story)

When Arnold, the boarders, and the Patakis go to the beach, a girl uses Arnold to win a sandcastle competition. Ernie gets buried in the sand. Miriam and Suzie start taking dancing lessons. Grandpa thinks he's stuck on an island. Oskar starts using a metal detector to find "treasure." Big Bob gets a bad sunburn. Helga tries to warn Arnold that he's just being used.
Director: Craig Bartlett

86 :05x10 - Stuck in a Tree/Rhonda Goes Broke

Stuck in a Tree
Arnold gets stuck in a tree with Harold and Eugene.

Rhonda Goes Broke
Rhonda's family goes broke and they move into the boarding house.
Director: Craig Bartlett

87 :05x11 - Beaned/Old Iron Man

When Helga gets hit with a baseball during a game, she develops a case of amnesia, so Arnold stays with her all day because he feels responsible. The next day, Helga regains her memories, though when she realizes what Arnold is doing, she decides to continue to play the part of an amnesiac in hopes of spending more time with him.

Old Iron Man
Grandpa Phil and his old friend have been feuding for quite some time, as their friendship fell apart years ago. However, they still attempt to compete with one another as they each believe they are the better individual; though when both men decide to enter the extremely dangerous Old Iron Man triathlon, Arnold attempts to put an end to their feud, as he doesn’t believe they should risk their lives over something so trivial.
Director: Craig Bartlett

88 :05x12 - Arnold Visits Arnie/Chocolate Boy

Arnold Visits Arnie
Arnold visits his cousin, Arnie, whose friends look remarkably familiar to Anrold's.

Chocolate Boy
Chocolate Boy wants to give up chocolate.
Director: Craig Bartlett

89 :05x13 - Harold vs. Patty/Rich Guy

Harold vs. Patty
P.S. 118 is having an Arm Wrestling contest, but Harold get humiliated when he loses to Patty before the contest, so he asks Patty for some pointers on winning.

Rich Guy
After Arnold saves the life of a rich man, the man invites Arnold and Grandpa to his house. He tells Arnold that he wishes Arnold was the son he never had, but he really does have a son, but they share nothing in common.
Guest Stars: Fred Willard as Sammy Redmond
Director: Craig Bartlett

90 :05x14 - April Fool's Day

Arnold is sick and tired of everybody performing their April Fools jokes on him (especially Helga), so he tries one of his own, but it backfires when it temporarily blinds Helga.
Director: Craig Bartlett

91 :05x15 - Gerald's Game/Fishing Trip

Gerald's Game
Gerald is involved with his new favorite game which Arnold dislikes.

Fishing Trip
Arnold and his grandpa, Gerald and his father, and Sid and his father all go on a fishing trip.
Guest Stars: John Mariano as Ray
Director: Craig Bartlett

92 :05x16 - Married

Rhonda uses a folding paper fortune teller to see who will marry who, and Arnold and Helga get paired up, causing them to both dream what life would be like married to each other.
Director: Craig Bartlett

93 :05x17 - On the Lam/Family Man

On the Lam
Stinky, Harold, and Sid are on the run after they think they blew up a police station.

Family Man
Mr. Hyunh has Arnold pretending to be his son for his new employer.
Guest Stars: Pat Corley as Mr. Camacho
Director: Craig Bartlett

94 :05x18 - The Racing Mule/Curly's Girl

The Racing Mule
Mr. Hyunh, Oskar, and Ernie purchase a race horse, or so they think.

Curly's Girl
Curly gets Rhonda to act like his girlfriend after something happens to Rhonda's mothers' fur coat.
Director: Craig Bartlett

95 :05x19 - The Journal (1)

Arnold finds a journal describing the adventures of his parents in the Jungle. Also, it contains a map telling where they had to go after they left him.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Suarez as Scared Boy
Director: Craig Bartlett

96 :05x20 - The Journal (2)

Arnold finds a journal describing the adventures of his parents in the Jungle. Also, it contains a map telling where they had to go after they left him.
Director: Craig Bartlett

97 :05x21 - Timberly Loves Arnold/Eugene, Eugene!

Timberly Loves Arnold
Arnold does something for Timberly, causing Timberly to have a crush on Arnold. She makes Lila start to like Arnold because he has been helping Timberly.

Eugene, Eugene!
Eugene gets the lead role in the school musical "Eugene, Eugene". But the play director cuts the parts that Eugene is a hero, and makes the parts look like he is a loser.
Director: Craig Bartlett

98 :05x22 - Simmons' Documentary/Big Bob's Crisis

Simmons' Documentary
After Mr. Simmons wins an award, a TV station does a documentary on how he teaches.

Big Bob's Crisis
After Big Bob has a heart attack, he tries to become nicer.
Director: Craig Bartlett

99 :05x23 - Ghost Bride/Gerald v.s. Jamie O.

Ghost Bride
Someone tells the story of the ghost bride, and how she murdered her husband after he left her for her sister. Turns out she's buried in the cemetery near the gang's neighborhood. She comes back from the dead every anniversary of the murders. Arnold, Gerald, Eugene, Harold, and Stinky are scared twice by Helga and Curly, by them pretending to be the ghost of Cynthia Snell, the Ghost Bride.

Gerald v.s. Jamie O.
Gerald gets jealous because he thinks Jamie O. is trying to steal the girl he likes, when, actually, the girl likes Jamie O.
Director: Craig Bartlett

100 :05x24 - Grandpa's Packard/Phoebe's Little Problem

Grandpa's Packard
Grandpa's Packard is stolen from an antique car show.

Phoebe's Little Problem
Phoebe gets embarassed after she "passes gas" on a microphone in front of a big audience.
Director: Craig Bartlett
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1996
Ended: June 08, 2004
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