Colors: Favorites and Feelings - Recap

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This week's song: "Living in a Rainbow"

Following the main song, we are introduced to the cast in the following order: Curtis, Kimee, Jenn, Shaun, and Karla.

Jenn pays a visit to Chats. Jenn is feeling very happy and is wearing her "happy clothes" (lots of red) as a result. Unfortunately, her good friend Chats is in a very grumpy mood. Together, they sing a song about those "Grumpy, Bumpy Blues":

(Jenn) You got the grumpy, bumpy blues
You don't know what to do
(Chats) Grumpy, grumpy, bumpy
I don't wanna play

(Jenn) You got the grumpy bumpy blues
You don't know what to do
(Chats) Grumpy, bumpy, bumpy
I wanna go away

(Jenn) You got the grumpy...bumpy...blues.

Jenn then points out the blue scarf Chats is wearing, inquiring if she's wearing it because she's feeling grumpy. However, feeling grumpy, Chats explains, does not make her feeling like wearing anything special; the scarf is simply because she's chilly. They then describe more differences between feeling happy and feeling grumpy. For example, when you're happy you feel like singing and dancing. But when you're grumpy, you don't feel like doing anything at all. Jenn thinks she has a solution to the problem, so she gives Chats a big hug. The hug cures Chats' blues! They sing again about her new "Happy, Zappy Blues":

(Jenn) You got the happy, zappy blues
It's really, really true
(Chats) Happy, happy, zappy
I wanna play all day

(Jenn) You got the happy, zappy blues
It's really, really true
(Chats) Happy, happy, zappy
I wanna sing yeah, yeah

(Jenn) You got the happy....zappy...blues!

Karla explains to us that it's orthodox to blow a kiss goodbye, but perhaps we should try a new way of saying goodbye. She proposes the idea that we should instead give hugs, and she even explains how:

Fling your arms out
Then wrap them about you
And squeeze real tight
Hug yourself with all your might

But why stop there? Perhaps we should give hugs to say hello also:

Fling your arms out
Then wrap them about you
And squeeze real tight
Hug yourself with all your might

Curtis explains that his family is very noisy. He'd like to tell us all about his family, but it requires the help from the other members. Each member of Hi-5 is needed to play a member of Curtis' family: Jenn will be his mother, who likes to whistle in the garden; Shaun is his big sister, who sings in the shower; Karla is his little brother, who likes to bang on a drum; Kimee is his dog, who howls all the time. Curtis will of course play himself, and he mentions that he likes to play the keyboard. They all make their respective sounds at once while Curtis explains that his dad likes silence, upon which they all immediately stop making noise (except Shaun, whose reaction to the plea of silence is a little delayed). Curtis suggests that they all use their noisiness to make music, and so they do:

We're a noisy family
We've been making noise for years
But when we play together
It's music to our ears

Shaun stands next to a life-size cutout of himself. Before him are different colors, which can stand for his feelings inside:

Yellow when I'm happy
Red for energy
Green brightens up my life
Orange for feeling free

Blue for when I'm feeling calm
I see it in my mind
Pink around my heart for love
Peaceful purple's fine

Colors for my feelings
Very soon you'll see
The multi-colored rainbow
Bright, happy parts of me

He explains that the cutout will act as a blank canvas and proceeds to paint each color, representing its respective feeling, in the appropriate places on the cutout. His head is painted yellow (happiness), legs and feet are red (movement), eyes are green (alertness), arms and hands are orange (freedom), stomach is blue (calmness), heart is pink (love), and everything else is purple (peace).

Karla explains that the way she moves can help explain how she feels:

Jumping jacks when I'm happy
High kicks for energy
Stomping, let my anger show
Spinning, feeling free

Rocking when I'm feeling sad
Sometimes in my heart
Hands across my heart for love
Floating, peace and calm

There are all my feelings
There for you to see
The multi-moving, grooving rainbow
Amazing part of me

Curtis reads a story about three flower bulbs, Karla, Kimee, and Shaun. The three bulbs had been sleeping all winter underground in the park to stay warm. However, as it got warmer and summer came, the bulbs grew into beautiful flowers. First up were Karla and Shaun, yellow daffodils who quickly noticed that they were surrounded by other yellow daffodils. A short time later, Kimee grew fully, only her petals were red! She was the only red flower in a field of yellow. Karla and Shaun decided she could spend the night, but would have to find some more red flowers like herself come morning. The next day, a child playing in the park, Jenn, came upon the three flowers. She remarked what a lovely tulip Kimee was, who was glad to finally know what type of flower she was. Jenn said that her red petals enhanced the beauty of the yellow daffodils surrounding her. The three flowers sang about themselves:

Petals bursting out
Smiling at the sun
Daffodils and tulips
Growing one by one

The daffodils accepted the tulip even though she looked different. When summer came to an end, the three went back underground to sleep, anticipating the warmth once again.

An encore performance of "Living in a Rainbow" ends the show.