Season 3

27 :03x01 - Secret Origin / The Legend of Mei Pie / Under the Hood

Secret Origin: Yumi is being grabbed by Rumaki, the bunk monster, at camp and Atchan and Ami have to rescue her.
The Legend of Mei Pie: Yumi goes on a quest that is very unusual to find a guitar that's brand new.
Under the Hood: The bus keeps breaking down, so Ami and Yumi try to find out why the bus keeps doing that.
Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Young Verison of Acha | Rob Paulsen as Young Verison of Acha

28 :03x02 - Movie Madness / Stop the Presses / Hired Help

Movie Madness: With Ami as her stunt-double, Yumi becomes a movie star.
Stop the Presses: Ami & Yumi try to stop a photo of Ami in the newspaper from being seen by other people.
Hired Help: Ami asks Wall to be help out as part of crew, but Wall lacks some skill.
Guest Stars: Will Ryan as Wall | Will Ryan as Wall

29 :03x03 - Puffy BC / Dupli-Cats / Agent Y

Puffy BC: The girls are shown what there were like back in the Stone Ages. Ami was a drummer and Yumi was a guitarist back then. Then the early manager (who looks like Kaz) tries to get them to play together.
Dupli-Cats: Jeng Keng and Tekirai clone themselves to get Domo away from them.
Agent Y: Yumi is being mistaken for an agent named Agent Y. Now, she must handle the real Agent Y's job.
Guest Stars: Keone Young as Domo | Grey Griffin as Jang Keng | Janice Kawaye as Tekirai | Keone Young as Domo | Sandy Fox as Harmony | Janice Kawaye as Tekirai

30 :03x04 - Manga Madness / Junior Tapeworm / Kazalot

Manga Madness: Manga characters duel after coming to life when the Girls add lines to their quote bubbles. Now they have to create a monster that is better than both of them.
Junior Tapeworm: Harmony participates in a scouting troop, but the scouts can't stand her.
Kazalot: Who will protect Kazalot? That question may be answered when Ami fights the Black Knight.

31 :03x05 - The Golden Fleas / The Golden Fleas 2 / Sitcomi-Yumi

The Golden Fleas: The Girls' alter egos from Greek mythology, Amius and Yumius, are ordered by the emperor to get the golden fleas from the Domotaur. They face many obstacles during the journey.
The Golden Fleas 2: This episode shows Amius and Yumius continuing their quest after facing the Gorgon.
Sitcomi-Yumi: Kaz signs the Girls to be in a sitcom, but things don't work out so well and there so many tweaks that the Girls can't stand it anymore. So, they try to get the sitcom canceled.

33 :03x07 - Motor Psycho Mamas / Oldie Ami Yumi / Trouble with Mimes

Motor Psycho Mamas: With the help of a scooter gang, Ami and Yumi try to get rid of a group of thugs.
Oldie Ami Yumi: Ami and Yumi are forced to retire after seeing themselves as senior citizens. When they enter the retirement home, they find a nurse who is very strict and does not allow fun. So, they try to escape.
Trouble with Mimes: The band is surrounded by mimes. They drive the band crazy, so they try to get rid of them.

34 :03x08 - Jungle Prom / Truth or Dare / Sumo Kaz

Jungle Prom: Ami & Yumi organize a wild dance.
Truth or Dare: When Ami & Yumi play a game of Truth or Dare, the game gets out of hand.
Sumo Kaz: Kaz tries to become a sumo wrestler.