Holiday Showdown

Holiday Showdown

Holiday Showdown takes two very different families with very different ideas of what makes a perfect holiday and send them away together for two weeks.

Two families who have never met before spend two weeks together, one week at each of their dream holiday destinations. Both families have a challenge - to convince the other of the wonders of their holiday. Neither family have any idea where the other family are taking them and the Holiday Showdown rules state that once there they must abide by the host family's rules.

At the end of the fortnight the families meet for the 'showdown' to reveal what they both really thought of the choice of holiday - and each other! Its safe to say some families will never meet again but others forge surprising friendships and take a positive lesson from what has been a unique experience.

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Prev: 5x04 -- Scotland and Lanzarote (May/19/2009)

The Brown and Maybe families experience each others holidays this week.


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