Season 8

Tim Allen Presents: A User's Guide to Home Improvement

Tim Allen, Richard Karn, and Debbe Dunning hosted this special airing years later of the show. Tim shows us what his favorite parts of the show as well as some real scares he had on the show was. The live audience gets to ask the cast members there about their time on the show.

177 :08x01 - Whitewater

Tim has a birthday and Jill feels she has the perfect surprise excitement for him. Jill decides to take Tim along with some others to a white water rafting trip for a fun birthday. Tim, on the other hand, is less than thrilled that Jill did this since he wanted to have a quiet and relaxed birthday.
Guest Stars: Michael Cudlitz as Kyle | Lauren Green as Luanne | Chris Stacy as Cub
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

178 :08x02 - Adios

Randy tells his family he is ready for a big farewell since he accepted an environmental study trip that will allow him to be gone for an entire year. Tim and Jill are not particularly fond of him leaving so they try to convince him to stay.
Guest Stars: Seffron Sam as L.L Tool J. | Dennis Cochrum as Wade Waller | Courtney Peldon as Lauren | Sam Sarpong as Grand Master Bath | Shelby Grimm as Flannel #1 | Timothy Reeder as Flannel #4 | Harry J. Campbell as Flannel #2 | William Louis as Flannel #3
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

179 :08x03 - All In The Family

Tim and Jill decide on some quality quiet time together for a while. This does not go as expected when some of the family unexpectedly shows up to the house. Tim's brother and Jill's sister shows up and they make a shocking announcement that they are now dating.
Guest Stars: Thom Sharp as Jeff | Tudi Roche as Carrie
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

180 :08x04 - Taylor Got Game

Brad has his major SAT testing going on this week. This quickly gets tested when Wilson has a friend to offer Brad soccer playing opportunities over in Europe. Brad has a big decision to make with this big offer to play soccer. What will his decision be?
Guest Stars: Simon Templeman as Simon Downing-Chub | Megan Cavanagh as Trudy
Director: Geoffrey Nelson
Writer: Jon Pollack

181 :08x05 - Al's Fair Lady

Al has a new girlfriend and she is very generous in her rich gift giving. Jill has a fear in their relationship that she is trying to buy Al's love. How will this relationship fare?
Guest Stars: David Haskell as Smitty | Megan Cavanagh as Trudy
Director: Geoffrey Nelson
Writer: Tracy Gamble

182 :08x06 - Bewitched

Tim has decided to throw a big Halloween party at his house. Tim is particularly intrigued by Wilson's new girlfriend and her claiming to be a witch. Tim and Wilson's girlfriend have some words which trigger some mysterious things to start to happen to him. In no time the police arrive and accuse Tim of the events that have happened to Wilson.
Guest Stars: Milton Canady as Morgan | Megan Cavanagh as Trudy | David Haskell as Smitty | Natalija Nogulich as Agatha | Richard Riehle as Det. Roberts | Robert Neches as Cop | David Starkyz as Det. MacIntyre | Laura Hauser as Mozart Voice
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

183 :08x07 - Not-So-Great Scott

One of Jill's patients just so happens to be Heidi's husband. Jill was discussing this patient and Tim overhears Jill talking about this at the house. At this point, Tim becomes hesitant with this type of news to decide whether or not to tell Heidi that her husband is cheating on her.
Guest Stars: Vasili Bogazianos as Antonio | Hillary Danner as Wendy | Channing Chase as Marcy | Mark Dobies as Scott
Director: Peter Bonerz

184 :08x08 - Tim's First Car

Tim is devastated that his first car is destroyed at an old junk car lot. When Jill sees this from Tim, she takes it upon herself to search for a car that is very similar to the one Tim once had.
Guest Stars: Dennis Burkley as Larry
Director: Peter Bonerz

185 :08x09 - Mr. Likeable

Mark decides to change his entire personality for a chance at a new girlfriend. This revolves primarily around listening to her and keeping an ear out for what she says to him. Meanwhile, Al stars with Morgan Fairchild in a movie, and Tim is not thrilled with this happening.
Guest Stars: Ron Fassler as Director | Courtnee Draper as Erica | Morgan Fairchild as Herself | Bobby Slayton as Roy Becker | Pete Gardner as Fred | Layne Beamer as Ted | Artie Lee Anderson as Clapper
Director: Peter Bonerz
Writer: Adam England

186 :08x10 - Thanks, But No Thanks

Tim takes on the risk in enlarging the family when he invites his brother Marty to live with the family at the house. This also means their two twin daughters would be living in the household with them. Marty has separated from his wife, and this is Tim's solution to Marty's problem.
Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Harry | Jim Labriola as Benny | William O'Leary as Marty | Ashley Trefger as Gracie Taylor | Lindsey Trefger as Claire Taylor
Director: Peter Bonerz
Writer: Jon Pollack

187 :08x11 - Home For The Holidays

Randy returns from his long trip for a visit on Christmas. Needless to say when he returns many things are different than they were when he left in the first place. Randy immediately feels isolated from his own family since they all seem to have new paths now.
Guest Stars: Megan Cavanagh as Trudy | Bonnie Bartlett as Lucille | William O'Leary as Marty | Thom Sharp as Jeff | Ashley Trefger as Gracie Taylor | Lindsey Trefger as Claire Taylor
Director: Peter Bonerz

188 :08x12 - Ploys For Tots

Marty finds out that the life of a single parent is not easy when one of his daughters has rebellious temper tantrums. This gives Tim and Jill a chance to help and him branch out to find ways to show Marty how to handle these situations properly.
Guest Stars: Kath Soucie as Claire (offscreen) | William O'Leary as Marty | Ashley Trefger as Gracie Taylor | Lindsey Trefger as Claire Taylor | Dom Irrera as Ed | Joel Stoffer as Wally | M. Darnell Suttles as Bill | Richard Willgrubs as Store Clerk
Director: Peter Bonerz

189 :08x13 - Chop Shop 'Til You Drop

Brad gets a new car of his own. To Brad this is the best thing that could ever happen to him and he spends lots of time with this new car of his. Soon, the car is stolen and many of the car's essential parts are taken out. When Tim finds out about this, he becomes the main one to go out and find the ones who did this.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Joosten as Thelma McCreedy | Brent Hinkley as Carl | Holly Maples as Tiffany Gutierrez | Mike Grief as George | Dan Tullis, Jr. as Police Officer | Adrienne Brett Evans as Police Woman
Director: Shawn Shea
Writer: David Maples

190 :08x14 - Home Alone

The entire family leaves and Tim is the only one left at home. During this time, Tim wants to write a book he has neglected for a while. This turns out the same when he dreams and keeps putting things off to the last minute.
Guest Stars: Oprah Winfrey as Herself | Gedde Watanabe as Nobo Nakamara | Thomas Bankowski as Kenny | Leeza Gibbons as Herself | Jay Leno as Himself | Michael Eisner as Himself | Nicole Cortez as Delilah
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

191 :08x15 - Knee Deep

Brad gets into a heated argument with Tim when Brad hurts his knee on a shooting of Tool Time. With this happening, Brad will not be able to play soccer with this type of injury and his career is possibly delayed.
Guest Stars: Francesca P. Roberts as Marge | William O'Leary as Marty | Penn Jillette as Himself | Teller as Himself | Robert Neches as Dr. Brown
Director: Peter Filsinger
Writer: Jon Pollack

192 :08x16 - Mark's Big Break

Tim finally finishes his Hot Rod car and has his youngest son Mark to film a movie revolving around the car. When Mark shows Tim the finished product, Tim is not thrilled with the way Mark develops the film.
Guest Stars: Ashley Trefger as Gracie Taylor | Lindsey Trefger as Claire Taylor | William O'Leary as Marty | Tom LaGrua as Eddie McCormack | Patrick Cronin as Sparky | Mark Meismer as Dancer | Kady Deibel as Christy | Troy Christian as Kirbie | Nathan Prevost as Brett | Darrel W. Wright as Dancer
Director: Geoffrey Nelson
Writer: Tracy Gamble

193 :08x17 - Young At Heart

Tim and Jill have an anniversary coming up soon but things get heated when Tim spends quality time with a very much younger female. Their relationship gets sparked by her being a car loving mechanic, which pulled Tim to her. Jill is less than thrilled at Tim's relationship with her.
Guest Stars: Vasili Bogazianos as Antonio | William O'Leary as Marty | Jenny McCarthy as Alex | Dean Haglund as Guy | Ty Alan Hillman as Ty Cisco | Richard Jenik as Greg
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

194 :08x18 - Love's Labour Lost (1)

The family was ready for a ski trip but it gets delayed since Jill has to have a hysterectomy. Tim is fully there for her in her time of need. Things get tense when the doctors tell her some distressing news.
Guest Stars: Roland Kickinger as Dolph Schnetterling | William O'Leary as Marty | Tammy Lauren as Patty | Joel Higgins as Dr. Lloyd Fields | Debra Engle as Receptionist | Lorna Scott as Judy | Sonya Eddy as Gayle | Ally Wolfe as Anethesiologist | Lowell Sanders as Male Nurse | Stephanie Fudge as Orderly
Director: Peter Bonerz

195 :08x19 - Love's Labour Lost (2)

Jill pulls through her emergency surgery well. Tim is very supportive in her recovery. Jill's mother Lillian comes to take care of her as well especially since Jill is in a foul mood most of the time. Lillian warns Jill that she has the backing of her husband despite how she feels.
Guest Stars: Polly Holliday as Lillian | Joel Higgins as Dr. Lloyd Fields | Jeanette Miller as Volunteer | Kathy Byron as Nurse
Director: Peter Bonerz

196 :08x20 - Neighbours

Wilson wins over $10,000 in cash and decides to make the best of it by building a very large greenhouse between his house and Tim's. This puts a very big strain on Tim and Wilson's relationship since we soon learn the friendship is based on their talks over the fence.
Guest Stars: Josh Wolf as Usher | Kate Levering as Girl | Andreana Weiner as Jenny | Milton Canady as Milton

197 :08x21 - A Hardware Habit To Break

Tim decides to buy Harry's hardware store when Harry announces his retiring and selling of the hardware store. As soon as Tim buys the store, the customers start to dwindle and Tim has to find out what is causing the customer decline.
Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Harry | William O'Leary as Marty | Jim Labriola as Benny | Thom Sharp as Jeff | Tom LaGrua as Eddie McCormack | Casey Sander as Rock Lannigan | Patrick Cronin as Sparky | Shirley Prestia as Dolores | Pat Asanti as Mr. Cobb
Director: Peter Bonerz

198 :08x22 - Loose Lips And Freudian Slips

Mark develops a film for class and Jill's thesis is ready for her committee to view but to no avail the main professor sees Jill make fun of him in Mark's film. Jill becomes frantic that what the professor saw will have a negative outcome on the approval of Jill's thesis.
Guest Stars: Peter Michael Goetz as Dr. Hanover | Rondi Reed as Dr. Miller | Kyle Sabihy as Gregory | Brant van Hoffman as Himself | Lyn Alicia Henderson as Mrs. Gambles | Chesea Jones as Emily Hanover
Director: Tim Allen
Writer: Kim Flagg

199 :08x23 - Trouble-A-Bruin

Trouble ensues for both Brad and Tim. Bud makes sure that Tool Time no longer has any products on the show from a non -Binford maker. Brad, on the other hand, has lots to think about when UCLA scout comes to town looking for recruits and Brad is determined to play despite his injuries.
Guest Stars: Milton Canady as Milton | Steve Vinovich as Dr. Hennessy | Fred Sanders as Steve Smith | Steven Barr as Coach | David Reivers as Trainer | Bridgette Cameron as Receptionist
Director: Andrew Tsao

200 :08x24 - Dead Weight

Al has a big decision to land on his mother that he will be getting married. When he invites his mother to dinner to tell her, she drops dead after Al tells her she is getting married. Al carries this burden to her funeral on whether he should go through with the marriage or not.
Guest Stars: Megan Cavanagh as Trudy | William O'Leary as Marty | Vasili Bogazianos as Antonio | Jim Labriola as Benny | Charles Robinson as Bud Harper | Keith Lehman as Cal | Danny Zorn as Morgan Wandell | Nick Ullett as Dirk Brodsky
Director: Geoffrey Nelson

201 :08x25 - The Long And Winding Road (1)

Life changing events begin to occur in everyone's lives. Tool Time hires a new producer named Morgan, who decides to change the show by adding fights to the show. Tim is completely against this whole idea and eventually quits the show. Jill, on the other hand, has a new job awaiting her in Indiana and she does not know whether to take it or not.
Guest Stars: William O'Leary as Marty | Peter Michael Goetz as Dr. Hanover | Danny Zorn as Morgan Wandell | Tom McCleister as Butch | John Putch as Dan | Wendie Jo Sperber as Sue | Susanne Wright as Dolly | Stan Sellers as Robbie | Berlinda Tolbert as Noreen
Director: Andy Cadiff

202 :08x26 - The Long And Winding Road (2)

This episode shows as a flashback to many of the great things that have happened to the family over the 8 years.
Director: Jim Praytor

203 :08x27 - The Long And Winding Road (3)

In the series finale, Tim makes his final Tool Time farewell for a live audience on the show. Al and Trudy finally get married after the fence is taken apart for a ceremony at their house. Jill takes on her Indiana job but gets worried since Tim gets offered a lot more at Tool Time but they finally go through with it and move.
Guest Stars: Megan Cavanagh as Trudy | Al Fann as Felix Myman | Blake Clark as Harry | Jim Labriola as Benny | William O'Leary as Marty | Mickey Jones (1) as Pete | Gary McGurk as Dwayne | Casey Sander as Rock Lannigan | Patrick Cronin as Sparky | Tom LaGrua as Eddie McCormack | Shirley Prestia as Dolores | Thom Sharp as Jeff | Mario Andretti as Himself | Janeen Rae Heller as Herself | Keith Lehman as Cal | John 'Juke' Logan as Himself | Danny Zorn as Morgan Wandell | Bruce Ferber as Man
Director: John Pasquin

204 :08x28 - Backstage Pass

Behind the scenes feature and bloopers are shown on this special airing of the show. The cast discusses the parts of the show they loved. Plus we finally get to see Wilson's face, that has been hidden, shown on camera.
Director: Geoffrey Nelson
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1991
Ended: May 25, 1999
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