Mow Better Blues - Recap

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As Tim and Mark work on the riding lawnmower, Jill, Brad, and Randy prepare for a rummage sale to raise money for a hockey team. Jill then goes into the garage, looking for duct tape. Tim complains to her that she never puts his tools back in the right place and makes her take an oath to not touch his tools. While Tim chases after her with oil, Mark plays with a torque wrench that has been in Tim's family for 20 years and accidentally breaks it. He then hides it in the dryer. When Tim finds it missing, he yells that whoever took it will be in big trouble, and Mark hears him.

Later, Tim searches through the house for it, and Jill finds it in the dryer. Mark tells Randy and Brad the truth, and they take advantage of him. They claim that they used to have a brother named Peter, but when he broke Tim's flashlight, they traded Peter in for him! Tim calls Brad and Randy, and they snitch on Mark. Tim then goes outside and finds Mark hiding in a tree. Mark apologizes, and when he mentions Peter, Tim tells him he wouldn't trade him for anything.

Later, when Tim tests out the improvements on his lawnmower, he accidentally drives backwards and crashes!