Karate Or Not, Here I Come - Recap

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When Randy and Brad won't let Mark play football with them because he's always afraid when he does play, Tim and Jill decide to put Mark in some sort of class to boost his confidence. When given the choice of gymnastics and karate, Mark chooses the latter.

However, when Jill goes to watch a class, she doesn't like the idea of free fighting. It gets worse when she sees a kid bullying Mark, and the bully's mother encourages it. Jill tells her to stop, but when she doesn't, the two get into a fight!

Later, Tim admits to Wilson that he wants Mark in karate class so he'll be able to stand up for himself, and Wilson advises that Mark needs to be mature enough to know when to use it. At karate class, Mark tells Tim that he's going to beat up Artie the bully, but Tim tells him to just walk away if it happens again. Tim then starts talking to a short man. When Tim finds out that the man is there with Artie and assumes he is the father, he threatens the man to make Artie stop.

However, the man turns out to be Artie's uncle, and he calls Artie's real father over, who is much bigger than Tim. Tim introduces himself as Al Borland, but the father soon recognizes him as Jill's husband. The father then begins talking bad about Jill and Mark, causing the two to fight! However, Tim is no match and is quickly punched.