Slip Sleddin' Away - Recap

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After weeks of saxophone practice, Brad still doesn't play it well and tells Tim that he wants to quit. Randy then walks in, having been beaten in a sled race and then thrown into a snow bank by bullies. He then says he wants to fight them, but Tim gets an idea. He will make "improvements" to Randy's sled for the next race.

Later, Jill manages to convince Brad to continue his saxophone lessons. Randy arrives with an injured hand. He explains to Brad that while he was testing the sled, he hit a tree. When Tim comes home, Randy shows him his wrist and is taken to the hospital. Once there, Randy goes to get an x-ray, and Tim is excited because he is there without being a patient. However, the happiness soon ends when Tim is hit in the face by a door.

Tim later comes home and tells Jill that Randy just had a sprained wrist. She then hears about the race challenge and forbids Randy from racing. As Tim goes outside and is convinced by Wilson that Randy shouldn't race, Randy convinces Jill that he should!

After Randy beats the bully at the race, Tim does a victory dance and gets the bully's father mad. He challenges Tim to a race, and Tim accepts and ends up with a sprained ankle!