The Great Race II - Recap

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When Jill complains that she still needs $1,000 for a library fundraiser, Tim comes up with the idea of putting himself up for auction on Tool Time to make money for the charity. On the show, Al surprises everyone when he introduces Bob Vila, who also puts himself up for auction. During the auction, Bob makes a surprising $700, while Tim only gets one bid for $100. Not wanting Tim to sell for so low, Jill ends up buying him for $300! Tim, hoping to beat Bob at something, challenges him to a hot rod race. The only problem is that Tim's hot rod isn't finished yet.

On the night before the race, the hot rod won't start. With Wilson's help, Tim stays up all night and fixes it. On the day of the race, Tool Time films on location at the airport. The race starts, and Vila wins. However, that night, Tim reveals to Jill that he could have won the race, but he didn't want to risk blowing the engine.

Clips are then shown of Tim building the hot rod throughout the first three seasons.