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Season 27

5886 :27x01 - Episode 5886

Stuck inside the shipping container, Kyle and the twins become very hot. With time and air running out, they are scared that they are going to die. The recovery effort gets under way to treat the injured and retrieve the dead. Harvey tell Roo nothing about the ordeal he has been through.

5887 :27x02 - Episode 5887

Montgomery is shocked to find that the bomb failed to detonate at it's intended location and she attempts to cover her tracks. Zac gives into his feelings. Alf is unable to help Harvey.

5888 :27x03 - Episode 5888

Roo is still finding it hard to connect with Harvey who's refusing to open up about what happened. Harvey ends up coldly telling her he's leaving to go see Lottie.

5889 :27x04 - Episode 5889

Hannah and Zac are discovered kissing by the twins. Josh wants Andy back in his life, but Maddy's not sure she will be able to forgive him.

5890 :27x05 - Episode 5890

Spencer's romantic evening with Sasha doesn't go the way he hoped. A Summer Bay resident ends up being rushed to hospital.

5891 :27x06 - Episode 5891

Somebody wakes up from their coma. Chris manages to ruffle Leah's feathers after he attempts to change how the Diner is run. Tamara is forced to question whether her and Kyle can really be friends.

5892 :27x07 - Episode 5892

Roo admits that things haven't been going well since Harvey's return and Marilyn arranges a girls night in the hope of cheering her up.

5893 :27x08 - Episode 5893

Roo is concerned that she and Harvey aren't meant to be. Jett is determined to have fun and to stop thinking about Nina. Sasha and Spencer think that Chris is up to no good.

5894 :27x09 - Episode 5894

Jett and VJ are determined to make their party a success. As Andy attempts to find work, a mysterious stranger shows up looking for him.

5895 :27x10 - Episode 5895

Roo hopes to make a breakthrough with Harvey, but the result ends up being unexpected.

5896 :27x11 - Episode 5896

Sean applies pressure to Andy to rtake back his testimony so that his name will be cleared. Josh, Kyle and Maddy become involved dangerous situations. Chris, Sasha and Spencer find it hard to meet Irene's demands.

5897 :27x12 - Episode 5897

Irene finds her house under siege from Sean. Tamara finds it hard to keep herself separate from the Braxtons.

5898 :27x13 - Episode 5898

It's the day of the funeral for the residents in Summer Bay. Kyle and Phoebe grow closer.

5899 :27x14 - Episode 5899

A mystery girl shows up at the funeral with a connection to Summer Bay. Jett and VJ play detective as they attempt to work out how owns the stolen bracelet.

5900 :27x15 - Episode 5900

Harvey seems to be a changed man as he and Roo attempt to make their relationship work.

5901 :27x16 - Episode 5901

Heath finds it hard to help Bianca as Andy struggles to help find money for the school. Jett makes a surprising discovery about Marilyn.

5902 :27x17 - Episode 5902

Biana believes that she is ready to return to school and a change in Brax's prison sentence will leave Ricky with nowhere to go. Zac and Hannah look for some answers about Denny.

5903 :27x18 - Episode 5903

The twins find out a shocking secret. Maddy and Spencer try to help Roo and Harvey.

5904 :27x19 - Episode 5904

Kyle attempts to try to win Phoebe back. Roo and Harvey reach a crossroads in their marriage.

5905 :27x20 - Episode 5905

Bianca finds it hard on her first day back at work. Ricky is forced to make a tough decision about Brax.

5906 :27x21 - Episode 5906

Bianca feels ervous about returning to school and leaving Darcy. Roo and Harvey get ready to break the bad news to Maddy and Spencer. Ricky and Nate are not ready to face the outside world yet after finally being together.

5907 :27x22 - Episode 5907

Darcy has her first day of school. Casey looks for Brax. Roo wants Harvey to sort things out with Maddy and Spencer before it's too late.

5908 :27x23 - Episode 5908

Sasha turns to Tamara for help after deciding to run for school captain. John finds himself in the middle of Roo and Harvey. Denny gets ready to leave town.

5909 :27x24 - Episode 5909

Sasha and Tamara's feud increases. Chris wants to pay back Irene for her kindness.

5910 :27x25 - Episode 5910

As Harvey gets ready to say farewell to the Bay, Maddy and Spencer don't have much time left if they are to forgive him. Casey has a plan to try and reduce Brax's Sentence.

5911 :27x26 - Episode 5911

Matt, Jett and Maddy plan against Sasha in the campaign for school captain. Marilyn is worried when she thinks John is going to propose. Bianca finds out about Jess' pregnancy.

5912 :27x27 - Episode 5912

Bianca attempts to come to terms with the news that Heath is the father of Jess's unborn child. The new School Captains are announced.

5913 :27x28 - Episode 5913

Casey attempts to convince Adam to help Brax. Zac and Hannah have some problems to deal with. Bianca is upset to find out more news about Heath and Jess.

5914 :27x29 - Episode 5914

Hannah attempts to escape life at the Farm House. Adam refuses to help Casey.

5915 :27x30 - Episode 5915

Roo finds life without Harvey difficult. Phoebe quizzes Kyle about what happened in Melbourne.

5916 :27x31 - Episode 5916

Bianca wants to know the reason why Jess has decided to stayin town after the damage she has caused. Irene plays matchmaker for Chris. A familiar face returns to town.

5917 :27x32 - Episode 5917

Brax find things have changed since he left following his release from jail. Chris makes a deal with Irene.

5918 :27x33 - Episode 5918

Brax needs to deal with the fallout caused by his return to town. Roo wants Alf to find help at the bait shop.

5919 :27x34 - Episode 5919

Hannah is feeling the pressure to keep her relationship with Andy a secre. Zac can't work out why Hannah is pulling away from him.

5920 :27x35 - Episode 5920

Matt tries to connect with Sasha. Bianca wants Heath to make a choice.

5921 :27x36 - Episode 5921

Jess begins to go into labor whilst on the beach. Ricky finds it hard to steer clear of the Braxton family.

5922 :27x37 - Episode 5922

The future doesn't look good for Heath and Bianca. Brax and Casey attempt to help Andy and Josh deal with their grief. Denny sees the real Chris.

5923 :27x38 - Episode 5923

Andy has to decide whether he is going to do the right thing by his brother. Hannah finds it hard to keep her relationship with Andy a secret. Sasha reveals her true feelings about Matt.

5924 :27x39 - Episode 5924

Zac finds out about Hannah and Andy. Marilyn attempts to maintain her space. John and Jett talk about the Gina Memorial.

5925 :27x40 - Episode 5925

Heath and Bianca attempt to make things work with the baby. Jess is hiding a secret.

5926 :27x41 - Episode 5926

Zac and Hannah's relationship continues to fall apart. Bianca finds out about Jess' illness. Chris finds it hard to spend time with Denny.

5927 :27x42 - Episode 5927

Zac and Hannah continue to drift away, forcing Evelyn into action. Josh and Andy are unable to agree about what do with their father's ashes. Bianca decides to go to London with Ricky. Brax finds out a family secret.

5928 :27x43 - Episode 5928

Josh and Andy say a final goodbye to their father. Chris continues to find it hard take Denny on a date. Heath finds out about Bianca's departure.

5929 :27x44 - Episode 5929

Heath, Brax and Casey make their way to London. John is put in an awkward position.

5930 :27x45 - Episode 5930

Sasha tries to convince Matt to return to school. Maddy attempts to fix the problems between Spencer and Sasha.

5931 :27x46 - Episode 5931

John comes close to breaking point as Marilyn continues to impose on him. Tamara attempts to help Kyle with the restaurant and the gym. Maddy attempts to convince Roo to keep Colleen company.

5932 :27x47 - Episode 5932

Tamara accidently helps Kyle come to a life-changing decision. The Braxton family arrive in London, forcing Bianca to face up to Heath. Spencer puts Maddy and Josh's future happiness together in jeopardy.

5933 :27x48 - Episode 5933

Maddy tells Spencer to leave her alone following the kiss that they shared. Bianca and Heath talk at last. Casey meets a new girl.

5934 :27x49 - Episode 5934

Heath and Bianca attempt to rekindle their romance. Leah's fight to live ends up taking a dark turn. The guilt that Chris feels increases as he sees the damage he has caused.

5935 :27x50 - Episode 5935

Chris' risotto backfires lseeing Leah in a dangerous position. Zac reveals a shocking secret that spells danger ahead. There is an unexpected visitor for Kyle.

5936 :27x51 - Episode 5936

Feeling bad about about his poisonous risotto, Denny offers Chris an idea on how to help thodse who ate it. Alf's patience is tested after Marilyn's fussing becomes unbareable.

5937 :27x52 - Episode 5937

John and Marilyn clash when they talk about organ donation. Evelyn decides to teach Zac a lesson. Cheryl is acting nice.

5938 :27x53 - Episode 5938

An innocent looking baby photo threatens to tear one of the Braxton brothers lives apart. Andy's behaviour could push Hannah away for good.

5939 :27x54 - Episode 5939

Spencer makes a stunning decision. Andy's attempts to sort things up out with Hannah, but it could be too late.

5940 :27x55 - Episode 5940

Matt begs for Sasha's help. Jett gives John a hard time.

5941 :27x56 - Episode 5941

Andy attempts to find some answers about the missing baby photograph. The Diners reputation is at stake after news begins spreads about Chris' risotto.

5942 :27x57 - Episode 5942

Zac and Hannah relationship begins to improve. Zac's parenting skills are put to the test. Heath finds it really hard to deal with Bianca's revelation.

5943 :27x58 - Episode 5943

Chris is determined to turn around the fortunes of the Diner. Zac finds it hard to shake old habits. Bianca finds it hard to deal with Heath's double standards. Leah believes that Nate is failing to deal his own issues.

5944 :27x59 - Episode 5944

Kyle gives his girlfriend a job and she ends up being the waitress from hell. Andy is back in town with some interesting information about the Braxton family tree.

5945 :27x60 - Episode 5945

Maddy likes the attention that Oscar giver her as she recovers from her troubles with Josh. Spencer isn't pleased when Sasha helps Matt find a new home.

5946 :27x61 - Episode 5946

After Casey discovers that he's a Barrett, chaos follows in Summer Bay. Phoebe's attempts at getting fired force Kyle to face the truth.

5947 :27x62 - Episode 5947

Casey finds it hard to deal with the news he is a Barrett. Nate's fight to try and win Ricky's heart could end up pushing push her away. Brax's treatment of Phoebe sends Kyle into action.

5948 :27x63 - Episode 5948

Alf ends up making a deal with Josh and Maddy. Oscar's crush on Maddy increases tipping Zac over the edge.

5949 :27x64 - Episode 5949

Jett finds it hard to see how a memorial prize will help him get over the pain of losing Gina. Marilyn manages to surprise John with a tribute for Gina.

5950 :27x65 - Episode 5950

Darcy finds it hard to accept her new brother. Zac's drinking problems increase.

5951 :27x66 - Episode 5951

Time begins to run out in the search for Darcy and Harley. Heath and Bianca reach the point of despair.

5952 :27x67 - Episode 5952

Casey returns to town. Oscar starts to panic after he hears there is a victim of a hit-and-run.

5953 :27x68 - Episode 5953

Chris takes some extreme messures to try and woo Denny. Oscar finds it hard to admit his involvement in the hit-and-run. John's decision to keep Marilyn out of the loop does not go to plan.

5954 :27x69 - Episode 5954

Phoebe attempts to do some family counselling by organizing a Barrett and Braxton family lunch date.

5955 :27x70 - Episode 5955

John's decision to keep Marilyn out of the loop does not go to plan.

5956 :27x71 - Episode 5956

Jett's birthday could be ruined because of Marilyn and John's crossed wires. Heath come to an important decision. Josh is pressured to move back to Mangrove River.

5957 :27x72 - Episode 5957

Casey attempts to find a way to deal with the fact that he’s a Barrett. Tamara remembers the fact that it was Zac’s car that hit her.

5958 :27x73 - Episode 5958

Casey receives the answers he needs about his real father. Jett finds it hard to raise the funds to pay for his boat. Denny tells Chris that she hates players.

5959 :27x74 - Episode 5959

Heath and Bianca come to a decision about their marriage. Phoebe's father feels suspicious about Kyle.

5960 :27x75 - Episode 5960

John wonders whether it could be time to finally take off his wedding ring.

5961 :27x76 - Episode 5961

Oscar attempts to confess the truth about the accident asTamara admits to him that she could be going blind.

5962 :27x77 - Episode 5962

Chris manages to make a fool of himself as he attempts to impress Denny. Ricky attempts to help Heath.

5963 :27x78 - Episode 5963

Maddy's behaviour gets worse. Chris devises a plan that could get him a second chance with Denny.

5964 :27x79 - Episode 5964

Phoebe finds out the truth about her father's visit. Andy turns to Casey for help.

5965 :27x80 - Episode 5965

Marilyn attempts to support John's efforts to move forward with his life.

5966 :27x81 - Episode 5966

Mark is determined to show Phoebe Kyle's true colours. Jett remains in Marilyn and John's thoughts. Andy finds it hard to put his pride aside and ask the Braxton family for his job back.

5967 :27x82 - Episode 5967

Sasha is given a juicy story regarding Tamara's accident. Tamara's recent misfortunes cause her to make a big decision. Kyle challenges Phoebe's decision to cut all ties with her father.

5968 :27x83 - Episode 5968

Sasha's article about the hit and run causes problems. Bianca finds it hard to take a step back and allow Heath look after Harley alone.

5969 :27x84 - Episode 5969

Maddy comes up with a grand schemes for a mid-year school dance. Jett returns from camp with a surprise for John and Marilyn.

5970 :27x85 - Episode 5970

Heath and Bianca have to make some drastic relationship decisions. Phoebe is concerned that her relationship with her father is over forever.

5971 :27x86 - Episode 5971

Andy could be the one who fired a shot at the Braxton house. Kyle makes a heartbreaking request for Phoebe's safety. Hannah decides to take control of her future.

5972 :27x87 - Episode 5972

Heath receives a generous offer from Bianca. Phoebe make an impossible decision. Zac has to deal with the damage his drinking has caused the family.

5973 :27x88 - Episode 5973

Bianca's support sees Heath to missing her more than ever. Maddy's party causes issues with Josh.

5974 :27x89 - Episode 5974

Josh's insecurities might ruin his chances at school. Matt and Sasha might be over already. Chris and Denny manage to get back on track.

5975 :27x90 - Episode 5975

Things heat up between Spencer and Evelyn. John tries to punish Jett.

5976 :27x91 - Episode 5976

Josh's insecurities might ruin his chances at school. Matt and Sasha could be over already. Spencer and Evelyn share their first kiss.

5977 :27x92 - Episode 5977

Matt tries to win Sasha back. Marilyn becomes involved in John and Jett's fight.

5978 :27x93 - Episode 5978

The attack on the Braxton house continues with Kyle's life left hanging in the balance. Zac finds it hard to rebuild his life.

5979 :27x94 - Episode 5979

Bianca faces a really hard decision. Chris' jealousy could mean the end of his relationship with Denny.

5980 :27x95 - Episode 5980

Nate gets an unexpected visitor. Oscar's guilt over the hit and run comes to a life-threatening climax.

5981 :27x96 - Episode 5981

Jett puts his life so that John and Marilyn can enjoy their happy day. Phoebe turns to her father for help but could end up regretting the decision. Maddy attempts to push Spencer and Evelyn together.

5982 :27x97 - Episode 5982

Oscar's turnaround surprises Hannah and Zac. Jett feels the weight of John's disappointment.

5983 :27x98 - Episode 5983

Bianca finds it hard to tell Heath about her transfer request. Hannah needs Andy to help Oscar, leading to some devastating consequences for their relationship.

5984 :27x99 - Episode 5984

Casey's bombshell leaves Denny having doubts about her relationship with Chris. Spencer continues to try and win over Evelyn.

5985 :27x100 - Episode 5985

Matt continues to find the going tough but refuses to accept any help.

5986 :27x101 - Episode 5986

Zac's new friendship with Sophie leaves Hannah feeling jealous. Evelyn has a secret crush.

5987 :27x102 - Episode 5987

Kyle is forced to tell Phoebe the truth about their attacker. Denny and Casey are worried about Chris after they are unable to deny their true feelings any longer. Evelyn's secret crush is revealed.

5988 :27x103 - Episode 5988

Denny attempts to fight her feelings towards Casey. Kyle attempts to stop Phoebe from taking some drastic action.

5989 :27x104 - Episode 5989

Marilyn and John decide to move in together. Nate's admission to Leah returns to haunt him.

5990 :27x105 - Episode 5990

Ms Taylor has a proposition that pleases Sasha but scares Matt.

5991 :27x106 - Episode 5991

Nate and Sophie go on a date having decided to put the past behind them. Heath's efforts to gain custody of Darcy causes friction with Brax. Matt adjusts to life at being a school leader.

5992 :27x107 - Episode 5992

Nate and Sophie's date ends up being gatecrashed by somnebody. Matt's behaviour threatens to ruin his relationship with Sasha. Maddy receives a shock after the exam results are given out.

5993 :27x108 - Episode 5993

Evelyn's efforts to see Josh being happy cause him and Maddy to get back together. .John attempts to fit in. Denny's feelings for Casey threaten to destroy her relationship with Chris.

5994 :27x109 - Episode 5994

Kyle attmpts to help Phoebe move on with her life.Casey, Chris and Denny deal with recent events.

5995 :27x110 - Episode 5995

John and Jett's trial staying at Marilyn's house becomes crowded after Roo returns back home early.

5996 :27x111 - Episode 5996

Hannah is given a taste of her own medicine after Andy uses her relationship rules to his own advantage. There could be some tragic consequences after Nate ignores an urgent call from the hospital.

5997 :27x112 - Episode 5997

Nate accuses Sophie of lying. Maddy manages to push Josh right into Evelyn's arms. Roo's illness is a medical mystery.

5998 :27x113 - Episode 5998

Marilyn's bus tour puts an end to Josh and Evelyn's growing feelings for one another. Phoebe's aversion to Heath's children gives her an ingenious idea.

5999 :27x114 - Episode 5999

Denny and Casey could be the hot new couple in town. Sasha's is in danger.

6000 :27x115 - Episode 6000

Phoebe puts her foot in it with Heath after she attempts to comfort Darcy. Alf keeps a bedside vigil for Roo as her condition goes from bad to worse.

6001 :27x116 - Episode 6001

Nate wants Alf to prepare for the worst as Roo's condition gets worse. Casey hides his relationship with Denny from Brax.

6002 :27x117 - Episode 6002

Denny becomes creative to share some time alone with Casey. Kyle's lie about his criminal past could backfire on his rent application.

6003 :27x118 - Episode 6003

The curse of the Braxton surname could ruin Phoebe's dream of moving out. Ricky returns to town whilst Zac's advice gets Oscar in trouble.

6004 :27x119 - Episode 6004

Trust issues could prove too much for Sophie and Nate to deal with. Alf maintains a bedside vigil but it's clear that time is running out for Roo.

6005 :27x120 - Episode 6005

a concerning discovery about the Barrett family is made by Chris.

6006 :27x121 - Episode 6006

The Macguire family are shocked by Andy's behaviour and Zac's decision to move out. Heath continues to worry about Darcy's disappearance.

6007 :27x122 - Episode 6007

Chris admits that he was the person who told the police about Andy. Darcy's behaviour worries Nate. Denny and Casey become much more serious.

6008 :27x123 - Episode 6008

Casey is impressed by Denny's independence. Some old issues resurface for Ricky and Brax.

6009 :27x124 - Episode 6009

Maddy receives some bad news. Roo and Alf clash over her trip to Peru.

6010 :27x125 - Episode 6010

Kyle becomes suspicious as Phoebe starts to sneak around behind his back. John and Marilyn's future is looking a bit rocky.

6011 :27x126 - Episode 6011

Heath needs to decide whether to break the law to keep his family together. Hannah manages to get the wrong impression. John and Marilyn argue over living arrangements.

6012 :27x127 - Episode 6012

Sasha makes plans for an exciting future as Matt's self-worth issues rise to the surface. Heath's fathering skills are put under the spotlight as Darcy's grandmother decides to play hardball.

6013 :27x128 - Episode 6013

Heath gains custody of Harley but loses Darcy as Connie finds out about his city plans. Nate's impressed with Sophie's commitment but is worried about living together.

6014 :27x129 - Episode 6014

Phoebe's love for Kyle and his family causes Casey to realise what's really important. Marilyn and John finally set a date to get married.

6015 :27x130 - Episode 6015

Maddy ignores Spencer's warning regarding Evelyn and Josh.

6016 :27x131 - Episode 6016

Josh needs to tell Maddy about his passionate kiss with Evelyn. Hannah rules with her heart, not her head.

6017 :27x132 - Episode 6017

Heath's future in the balance due to Connie. Phoebe shows that she is more than ready to take on Cheryl.

6018 :27x133 - Episode 6018

Brax decides to put his future with Ricky before his family. Roo's wedding planning pushes Marilyn to her limits. Matt's surprised by the identity of his new housemate.

6019 :27x134 - Episode 6019

Denny is worried about where Casey's loyalty lies. Sasha sees Sophie playing Matt like a fiddle.

6020 :27x135 - Episode 6020

Nate warns Leah not to interfer with his relationship with Sophie. Marilyn attempts to sort things out with Roo.

6021 :27x136 - Episode 6021

Maddy has to decide whether to take things to the next level with Oscar. Phoebe and Casey fall out over their new house guest. Hannah and Andy grow closer again.

6022 :27x137 - Episode 6022

Evelyn looks on as Maddy stamps on Oscar's heart. Andy is concerned that things are going to turn nasty with his suppliers. Matt comes up with a plan to try and help Sasha improve her English grades.

6023 :27x138 - Episode 6023

Matt puts Sasha's entire HSC in danger with his attempt to help her. Sophie manages to turn Nate against Leah. Jett receives a surprise visitor.

6024 :27x139 - Episode 6024

Sophie and Leah attempt to turn over a new leaf. John's refusal to invite guests to the wedding worries Marilyn.

6025 :27x140 - Episode 6025

Chris wants more than just friendship after he asks Denny to hang out with him. Maddy is out of control.

6026 :27x141 - Episode 6026

Andy's drug dealings leave him in hospital as well as putting Josh in danger. Maddy begins a new job at the gym and Roo's frustrated. Marilyn causes drama for her own wedding.

6027 :27x142 - Episode 6027

There is tension between Evelyn and Hannah. Brax pays Andy's debt who then disappears.

6028 :27x143 - Episode 6028

Kyle feels of being kept out of the loop by Brax. Maddy causes problems for Oscar at Community Service.

6029 :27x144 - Episode 6029

Oscar is becoming a gym junkie. Phoebe refuses to give back her precious music equipment.

6030 :27x145 - Episode 6030

Casey and Denny's relationship is tested. Sophie attempts to play matchmaker between Leah and Zac.

6031 :27x146 - Episode 6031

Shandi arrives in Summer Bay early in town early and John isn't ready. Andy's dodgy dealers end up kidnapping Josh and Evelyn.

6032 :27x147 - Episode 6032

Andy returns but is not made welcome. John finds it hard to sort things out with Shandi. Nate could be getting cold feet.

6033 :27x148 - Episode 6033

Ricky is concerned that she'll never get pregnant. Leah gives in to Zac's request to move in. Nate is scared. Sasha is honest about the poem.

6034 :27x149 - Episode 6034

Trying for a baby causes friction between Ricky and Brax. Sasha is in danger of failing her exams.

6035 :27x150 - Episode 6035

Oscar risks doing himself an injury with his endless gym sessions. The ladies start their Bridal Boot Camp.

6036 :27x151 - Episode 6036

Andy could be ready to turn over a new leaf. Marilyn's stressed as John avoids talking to Jett about how he is feeling.

6037 :27x152 - Episode 6037

Oscar is rescued from the bush but finds it hard to admit that he has a problem. Brax puts pressure on Ricky. Leah's feelings for Zac force her into action.

6038 :27x153 - Episode 6038

Ricky and Sophie force Brax and Nate into a joining them for a double date. Evelyn thinks about taking things to the next level with Josh.

6039 :27x154 - Episode 6039

A scared Evelyn informs Josh that she's not ready to sleep with him. Phoebe pushes Kyle's buttons and could have gone a step go too far.

6040 :27x155 - Episode 6040

John's lie backfires after Marilyn bumps into Shandi. Casey thinks about marriage.

6041 :27x156 - Episode 6041

Some bad choices by Andy see Brax's old enemy returning to Summer Bay. Phoebe selects her career over her relationship. Marilyn's efforts to win over Shandi do not go to plan.

6042 :27x157 - Episode 6042

Andy's feud with Brax ends up bringing him closer to Jake.
Maddy declares war on Evelyn.

6043 :27x158 - Episode 6043

Maddy takes a chance to try and win Josh back. Nate's philandering past is revaled by Sophie. Josh and Brax bond.

6044 :27x159 - Episode 6044

Sophie and Nate attempt to put the past behind them. Irene's kitchen becomes a D.I.Y disaster.

6045 :27x160 - Episode 6045

Matt promises Sasha they'll raise the money for the formal in time. John could end up be forced to choose between his daughter and Marilyn.

6046 :27x161 - Episode 6046

Evelyn is concerned as Maddy zones in on a vulnerable Josh. Jake has a plan to get rid of Brax but needs Andy's help. Leah manages to confuse Zac.

6047 :27x162 - Episode 6047

Andy is able to convince Brax and Casey that he's changed. Sophie warns Hannah to stay away from her man. Sasha is concerned after Matt decides to drop out of the HSC.

6048 :27x163 - Episode 6048

Josh refuses to go to the formal with Evelyn. Hannah attempts to agree to Sophie's demand that she stay away from Nate. Marilyn attempts to play peacemaker for Shandi and John.

6049 :27x164 - Episode 6049

Shandi's return causes problems between John and Marilyn. Matt opens up to Sasha about his demons.

6050 :27x165 - Episode 6050

A romantic gesture is made by Casey. Jake reveals his plan to Andy.

6051 :27x166 - Episode 6051

Oscar attempts to win Maddy's heart despite the way she feels about Josh. Matt manages to save the formal after Sasha's musical act falls through. Evelyn's angry after Josh doesn't show up for the formal.

6052 :27x167 - Episode 6052

Jake's plan to kill Brax ends in tragedy.

6053 :27x168 - Episode 6053

Nate and Sophie's relationship could have reached the point of no return.

6054 :27x169 - Episode 6054

Nate's rejection could end up sending Sophie over the edge. Shandi's misdirected anger worries Marilyn.

6055 :27x170 - Episode 6055

Chris manages to impress Shandi. Roo pushes Leah to let Zac know how she feels.

6056 :27x171 - Episode 6056

Emotions are running high as the funeral gets underway.

6057 :27x172 - Episode 6057

Marilyn and John think about eloping. There is one last warning from Jake at the funeral. An old face returns to town Evie clashes with Maddy at the wake.

6058 :27x173 - Episode 6058

Marilyn and John's elopement plans become known to everybody. Sophie is suspected of stealing some pills.

6059 :27x174 - Episode 6059

Matt films some some compromising footage of Leah and Zac kissing and wonders what to do with it.

6060 :27x175 - Episode 6060

Nate admits his feelings for Hannah. Matt's end of year film manages to humiliate VJ.

6061 :27x176 - Episode 6061

Brax leaves Ricky to go after Jake without saying goodbye first. Evelyn refuses to forgive Josh. Spencer could ruin Sasha's plan to hide Matt at Irene's house. Leah witnesses VJ hitting another student and is forced to step in.

6062 :27x177 - Episode 6062

Denny decides the time is right time to begin to move on. Evelyn admits to Oscar she still has feelings Josh. Andy and Brax manage to corner Jake.

6063 :27x178 - Episode 6063

John manages to accidentally puts his foot in it with Roo. Sophie interrupts Nate and Hannah as they share an intimate moment.

6064 :27x179 - Episode 6064

Nate is determined to prove that Hannah's no threat to Sophie. John's accident leaves the wedding in doubt.

6065 :27x180 - Episode 6065

Spencer tries to steal Shandi away from Chris. VJ finds it hard to accept his mother and Zac's new romance.

6066 :27x181 - Episode 6066

Marilyn and John are finally Ricky finally married. Ricky informs Brax that hes going to be a father. Andy carries out a murder to keep Brax's family together.

6067 :27x182 - Episode 6067

Brax is arrested accuded of killing Jake Pirovic. Andy admits to Kyle that he really killed Jake. Maddy steals Roo's credit card.

6068 :27x183 - Episode 6068

Sophie surprises Nate when she tlls him to ask Hannah to come to their BBQ. Tyson begins to taunt VJ again. Brax is released as the hunt to find Jake's killer continues.

6069 :27x184 - Episode 6069

Matt is hit in the face by a mysterious man. Evelyn attempts to reach out to Josh.

6070 :27x185 - Episode 6070

Tyson continues to taunt VJ. Sophie burns herself at the BBQ.

6071 :27x186 - Episode 6071

Josh hopes that his lie will help prevent Andy from a murder charge. Maddy hits rock bottom after her tangled web of lies start to unravel.

6072 :27x187 - Episode 6072

Maddy finds herself on a self-destructive rampage. Marilyn has to decide whether to change her last name. Clearing up Casey's room threatens to push Brax back over the edge.

6073 :27x188 - Episode 6073

Brax discovers an engagement ring Casey intended to give Denny. Chris helps Spencer take the perfect picture.

6074 :27x189 - Episode 6074

Nate decides between Hannah and Sophie. After Tyson fakes an injury, Leah's duty to her son and her job is tested to the limits.

6075 :27x190 - Episode 6075

Following a night of drinking with his father, Matt might miss his first HSC exam.

6076 :27x191 - Episode 6076

Ricky attempts to convince Brax to give Andy a chance at running the gym. Leah's concerns increase after VJ remains missing.

6077 :27x192 - Episode 6077

Andy learns about Maddy's betrayal. Josh's jealously ruins his fledgling friendship with Evelyn. Nate hurts himself as he attempts to rescue VJ.

6078 :27x193 - Episode 6078

Brax rescues Nate and VJ. Denny takes the first step in moving forward. Josh's artistic efforts manage to draw Evelyn back in.

6079 :27x194 - Episode 6079

Ricky attempts to help Denny come up with a way to honour Casey's memory. Spencer's internet girlfriend isn't what she seems.

6080 :27x195 - Episode 6080

Gray causes problems for Matt and Sasha. Phoebe receives a huge career opportunity.

6081 :27x196 - Episode 6081

Spencer refuses to tell anyone his side of the story. Ricky fells wary after a handsome stranger shows up in town looking for Brax. The tension between Sophie and Hannah increases. John's pleased after Jett calls him Dad.

6082 :27x197 - Episode 6082

Spencer confronts his internet predator. Brax fires Maddy. Nate admits to Hannah he wants out of his marriage.

6083 :27x198 - Episode 6083

Maddy decides to takes control of her life and returns to school. VJ's feeling bad about what happened to Nate. Evelyn looses it as things move too fast with Josh. Sasha issues Matt with an ultimatum.

6084 :27x199 - Episode 6084

Maddy passes out. Matt realises he needs to let his dad go to really help him.

6085 :27x200 - Episode 6085

Zac makes a breakthrough with VJ. It's Movie Night VS Open Mike Night.

6086 :27x201 - Episode 6086

Brax becomes rough with Kyle. Marilyn becomes fed up with John's get-rich-quick schemes. Phoebe and Kyle realise Ash isn't so bad after all.

6087 :27x202 - Episode 6087

Ricky realises thAT Brax needs Ash in his life. Sophie turns to pills after she sees Nate's betrayal. Marilyn fails to sort things out with John.

6088 :27x203 - Episode 6088

Nate feels guilt-tripped to stay with Sophie. Marilyn and John manage to sort things out.

6089 :27x204 - Episode 6089

Spencer agrees to a night away on the boat, clueless to the fact that Matt's also on board. Matt manages to avoid spending time with Sasha.

6090 :27x205 - Episode 6090

Brax's secret life in prison threatens to boil over. Girls night ends up being a cathartic time for Evie and Denny.

6091 :27x206 - Episode 6091

The boys trip away does not go to plan after Spencer punches Matt and VJ gets a tattoo.

6092 :27x207 - Episode 6092

Brax informs Ricky what really happened in prison. Marilyn and John are told by Jett to allow him choose his own path. Maddy and Josh vow to stick together. Leah's forced to ask for Zac's help after VJ insists he is giving up school.

6093 :27x208 - Episode 6093

Sophie spirals out of control after Nate finally tells her their marriage is over. Maddy's new connection to Josh worries Oscar. Ash and Ricky work together to help Brax.

6094 :27x209 - Episode 6094

Phoebe's offered a recording contract but Kyle might get in her way. Nate realises Sophie needs to work through her issues on her own.

6095 :27x210 - Episode 6095

Andy deals with his embarrassment and accepts Hannah's help. John is determined to be there for Jett.

6096 :27x211 - Episode 6096

Sasha ends up admitting the damage has been done to Matt. Evelyn's efforts to be friends with Josh fail.

6097 :27x212 - Episode 6097

After Leah refuses to think about the idea of TAFE, VJ sneaks out. Spencer feels betrayed after he finds out about Maddy's pregnancy.

6098 :27x213 - Episode 6098

Sophie goes into meltdown afterNate makes it clear he's never coming back. Josh is relieved after Andy promises to support him and the baby.

6099 :27x214 - Episode 6099

Brax attempts to reassure Ricky of his feelings. Ash reveals he wants to increase the search for his sister. Kyle's not happy with Phoebe the Pop Princess.

6100 :27x215 - Episode 6100

Phoebe decides to go along with Nieve's idea for her career. Marilyn is shocked after she realises Jett sees her as his mother.

6101 :27x216 - Episode 6101

Oscar is surprised after Maddy reveals a bombshell.

6102 :27x217 - Episode 6102

Jett finds it hard to see Marilyn as his mother. Denny attempts to make Oscar see that he has a responsibility to Maddy's baby if he is the father.

6103 :27x218 - Episode 6103

Chris secures his dream job, but then has to decide whether to take it.

6104 :27x219 - Episode 6104

Brax is issued with an ultimatum by Ricky. Sophie's strange behaviour makes Nate worried for his life. Neive orders Kyle to end things with Phoebe so she can pursue her dreams.

6105 :27x220 - Episode 6105

Ash and Brax take part in a risky adventure. An unhinged Sophie sets her caravan alight. Josh discovers that Maddy has been lying to him about her baby's paternity.

6106 :27x221 - Episode 6106

Maddy is given some devastating news about her baby. Nate is forced to phone a psychiatrist to try and help Sophie.

6107 :27x222 - Episode 6107

Leah has good news for Matt about his idea to apply to go to university.

6108 :27x223 - Episode 6108

Brax and Ash find out the address of Billie's dangerous boyfriend, Dean. Nate attempts to find Sophie before something bad happens.

6109 :27x224 - Episode 6109

A surprise shows up on Jett's new birth certificate. Denny lies to Andy about how Hannah really feels about him. Phoebe's song is played on the radio.

6110 :27x225 - Episode 6110

Phoebe's hopes of music success turns into a nightmare. Brax follows a criminal into the desert. Marilyn and John fall out over the best way of telling Jett that he's a whole year older than they all believed.

6111 :27x226 - Episode 6111

Maddy finds her nightmares coming true after she is rocked by a bombshell. Phoebe gets rid of Neive and her dreams of becoming a star. Ricky is furious after she finds out that Brax put himself in danger to retrieve Ash's crime money.

6112 :27x227 - Episode 6112

Sasha learns from Matt that he wants them to live together. Maddy is warned that she needs to start her chemotherapy soon.

6113 :27x228 - Episode 6113

The police discover Dean's dead body in the desert and find a shovel Brax held at the crime scene.

6114 :27x229 - Episode 6114

Josh dumps an upset Evelyn before their first date. Hannah sorts things out with Andy. Sparks fly between Ash and Denny.

6115 :27x230 - Episode 6115

Marilyn goes in to battle for Jett after reading his report card. An upset Maddy lashes out at Oscar.

6116 :27x231 - Episode 6116

Maddy breaks down after learning the consequences of having chemotherapy. There's trouble ahead for Hannah and Andy. Ash finds it hard to find direction after failing to locate his sister. Neive makes some ominous phone calls about her plan for Phoebe's launch.

6117 :27x232 - Episode 6117

Ricky and Brax find out the sex of the baby. Oscar stands by Maddy as she has surgery to protect her fertility. Spencer is not happy after Chris shows up in town to check on him.

6118 :27x233 - Episode 6118

Kyle organises some friends to come and support Phoebe's launch as Neive drugs Phoebe and leaves her with her assistant.

6119 :27x234 - Episode 6119

Maddy runs away before her first chemotherapy session.

6120 :27x235 - Episode 6120

A hysterical Sophie causes a multivehicle accident leaving lives in the balance.
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