Home and Away (AU)

Season 28

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Season 28

6121 :28x01 - Episode 6121

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6122 :28x02 - Episode 6122

Kyle's chances making it are looking slim. Somebody finds out that they might never walk again while another is in a coma.

6123 :28x03 - Episode 6123

Andy is furious with Nate after he finds out that Sophie caused the accident. Oscar makes his way to the city to look for Maddy.

6126 :28x06 - Episode 6126

Brax could be about to be convicted for a murder he didn't commit. Ash offers to plead guilty to the murder. Oscar attempts to convince Maddy to return to Summer Bay.

6127 :28x07 - Episode 6127

John decides that living next door to the Braxton family is too dangerous. Denny learns from Hannah that she might never walk again.

6128 :28x08 - Episode 6128

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6129 :28x09 - Episode 6129

Sasha is given an offer for her first choice of university as Matt fails to get any offers at all. Zac and VJ find out some devastating news concerning Leah's prognosis.

6131 :28x11 - Episode 6131

Maddy returns to town. Andy attempts to force Nate to allow him to bring Hannah home early. Denny finds out that she'll be sharing a house with Andy.

6133 :28x13 - Episode 6133

A fan of Phoebe's lurks around the Braxton house. Matt is hit after he attempts to reach out to VJ. Ash and Brax try to get a confession from Sam.

6134 :28x14 - Episode 6134

Sasha is furious after she learns that Matt has decided to go back to school. Chris is determined to become a lifesaver, much to John's chagrin.

6135 :28x15 - Episode 6135

Chris and John are not happy after Josh paints a mural for Evelyn on the Surf Club wall. Kat has CCTV footage that shows that Brax has broken his bail.

6137 :28x17 - Episode 6137

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6139 :28x19 - Episode 6139

Hannah is determined to take charge of her life. VJ's relationship with Zac becomes more strained in Leah's absence.

6140 :28x20 - Episode 6140

Phoebe gets an AVO against her stalker but it ends up not helping her. John decides to go ahead and sell the house. VJ thinks about leaving.

6141 :28x21 - Episode 6141

Zac looks for VJ. Phoebe's stalker is confronted by Kat and Kyle. Maddy confesses her feelings to Oscar. Brax finds out that his sentence will less if he pleads guilty.

6142 :28x22 - Episode 6142

Marilyn is is upset after an offer is made on the house. Brax puts his affairs in order ahead of his trial. Hannah attempts to reignite the intimacy in her relationship with Andy but he pushes her away.

6143 :28x23 - Episode 6143

John is happy about the offer on the house but Marilyn and Jett remain determined not to move. Spencer is upset about Oscar and Maddy going out with each other. Nate thinks about whether he should divorce Sophie.

6144 :28x24 - Episode 6144

Spencer decides to hold a fundraiser for teenagers with cancer. Sasha returns to town early to surprise Matt.

6146 :28x26 - Episode 6146

Brax's lawyer believes that they can beat his murder charge by ruining Sam as a witness. Nate is served with divorce papers.

6147 :28x27 - Episode 6147

The police discover the duffle bag of money at Angelo's. Phoebe's stalker manages to break into her room.

6149 :28x29 - Episode 6149

Hannah gets a sensation feeling in her legs. Sasha and Matt spend the night in the Diner. Maddy decides to go back to school.

6150 :28x30 - Episode 6150

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6152 :28x32 - Episode 6152

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6153 :28x33 - Episode 6153

Oscar ends things with Maddy. Hannah succeeds in moving her leg on her own. Evelyn informs Josh that she's ready to take their relationship to the next level.

6154 :28x34 - Episode 6154

VJ and Jett attempt to convince their parents to let them take part in a real boxing match. Ricky has second thoughts about her relationship with Brax.

6155 :28x35 - Episode 6155

Matt ends things with Sasha. Denny kisses Ash.

6157 :28x37 - Episode 6157

Josh is warned by Oscar to look after Evelyn.

6158 :28x38 - Episode 6158

Kat's insecurities cause problems with Nate. Andy and Hannah's efforts to be spontaneous do not go to plan.

6160 :28x40 - Episode 6160

Spencer manages to humiliate Maddy as returns to school. Denny finds moving on harder than she imaged it would be.

6161 :28x41 - Episode 6161

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6162 :28x42 - Episode 6162

Sasha leaves town and Matt is heartbroken. Nate is left feeling confused by Kat's hot and cold behaviour.

6163 :28x43 - Episode 6163

Ash informs Brax that he's seeing Denny. Andy's pride could leave the gym in jeopardy.

6164 :28x44 - Episode 6164

Maddy is given some devastating news concerning her chemotherapy. Andy takes a huge step in dealing with his reading issues.

6165 :28x45 - Episode 6165

Matt's world falls apart without Sasha. Josh ends up becoming Phoebe's new project.

6166 :28x46 - Episode 6166

Leah's awake and Zac feels bad about giving up on her. Brax is attacked whilst in prison.

6167 :28x47 - Episode 6167

Maddy decides she's not going to allow the cancer to beat her. Brax is hurt and ends up in solitary. Kyle has a surprise for Phoebe.

6168 :28x48 - Episode 6168

Ash and Denny decide to take things to the next level. Kat pulls away as things develop between her and Nate. Hannah is finally able to stand up.

6169 :28x49 - Episode 6169

Denny ends up freaking out after sleeping with Ash. Matt shows up but refuses to talk to anybody.

6170 :28x50 - Episode 6170

Leah finds it hard being back at home.

6171 :28x51 - Episode 6171

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6172 :28x52 - Episode 6172

Kyle and Phoebe realise they want completely different things but they still want to be together. Roo and Marilyn attempt to help Alf as he finds it hard to deal with the dismissive ANZAC Day attitudes.

6173 :28x53 - Episode 6173

Leah is bored and decides to take on a Diner shift, but it could be detrimental to her health. Kat and Nate make a tenuous peace.

6174 :28x54 - Episode 6174

Spencer agrees to go with Chris to see their father in hospital. Hannah uses an unorthodox approach to help Andy with his studies.

6176 :28x56 - Episode 6176

Following a night at the recreated battlefield, Alf collapses. Maddy needs to decide whether to move back home with her mother or remain in Summer Bay. Leah and Nate talk about residual feelings about the bus crash.

6177 :28x57 - Episode 6177

Jett goes to see Alf at the hospital and runs into another war veteran. Maddy decides she can't leave town and her adopted family.

6178 :28x58 - Episode 6178

Phoebe and Kyle are unable to get along as friends. Alf is left feeling affected after witnessing a fellow veteran pass away.

6179 :28x59 - Episode 6179

The teenagers host an ANZAC Day dawn service for Alf and the other Summer Bay residents. Kat decides to be honest with Nate about what she really wants.

6180 :28x60 - Episode 6180

Spencer says farewell to everyone before leaving town for good. Matt vanishes.

6181 :28x61 - Episode 6181

Ash attempts to persuade Billie not to leave town. Josh and Evie look for Matt. Maddy persuades Roo to go to the city to be with her father.

6182 :28x62 - Episode 6182

Billie realises that she was wrong to testify against Ash. Evie and Josh continue to try and find Matt.

6183 :28x63 - Episode 6183

Kat attempts to discover what Kyle’s up to. Leah and Nate manage to get through to Matt.

6184 :28x64 - Episode 6184

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6185 :28x65 - Episode 6185

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6186 :28x66 - Episode 6186

Leah sorts things out with VJ and Zac, but Irene believes that she is still not herself. Kyle is hurt after the latest deal goes bad.

6187 :28x67 - Episode 6187

Brax learns about Gunno’s threats to his family. Denny ends things with Ash. Andy finishes his personal training studies.

6188 :28x68 - Episode 6188

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6189 :28x69 - Episode 6189

Phoebe attempts to deal with Kyle moving on with his life. Matt returns and says sorry to Josh and Evelyn. Hannah feels unnerved by Andy moving in.

6191 :28x71 - Episode 6191

Alf refuses to admit that he has a problem. Evie does everything that she can to try and get Maddy and Matt together.

6192 :28x72 - Episode 6192

Alf remains in denial about his PTSD and takes it out on those closed to him. Ash learns about Billie and Kyle.

6194 :28x74 - Episode 6194

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6196 :28x76 - Episode 6196

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6197 :28x77 - Episode 6197

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6198 :28x78 - Episode 6198

Leah’s outbursts gets even worse. Hannah lets her hair down and Andy sees her flirting with another man. Phoebe tells Kyle it’s really over between them and he needs to stay away from her.

6199 :28x79 - Episode 6199

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6200 :28x80 - Episode 6200

Evie and Josh try to sort things out with Maddy.

6203 :28x83 - Episode 6203

Billie and Phoebe sort things out. Kat and Nate both realise that they can’t turn off their professional obligations. Andy hits Oliver and ends things with Hannah.

6204 :28x84 - Episode 6204

Andy and Hannah attempt to work through their issues. Maddy receives some good news about her cancer.

6206 :28x86 - Episode 6206

Brax decides to try and escape from prison. The search continues for Leah as she starts to hallucinate. Ricky begins to have some doubts regarding her parenting abilities.

6207 :28x87 - Episode 6207

Leah is finally found and agrees to have the brain surgery she requires. Ash decides not to help Brax escape from prison. Leah gives Zac some very serious instructions concerning her operation.

6208 :28x88 - Episode 6208

VJ manages to come to terms with his mother's wishes. Hannah bumps into a familiar stranger at the hospital.

6209 :28x89 - Episode 6209

Hannah fells unnerved by Sean’s arrival in town. Maddy is disappointed because it looks like Oscar only wants to be friends.

6210 :28x90 - Episode 6210

Josh ends up storming out of his own birthday party. Alf manages to have a breakthrough during therapy.

6211 :28x91 - Episode 6211

Ash and Kyle get ready for Brax’s attempted prison break. A stranger begins to follow Ricky. Hannah admits to Leah that she still has some feelings for Sean.

6213 :28x93 - Episode 6213

Billie attempts to keep Kyle calm. Ricky throws Phoebe and Kyle out of the share house.

6214 :28x94 - Episode 6214

Some complications leave Leah's life on the line.

6216 :28x96 - Episode 6216

Phoebe and Kyle are concerned about Ricky. Zac asks Leah to marry him.

6217 :28x97 - Episode 6217

Leah manages to overcome her fears. Billie ends up in danger. Kyle wants to get back together with Phoebe.

6218 :28x98 - Episode 6218

Jett gets the chance for a cadet scholarship. Phoebe decides to get back together with Kyle, much to the disappointment of Ash.

6219 :28x99 - Episode 6219

Hannah finds herself between Sean and Andy. Evie learns about Hannah’s infidelity.

6221 :28x101 - Episode 6221

Ricky manages to think of the perfect memorial for Brax. Nate and Kat attempt to deal with Billie’s crush on Nate. Denny and Ash sort things out.

6222 :28x102 - Episode 6222

Phoebe is unable to admit her feelings to Ash. Billie’s crush on Nate continues to cause Kat problems.

6223 :28x103 - Episode 6223

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6224 :28x104 - Episode 6224

Matt ends up in bed with a mystery woman. John and Marilyn decide to leave town to be with Jett. Hannah is confronted by Sean's wife.

6225 :28x105 - Episode 6225

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6226 :28x106 - Episode 6226

Andy is devastated after learning that Hannah cheated on him. Evie and Josh’s relationship hits the rocks. Matt attempts to cover his tracks.

6227 :28x107 - Episode 6227

The effects of Hannah and Andy’s breakup continues. Jett is thrown a surprise goodbye party. Matt and Charlotte continue with their forbidden liaison.

6228 :28x108 - Episode 6228

Jett says goodbye to Summer Bay. Maddy learns about Matt’s affair with Charlotte. Billie makes a fake assault claim.

6229 :28x109 - Episode 6229

Ricky is reluctant to spend time with her son.

6230 :28x110 - Episode 6230

Nate ends up being arrested for attacking Billie.

6232 :28x112 - Episode 6232

Chris manages to trap Billie by wearing a wire. Ricky admits that she’s relieved Brax is dead. Ash and Phoebe come close to sharing a kiss and Denny witnesses it.

6233 :28x113 - Episode 6233

Kyle breaks up with Phoebe and she soon gets together with Ash. Charlotte threatens Maddy not to reveal her and Matt’s secret. Marilyn and John think about fostering again.

6234 :28x114 - Episode 6234

Charlotte ends thingswith Matt. Oscar and Evie move in with Zac and Leah to give Hannah a change.

6236 :28x116 - Episode 6236

Matt threatens to use the pictures of Charlotte against her. Billie finds it hard being the town pariah.

6237 :28x117 - Episode 6237

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6238 :28x118 - Episode 6238

Ash goes to the hospital to see Billie. Leah and Zac attempt to support one another after their house has burned down. Kyle finds it hard to see Phoebe and Ash together.

6239 :28x119 - Episode 6239

Phoebe and Ash attempt to deal with the fallout of their relationship. Roo manages to embarrass herself teaching her first lecture.

6240 :28x120 - Episode 6240

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6242 :28x122 - Episode 6242

Andy discovers a baby photo in Charlotte’s wallet. The search to find Billie gets underway.

6243 :28x123 - Episode 6243

Leah and Zac have money problems after learning that their house wasn’t insured. Oscar and VJ try to help.

6244 :28x124 - Episode 6244

Irene reluctantly agrees to help Leah sell her share of the Diner.

6245 :28x125 - Episode 6245

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6246 :28x126 - Episode 6246

After Zac doesn’t get the principal’s job, he is forced to cancel the loan and borrow from Charlotte. Leah loses her job.

6247 :28x127 - Episode 6247

Zac borrows $20,000 from Charlotte. Evie and Josh make up after he promises not to take anymore drugs.

6248 :28x128 - Episode 6248

Andy questions the familiarity between Zac and Charlotte. Charlotte attempts to deal with the intruder’s arrival in town.

6249 :28x129 - Episode 6249

James wants to meet Roo’s family.

6250 :28x130 - Episode 6250

After Kyle loses at poker, he ends up owing money to the wrong people.

6251 :28x131 - Episode 6251

Ash finds it hard to deal with Phoebe’s news. Chris and Hannah’s friendship grows.

6253 :28x133 - Episode 6253

Kyle is back in hospital and Nate feels like it is his fault. Hannah misinterprets Chris’s intentions.

6254 :28x134 - Episode 6254

Zac meets somebody that is about to turn his world upside down.

6255 :28x135 - Episode 6255

Maddy approves of Roo’s new boyfriend.

6256 :28x136 - Episode 6256

Nate is honest with Kat about Kyle. Kyle ends up taking a turn for the worse. Evie ends things with Josh because of his drug use.

6257 :28x137 - Episode 6257

The siege between Damo and Josh continues.

6258 :28x138 - Episode 6258

Somebody ends up being shot during the siege. Zac manages to miss VJ’s tryouts as he spends time with Charlotte and Hunter.

6259 :28x139 - Episode 6259

Hunter manages to rub everybody up the wrong way and Zac’s oblivious to it.

6260 :28x140 - Episode 6260

Chris is able to get Hannah to agree to be his “fake date” for the Surf Club sponsor drinks.

6261 :28x141 - Episode 6261

Chris is still feeling upset by John’s comments. Evie hosts a peacemaking family lunch.

6263 :28x143 - Episode 6263

Josh ends up taking his anger out on Andy. Irene’s date with Greg does not go to plan.

6264 :28x144 - Episode 6264

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6265 :28x145 - Episode 6265

James and Roo tell each other how they feel for the first time. Denny discovers a shocking truth about Brax. Ash decides to give a kidney to Kyle.

6266 :28x146 - Episode 6266

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6267 :28x147 - Episode 6267

Charlotte admits to Andy that she is still in love with Zac. Leah and Zac’s relationship is in trouble because of Hunter.

6268 :28x148 - Episode 6268

John and Marilyn don't have any luck with their DOCS meeting. Leah comes to a decision about her future with Zac.

6269 :28x149 - Episode 6269

Denny is bale to Hannah realise that she likes Chris, but he’s oblivious to it.

6271 :28x151 - Episode 6271

Denny misses Casey on the anniversary of his death. Ash discovers that Phoebe believes that Kyle would make the better father for the baby. Ricky and Nate admit their feelings.

6272 :28x152 - Episode 6272

Hannah keep it hidden that she is now seeing Chris. Denny hosts a dinner in Casey’s memory.

6273 :28x153 - Episode 6273

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6274 :28x154 - Episode 6274

Marilyn receives a visit from a boy she used to look after who turns out to be Ed Sheeran.

6275 :28x155 - Episode 6275

Hannah admits that she’s seeing Chris and they become an official couple.

6276 :28x156 - Episode 6276

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6277 :28x157 - Episode 6277

Marilyn gives up on attempting to foster another child. Charlotte wants Hunter to keep his mood swings under control.

6279 :28x159 - Episode 6279

Nate and Ricky attempt to keep their secret from Kat.

6280 :28x160 - Episode 6280

Roo thinks about taking the next step with James.

6282 :28x162 - Episode 6282

Charlotte’s cover up does not go to plan. Phoebe has to make an impossible choice.

6283 :28x163 - Episode 6283

Marilyn attempts to come back to John. Ricky continues to deny her feelings for Nate. Charlotte attempts to maintain her web of lies.

6284 :28x164 - Episode 6284

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6285 :28x165 - Episode 6285

John attempts to do what’s best for Marilyn despite his own upset.

6287 :28x167 - Episode 6287

Phoebe’s griefcauses her to tell Kyle a difficult home truth. Roo might have made a huge mistake by moving in with James.

6288 :28x168 - Episode 6288

Kyle and Phoebe need to decide whether they are able to forgive each other. Maddy’s first shift at Angelo’s does not go to plan.

6289 :28x169 - Episode 6289

Marilyn hopes to get her memory back after leaving the hospital. Charlotte attempts to escape her guilt over killing Denny.

6292 :28x172 - Episode 6292

Evelyn ends up falling further into Tank’s grasp as she lies to Leah and Zac about their relationship. Oscar manages to put his foot in it with Maddy.

6293 :28x173 - Episode 6293

Charlotte starts to unravel as she has memories of Denny’s death.

6294 :28x174 - Episode 6294

Matt becomes caught up in Charlotte’s web yet again. John decides to charm Marilyn into falling in love with him again.

6295 :28x175 - Episode 6295

Charlotte’s self-destruction continues. Alf finds it hard to accept Roo and James super fast engagement.

6296 :28x176 - Episode 6296

Ash and Phoebe clash over their living arrangements. Hannah warns Nate about getting too close to Ricky.

6297 :28x177 - Episode 6297

Charlotte wants to leave town but is stopped by a threatening stranger. Ricky and Nate take part in a sexy photo-shoot.

6299 :28x179 - Episode 6299

Roo has to deal with the fallout of nearly marrying James without inviting Maddy and Alf to the wedding.

6300 :28x180 - Episode 6300

Roo finds out James’s secret. Maddy’s 18th birthday party ends up spiraling out of control.

6301 :28x181 - Episode 6301

Evelyn ends up falling deeper under Tanks spell. Roo attempts to deal with James’ lies.

6303 :28x183 - Episode 6303

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6305 :28x185 - Episode 6305

Charlotte steals Hunter’s trust fund. Marilyn is uncertain about renewing her vows with John.

6307 :28x187 - Episode 6307

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6309 :28x189 - Episode 6309

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6310 :28x190 - Episode 6310

Charlotte finds herself being deeper into Trystan’s web. Kat leans on Ash.

6312 :28x192 - Episode 6312

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6313 :28x193 - Episode 6313

VJ sees a mystery girl who seems really into him, until she vanishes. Charlotte’s plan to get closer to Kyle is works.

6314 :28x194 - Episode 6314

Ricky and Nate decide to be open about their relationship. Olivia continues to try and charm VJ.

6315 :28x195 - Episode 6315

John gives Marilyn a round-the-world ticket as they renew their wedding vows.

6316 :28x196 - Episode 6316

Charlotte crosses the line. Olivia could be more interested in Hunter than VJ.

6317 :28x197 - Episode 6317

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6318 :28x198 - Episode 6318

Kyle becomes involved in Charlotte's dangerous game. Matt attempts to hide his true feelings from Maddy.

6319 :28x199 - Episode 6319

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6320 :28x200 - Episode 6320

Chris and Hannah need to try and forgive each other. Evelyn and Andy make a deal.

6321 :28x201 - Episode 6321

Charlotte is furious with Irene. Evelyn and Andy find it hard to deal with Josh’s unresponsiveness.

6322 :28x202 - Episode 6322

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6323 :28x203 - Episode 6323

Kat goes after Charlotte. Phoebe wonders why Denny has not been in touch. Oscar accidentally discovers that Matt has feelings for Maddy.

6324 :28x204 - Episode 6324

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6325 :28x205 - Episode 6325

Josh’s slow recovery could tear Summer Bay apart. Nate needs to decide whether to give his father a second chance.

6327 :28x207 - Episode 6327

Nate finds out the truth about his father. Kat could be about to connect Charlotte to Trystan’s death.

6328 :28x208 - Episode 6328

Charlotte hopes her cover story will work. Everybody starts to worry about Olivia’s scars.

6329 :28x209 - Episode 6329

Olivia admits her shocking secret. Jett returns to town.

6331 :28x211 - Episode 6331

Hunter attempts to cover for Charlotte. Jett and Skye turn to John for help.

6333 :28x213 - Episode 6333

Matt ends up humiliating Asia. Charlotte taunts a suspended Kat.

6334 :28x214 - Episode 6334

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6337 :28x217 - Episode 6337

Ash informs Phoebe that Brax is still alive.

6338 :28x218 - Episode 6338

Kat begins to close in on Charlotte. Josh finds it hard to return to life at home.

6339 :28x219 - Episode 6339

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6343 :28x223 - Episode 6343

The storm ends up uncovering Charlotte’s deadly secret.

6345 :28x225 - Episode 6345

Kat ends up breaking down and informs Ash she believes that Denny’s dead. Olivia fills Hunter in on her history.

6346 :28x226 - Episode 6346

Ash and Billie are reunited.

6348 :28x228 - Episode 6348

• No Summary (Add Here)

6349 :28x229 - Episode 6349

Charlotte threatens to reveal everybody's secrets at the wedding.

6350 :28x230 - Episode 6350

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Network: Seven ( Australia)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Premiere: January 17, 1988
Episodes Order: 220
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