Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens in Baghdad where CIA Operative, Carrie Mathison, is driving through the city talking to David Estes of the CIA. He denies her request to be able to hold off the execution of a known terrorist, Hasan, and says that it is in the hands of the Iraqi people. She says that Hasan has Intel that will help them with the war and David tells her that it is not going to happen. Carrie meets with a contact who has someone who says that they can get her inside the prison. She goes up to Hasan and he doesn’t have any information for her because she can’t save him. She says that she can save Hasan’s family if he agrees to help them. The Iraqi guards come in and take Carrie by force. Hasan says what he knows to her and tells her to keep her promise to save his family.

The scene fast-forwards to ten months later and Carrie goes inside her place and cleans up. She heads to the CIA and gets in. David is there and he tells that during a sweep in Iraq, they found an American marine. His name is Nicolas Brody. Carrie leaves to meet up with Saul Berenson, Middle-East Division Chief. She says that Hasan told her the day she was caught by the Iraqi soldiers that there was an American soldier who has been turned. Saul asks how she could be sure. She says that Hasan told her that someone was close to Abu Nazir, the leader of the terrorist group. She says that she is playing the long game and they need to authorize a surveillance package and Saul says that he is not going over David’s head. He tells Carrie that she needs to get proof that the safe house was planted. Meanwhile in Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, Nicholas is getting trimmed for his speech. Major Tony Trujillo comes in and welcomes him. He says that he wants to call his wife.

At the same moment, Jessica Brody is getting “busy” with another man when she gets a call from Nicholas. The man asks what her deal is and she walks away. She drives home to find her son, Chris, playing a game. She goes into her daughter’s, Dana’s room. She finds her smoking pot with a friend. She tells that she doesn’t know what to do and Chris reminds her of the news that she had. On a plane, Nicholas is told that in 2 hours, they will be able to be on the ground. Dana asks Chris if he remembers their dad at all. He says that he doesn’t know. Jessica gets ready for the reunion and Dana comes in and tells her that she needs to hurry and criticizes her dress. They get out and Chris tells his mother that she looks nice. As they leave, two men enter the house. They let Carrie in who asks Virgil, one of the men, who he brought. Virgil says that it is his brother, Max. She tells them to wire tap every room.

On the plane, Nicholas is vomiting and Major Trujillo tells David that they are going to be a little delayed for the Vice President. David tells Trujillo to get Nicholas prepared. Nicholas enters the airport and meets his wife and children for the first time in 8 years. Jessica runs and hugs him. Dana hugs him too and Chris shakes his hand. Dana tells him to hug Nicholas. The Vice President meets him and they escort him to a press conference. Carrie watches with suspicion and Virgil says that Nicholas has game. Max, Virgil’s brother, comes up and asks what a pill that Carrie keeps in her aspirin bottle. Virgil tells that he doesn’t know what kind of pill it is. After the speech, Nicholas says that he is driving. Mike Faber comes up and says hello. Mike is the same man who was getting “busy” with Jessica. Mike tells Nicholas that he has to go to Germany for debriefing. Jessica says that he just got there, but Nicholas doesn’t mind. They get home to find a crowd gathered outside the home. The reporters ask to get a picture with them. They agree.

Carrie calls Saul and says that she needs to get into the debriefing and she says that she will behave herself. Virgil taps into the surveillance of the Brody house and asks when Carrie wants to be at the house. She tells him that 8 AM is good. Carrie watches as Jessica gets herself ready to get “busy” when their phone rings. No one is on the other end. Jessica asks if Nicholas wants some wine and she goes up and kisses him. She takes off his shirt and sees that he has scars all over his body. She cries and he says that it is alright. They kiss and get “busy”. Carrie watches on how forceful he is with her. Afterward, she cries.

The next day, Virgil wakes up Carrie and she says that two calls came in and there was no one on the other end. Carrie takes her pill and gets to the debriefing. The agents talk to Nicholas and Carrie turns the meeting into an interrogation and asks if he knows who Abu Nazir is. He says that he never met him. She presses him again and he remembers when he was captured and he does remember Abu Nazir, but tells that he has never met Abu Nazir. Carrie doesn’t believe him. David tells her to settle down. Jessica tells the kids that she needs help setting up for tonight’s barbecue when she gets a call. It is Nicholas and he says that he is stuck in the debriefing. However, that is a lie. Carrie gets the call that Nicholas is headed to Bomount Park. David goes up to Saul and asks why Carrie was in the debriefing. David says that it will be bad for both of them if Carrie messes up. David warns Saul of Carrie.

Carrie, Vigil and Max watch Nicholas as a woman approaches him. It is Helen Walker, the wife of the other soldier captured in Iraq. She asks what happened to her husband and he says that he was beaten to death. She asks if Nicholas was there and he lies and says that he wasn’t. Virgil has Max step out of the van and Virgil brings up the anti-psychotic medication and says that she has a problem. Carrie says that she is dealing with it alone. Virgil says that this doesn’t look good for her and Carrie tells that Virgil is already in this. Carrie gets home to find Saul there. He says that she is going to need to hire an attorney for when she turns herself into the CIA. She asks if there is anything that she can do and moves in on him. He asks what she is doing and she freaks out and tries to calm herself down from one of her mood swings.

At Nicholas and Jessica’s house, Mike comes up to Jessica and says that 3 days ago they were talking about moving in together and says that all she has to do for him to forget it is to tell that it wasn’t great between them. She tells that Nicholas is her husband. Outside, Nicholas asks how close Mike is to the family and he says that he is around whenever she needs him. He suspects something. At a bar, Carrie sits down with a stranger and he asks if Carrie wants to get a table and she says that she just wants to go with him somewhere. He takes the hint and gets the tab. He gets the coats and sees Carrie watching the news report. She sees something going on with his hand. She goes to Saul’s house and shows him. He says that is something to go off of and says that it is not much to go off though. Carrie says that he is singling someone. Early the next morning, Jessica wakes up to find Nicholas gone. Nicholas is running and he remembers that it was him who killed Helen’s husband according to Abu Nazir’s instructions. The episode ends with Nicholas standing in front of the United States Capital Building.