Grace - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicholas remembering when he was in Baghdad. He has his friend put in the grave and the terrorists put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. Nicholas wakes up from the nightmare and it wakes up Carrie as well. Jessica is getting breakfast ready for the kids when Nicholas comes out. He asks what happened and she tells that he was muttering something in Arabic and holding her arm. He apologizes when he sees the marks. Chris comes downstairs and tells that the reporters are still out there. CBS News wants to do an interview and Nicholas tells Dana to tell them that he is not home. Nicholas says that he will be fine and that Jessica can go to work. After they leave, Carrie watches him closely. Nicholas remembers when he was in a tight cell. He goes outside and then goes back inside really quickly and crouches in the corner.

Meanwhile, Saul gets word from the cryptology department and they have found that there is no distinct pattern, but he says that they need to keep looking. Saul meets with a Judge who he has in his back pocket. He says that he needs a surveillance warrant. The Judge asks when Saul will let him off the hook for his mistake and Saul says that this is all about the law. Carrie finds out that she is out of her anti-psychotic medicine. She calls her sister Maggie and leaves a message. Saul comes in and tells her that she has a 4 week warrant to watch. He says that she needs to be careful not to think that he approves of this. She shows that Nicholas has been crouched in a corner for 5 hours. Saul says that if he had turned, he would be facing the media by now and playing the “hero” card. Carrie says that it could be hard for him.

At a hotel, a woman interviews a girl for an Iraqi prince. She asks if she like girls and other forms of sex. She calls her salon. She says that her name is Lynn Reed and says that she needs to have an appointment with Carrie. The Duty Officer calls Carrie and tells that her asset, Lynn called in for a meeting. Carrie watches as Jessica gets home and finds Nicholas at home. She asks how his day was and he lies and says that it was great. The next day, Mike Faber gets into his office to find David Estes there and another man. They ask when Nicholas will be ready to be their poster boy for the war. The Commander tells that Mike needs to tell Nicholas that he can get a package that will save his family and tell him to make it happen. Nicholas cooks breakfast and Chris asks him what it is like to kill someone. Nicholas freezes and sees a reporter in his yard. He goes outside and tells the man to get off his property. The reporter doesn’t listen and Nicholas hits the reporter’s throat. Chris sees the entire things and Nicholas walks into the wood. Carrie calls Max to find and follow him.

Jessica comes in the kitchen to find the pan burning. She asks where Nicholas is. Nicholas walks to the mall and Max follows him. Carrie had Virgil come over and watch while she goes and meets up with an asset. He asks if there is any food and she says that there is yogurt. Carrie meets with Lynn and she tells that she is in town to interview more girls for the prince’s harem. She shows that Abu Nazir paid the prince a special visit. She tells Carrie that she doesn’t want to get caught and Carrie tells her that she won’t let anything happen to her. Mike goes over to the house and says that he needs to talk to Nicholas. Chris says that Nicholas beat up someone. Jessica says that she needs to talk to “Uncle Mike”. They talk and Mike sees the marks and says that it will be alright. Virgil tries the yogurt to find that it is past its prime. Carrie tells Saul that she needs more bodies on Nicholas, but Saul tells her that she needs to slow down and that she has 4 weeks and says that David has career stakes in Nicholas. Carrie asks where Nicholas is and Max says that he is going to find him. David comes out and tells that Carrie is full on the prince. She tells that her asset is scared and David says that she is on her own.

Max calls Carrie and tells Carrie that Nicholas is looking at wires, lumber, nails and everything is getting put in his head. Nicholas looks at carpet too. Carrie gets back with food and Virgil says that Mike is hoping that Nicholas doesn’t come back. Chris asks if Mike is the boss of his dad. Dana says that they are having Irish stew and that is their dad’s favorite. Nicholas gets home and puts something in the garage. They don’t have surveillance in there. Jessica says that they have all changed and that they need to start over. Jessica says that she didn’t like that he punched a reporter and he says that he will live. He gets in to find Mike playing Hearts and Nicholas jokes with them. They sit down and say Grace.

Afterward, Mike offers a cigar and Nicholas asks if he always comes over in uniform. Mike tells that Nicholas is going to be offered a lot and says that he is not going to take the offers because he needs the last eight years back and be able to take care of his family and that he was tortured and tells him to leave. He calls him “Uncle Mike”. Later, Mike goes into Chris’ room and apologizes that he saw what he saw and asks if he is going to be alright. Chris says that he is going to be. Carrie gets comfortable on the couch and watches as Jessica talks to Nicholas about what the military is offering. However, he is not talking.

The next day, Lynn walks with the prince’s adviser and Virgil spills tea on her blouse. Carrie tells that there is a device that will fit into the prince’s Blackberry and says that there is a team protecting Lynn. She gives a compact and they switch them. Later, Carrie goes to Maggie’s place and greets her nieces out front. Maggie invites her in. Maggie gives Carrie more anti-psychotic medication and says that she is going to have to show up in a week. Carrie asks how their father is doing and Maggie says that he is getting the treatment now. She tells that she can’t tell the CIA and says that she is really good at what she does. The next morning, Nicholas remembers when he was able to be free from his cell and saw the terrorists praying. He walks out to the garage and fixes the garage door. He opens it a little bit and lays down a carpet. He begins to pray as a Muslim. He gets himself cleaned up and dressed in his uniform. He asks the reporters if they are ready. Carrie calls Saul and tells him that Nicholas is playing the “hero” card like he predicted. The episode ends.