Clean Skin - Recap

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The scene opens with Lynn and the Prince Farid Bin Abud getting “busy”. He finishes and leaves. She grabs his phone and puts in the device that Carrie gave her. The phone information is downloaded and Farid comes in and asks what she is doing. She says that she is getting dressed. He takes her over to the mirror and puts a necklace on her. Meanwhile, Carrie, Virgil and Max are watching as Nicholas Brody is allowing the camera crew inside the home. The organizer tries to remodel the place and Virgil gets nervous that they’re going to expose the microphones. However, Nicolas says that they don’t need to move anything. Mike goes up to Jessica and says that he is glad to see that Nicholas still has his opinons of the décor. Jessica says that she kept everything the same, but Mike says that she didn’t keep everything the same.

Dana meets with friends and smokes marijuana with them. She says that she doesn’t want to meet with the press, but her friends convince her to tell the truth. She says that will be interesting. Carrie gets in and David says that their target is going to be Farid. They tell that the asset is Lynn and Carrie says that Lynn downloaded the information and says that the information is going to be a good place to start. Saul gives Carrie questions about the reason why she thinks that Farid is in America to fund terrorists. Afterward, she asks what that was about and she says that it was an attack on her. Saul says that is the same question that he would tell anyone else. Dana gets in late and Jessica wants answers, but Nicolas tells her to go to bed. They talk and Nicholas says that they have had secret lives and asks if she wants him to try to talk to her. He goes down the hall to Dana’s room. Chris comes out and he jokes and says that if he runs into any trouble, he will send up a flare. Later, Jessica hears laughing coming from Dana’s room and is confused.

Carrie goes to a pool where Lynn is swimming. Lynn gets out and meets Carrie. She gives Carrie the compact and asks what they are going to find on the download. Carrie says that they are going to find a transfer of money and says that she is pretty sure that Farid is part of a terrorist organization. Lynn has doubts that Farid is a bad man and says that she is done. Carrie says that she is never done herself. Nicholas makes breakfast and Jessica asks if he is nervous he says that he isn’t. She asks what Dana and he were laughing about and Nicholas says that they were watching a video on YouTube. She tells him that Chris is not an eggs and bacon fan and says that Dana doesn’t even touch breakfast. However, when Dana comes down and gets breakfast, Jessica is confused again. Carrie gets into work and tells the tech guy that she needs any files related to bank transfers. She run out and meets Saul in the hall. She asks when he is going to stop avoiding her. She says that she is sorry that she lied to him and Saul says that the trust was destroyed between them when she treated him like everyone else.

Nicholas walks around with a news broadcaster and talks about his experience with his rescue. Mike is there with them as well. He remembers when he was beaten and tortured and brought to Abu Zamir. He tells the reporter tells the reporter that they wanted him to lose faith and says that they tried. Jessica tells Dana that it is good to talk about Nicholas’ experience. Jessica tries to talk to her and says that they have to be there for Nicholas. Dana tells her that she knows about Mike and her. She tells that everyone is in on the secret besides him. Jessica tells Dana that she can’t ever tell Nicholas about it. She says that it will destroy him and her. They get in to find Nicholas and Mike there with the reporter. Carrie gets home and Virgil says that they have something. He shows that Jessica tells Mike that Dana knows about them. Carrie says that she thought it was something important and says that they need to find information that will indict Farid or Abu Nazir. Meanwhile, Lynn escorts the new girls for Farid and one girl asks what she is to do. Lynn tells her to be herself.

Carrie watches as Nicholas looks in the mirror. Jessica comes up and Nicholas leaves the water running. Nicholas sleeps on the floor. Back at the party, the new girl keeps drinking and Lynn tells her to pace herself. The Prince’s advisor comes up and tells that Lynn has a job. He wants her to go to a man and make him feel “welcome”. She tells him that it is not a problem. She tells that she has to freshen up. Jessica goes up to Nicholas and tells him that there is a lot that they have to talk about. He agrees that he will talk to her when he is ready. She kisses him and he kisses back. She says that she wants to try again. Carrie stares intently as Jessica undresses. She sees Nicholas get himself “ready”. However, he finishes without her. He lies back down. Carrie gets a call from Lynn and she tells that it is getting weird and says that she has to impress a man. She asks about the “protection” and Carrie says that they are around. They track her phone and go on their way to her.

Lynn goes outside and meets a man. He pulls a gun and kills her. He stills her necklace and drives off. Carrie and Virgil find her dead. They leave. The next day, Jessica finds that Nicholas is gone. Chris tells that he went off with Dana. He says that he doesn’t want to do the interview. Dana and Nicholas walk to a fence with padlocks. He says that each padlock is a couple who thought that they would be together forever. He says that they need to cut Jessica some slack and says that he wants to keep the peace. Carrie gets into work and David is there. He says that Lynn was shot and that it was a robbery gone wrong. She tells that she wants to talk to Farid and David says that he has the interview tape. The reporters are there for the interview when Nicholas and Dana come in. He says that he is going to go change. Carrie sits down with analysts and watches the interview. Carrie wants to still talk to Farid, but he is on his way back home.

The Brody family is interviewed and Nicholas tries to talk and Dana lies and says that it has been really great to have their family together. Carrie goes up to the morgue and says that she is from the State Department. Carrie meets Lynn’s parents and later, tells Saul that she couldn’t tell her parents that Lynn was an asset. Saul says that she is there for her. Carrie says that Lynn called and asked for protection. Saul asks what she wants to hear and Carrie says that when he cuts her off, she feels alone. He sits next to her and says that an informant killed her and she says that she didn’t stop them. Carrie says that Farid was sad about Lynn’s death. Saul says that the real killer is in Farid’s entourage. At the same moment, Farid’s advisor has the necklace and asks for $500,000. The man buys it for $400,000. Carrie asks where the money trail is and Saul tells her to find it. The next day, a young Iraqi man and his Caucasian wife buys a home next to the airport. The episode ends.