Semper I - Recap

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The scene opens with Carrie watching the surveillance coverage and watches Nicholas as he gets ready. Nicolas sees Abu Zamir in the mirror. Carrie notes that Nicholas is having hallucinations. David meets with Ms. Gaines, the Vice President’s secretary. She tells David that they need to know if Nicholas is really as sane as he portrays. Saul comes by and tells David that they may have found out how Abu Nazir is funding his organization. They go into a meeting where Carrie brings up the fact that the Prince’s advisor is the man who made the transfer of the necklace that was around Lynn’s neck. She points out that several people have come by for the purchase of the necklace and they need to get the information before Abu Nazir does. David authorizes the inspection of all the potential buyers that came into the Laundry mat to talk about the necklace. At the same time, one of the “buyers” is having breakfast.

Carrie goes up to Saul and thanks him for not attacking her in the briefing and says that she would like a longer allowance on the surveillance detail. However, Saul says that he had to pull teeth to get that first one. He says that she has to take down the surveillance the first chance they get. Mike drives Nicholas home and Nicholas invites him in. He declines and says that he is going to grab dinner somewhere else. Nicholas asks why Mike is avoiding them and Mike says that he wanted to give Nicholas space. Nicholas thanks Mike for taking care of his family and watching out for Jessica. He says that he would do the same for him. However, Nicholas says that he doesn’t think that he would. Nicholas goes in the backyard to find Chris and Jessica. They see a buck in the yard. He says that it is going to ruin her flowers that she planted. Nicholas goes to the garage and cleans up with a pan in the sink. He remembers when Jessica and he were happy and younger. He unpacks a gun and cleans it before putting it back.

The next day, Nicholas gets ready to go to church with the family and sees that the flowers that Jessica planter were squashed by the deer. Jessica says that it is no big deal and that she will plant a special type of flower. Virgil comes over to Carrie’s and tells her that they need to go and says that he has to do it because Saul told him that he would get him into trouble. Meanwhile, the Brody Family is enjoying church, besides Dana. Lizzy Gaines, the Vice President’s Advisor watches Nicholas closely. At the same moment, Virgil and Max take out the surveillance detail at the Brody home. Carrie walks around the house looking for anything that they can use. She goes in the garage, but doesn’t find anything. Virgil comes in and says that they are leaving. They get inside the house and Max tells Carrie that he left the last camera for her to take down. She does reluctantly. After church, Lizzy goes up to Nicholas and Mike goes up to Jessica. Mike tells Jessica that Dana must have said something. Lizzy says that she wants to discuss something with Nicholas and offers lunch. He accepts. Mike suggests to Jessica to organize a friendly gathering.

David asks another analyst what he thinks of Carrie. He says that they are friends. David says that he has the feeling that Carrie is hiding something from him, but doesn’t know what it is. David offers a position in Cairo if he helps him out. Carrie comes in and says that she was running late and asks what David wanted. The analyst lies and says that it is nothing. He shows a picture of Rakim, the man who bought the house with his wife. Later that evening, Jessica tells Nicholas that she is inviting Mike to the party as well. He says that it is fine. Outside, Carrie is on stakeout and watches the reactions to what Jessica is portraying. The analyst calls and says that Rakim made several trips to an Afghan country. She tells him that he needs to follow up on the information and they will meet up tomorrow. Jessica goes into Dana’s room and asks if she told her father about her and Mike. She says that she didn’t and asks what is wrong. She says that it is nothing. Dana asks if she and Nicholas are getting a divorce and Jessica tells that they are not. Dana says that she is cool with it. She tells that Chris doesn’t think so.

The next day, the analyst is with Carrie on stakeout and asks about Carrie’s brief affair with David. They watch as Rakim gets into his car and they follow him. However, Rakim’s wife gets a call telling her to tell Rakim not to go home. She runs up stairs and puts an American Flag out. This is the signal. He drives off and later at the bar, Carrie, the analyst, and David meet for drinks and Carrie tells him that they followed Rakim, but nothing. David wants to know what happened with them and says that he wants to apologize. She says that she didn’t know the marriage that David had was going to end. He says that it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, the party is underway and Jessica talks about their husbands and how the sex is non-existent. Mike gets there and introduces Demmy, a woman he picked up last minute. Nicholas is in the garage and sees Mike talking to Jessica. He sees Jessica rub Mike’s arm and puts together the pistol.

Mike walks out to the garage and inside, Jessica and everyone hears two shots. They go out to find that Nicholas shot the deer. Mike tells Nicholas to give him the gun. Nicholas tells him to back up. Jessica asks what Nicholas’ problem is and says that he can’t even have sex with her and says that they need help. She tells that he better talk to someone or she can’t do this. Carrie goes home and picks up things. Back at Rakim’s house, his wife tells him that he is going to have to go back to work like before. Carrie exes off Rakim from the list and they move on to the next suspect. Saul comes in and Carrie says that she needs people on Nicholas and says Saul tells her that there is too much heat on him right now. She agrees, but later that night, Carrie sneaks out. Nicholas goes up to Jessica and tells that there is a Veteran Support Group meeting. She thanks him and he leaves. Carries is outside the house and follows him close behind.

She follows him to the Center and Nicholas tries to make himself comfortable. She goes inside and pretends to bump into him. She tells him that she shouldn’t be there and leaves. Nicholas follows her behind and asks what the problem is and says that she can never go inside there because she can’t ever tell what she does as a living. Nicholas asks why is it so hard to talk about the people who weren’t there and Carrie says that she agrees that he is right. It starts to pour and Nicholas says that he might not make it to the second or third meeting of the group and Carrie realizes that she has snagged him. The episode ends.