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Blind Spot - Recap

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The scene opens in Islamabad where a man is awaken by men. At the same moment, Nicholas is praying in the garage. The man is taken out of the back of a truck and has a bag put over his head. Carrie goes to Maggie’s and hears someone yelling. It is her father. She says hello and he offers to make her a sandwich. She gets a call from Danny and he tells her about another surviving terrorist where they rescued Nicholas has been picked up. Saul waits for his wife as she comes off the plane. He sees her and greets her. Carrie sneaks off to the bathroom and takes some of her father’s pills. She comes back in the kitchen and tells her father that she has to go. However, he knows the drill and wrapped up the sandwich already. Saul asks how Mira’s trip was and she says that the Slum Project in India needed some work and Saul gets a call from Danny. He tells him that David wants everyone in. Mira tells him that she understands.

Later in briefing, David says that Afzal Ahmed is the terrorist who they captured. He tells that he is a member of Abu Nazir’s group and that they could get a lot of information from him. David suggests that Nicholas sit in on the interrogation and Carrie immediately questions it. David says that the interview will be held at a designated “safe house”. Carrie talks to Saul about this and she says that Nicholas is possibly a terrorist in hiding and Saul reminds her that they will be able to monitor the responses that Nicholas makes when he is listening in on the interrogation. Nicholas goes jogging and Mike finds him there. He tells him that Langley wants him. He gets home and tells her that Langley wants to see him about something and says that he has to shower. She asks if he is alright and he says that he is tired of her asking him that. Chris comes out and tells Nicholas that he has a ceremony in Karate and he is testing for his Blue Belt. He says that he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

David and Saul wait as Afzal is escorted off the plane and but into the back of a van. Nicholas gets taken to the “safe house”. Carrie is there already and welcomes him. She tells him that they met at the debrief a few weeks ago. He lies and plays along. Nicholas recognizes Afzal as the man who urinated on him while he was being held as his guard. Saul goes in and greets him. He sits down with him and stares at him. Nicholas asks what he is doing and Carrie says that he is waiting for Afzal to talk, but he doesn’t. Nicholas puts on headphones to communicate with Saul. He tells him what Afzal beat him and urinated on him. Saul mentions Afzal’s family and tells him that Abu Nazir is not going to be nice to them. He puts down a crayon and paper and tells him to write down what he knows before it is too late. Carrie says that is all they need of Nicholas and he asks if he can go talk to him and Carrie says that they can’t allow him to do that. David says that they did a good job. Carrie says that Nicholas stopped breathing for a little when Saul turned over the picture of Abu Nazir. He says that she needs to pace herself.

That night, Jessica comes out with a new, shorter hairstyle. She says that she wanted to thank him for going to the support meeting and offers him tea. She asks what the meeting was about and Nicholas says that he can’t talk about it. Meanwhile, after a while of deafening music to keep Afzal awake and playing on his nerves, Afzal picks up the crayon and begins to write. Saul comes in and reads what he wrote. Carrie says that they need a sign of good faith and he says that he doesn’t know anything, but when Saul tells him to say goodbye to his family, he writes down an email address and says that he sends things that are sent to him to someone else. Carrie whispers and asks about Nicholas. Afzal says that they need to protect his family and then they will talk. Meanwhile, Nicholas goes into David’s office and tells him that he has earned a moment to be with his torturer. However, David says that they don’t have the authorization. Nicholas says that he just wants to tell him that the tables are turned. David feels bad and calls up someone. He tells him that he will have that chance.

Carrie gets the tech guy to track the email address and they realize that the email gets sent to Rakim Fizell, the man who they believed was a terrorist from the start. At the same moment, Nicholas gets escorted into the “safe house”. Carrie calls Virgil and tells him that they need to go check out Brighton University. Nicholas sits down with Afzal and tells him that he didn’t break him and says that he is a Sergeant now. Afzal spits his food on Nicholas and they fight. They break it up and escort him out of the room. Virgil and Max go to Brighton University and they get the address to Rakim. Nicholas gets home to find Chris with his new belt and Mike is there. Mike says that he better go and Nicholas asks if Jessica told “Uncle Mike” to take him. Mike says that Nicholas should be proud and he reminds him that he is leaving.

Carrie, Virgil and Max watch surveillance at the Fizell home when Saul calls and says that Afzal is dead from suicide. He says that there is a razor blade fragment and says that they must have missed it. However, Carrie says that they went through everything. Carrie says that she needs authorization and Saul gives his authorization. They move in to find that Rakim and his wife are gone and that they packed up in a hurry. Saul sits down and speaks Arabic. He gets home to find Mira on the sofa. He says that he is sorry and says that it has been a long day for him. She has Saul sit down and says that she has been doing some thinking about their marriage. Carrie comes over and shows Saul that Nicholas was allowed to go in and talk to Afzal. However, Saul tells her that they have no evidence that Nicholas passed a razor to him because they can't see him in the video because he found the only blind spot in the video footage. She tells Saul that he doesn’t care about the work and throws her hands up. She gets back to her office at work and takes down everything. She starts to panic.

She goes over to Maggie’s in tears. She tells that she thinks that she just quit her job and Maggie tells her to calm herself down. Carrie says that she feels that she is on her own and has been for a while. Maggie says that Carrie is going to stay with her until she can get her head strait. She gives her the blankets and her nieces come in and ask if they can sleep in there. She agrees and they snuggle up. Nicholas goes into Chris’ room and apologizes for missing his ceremony and says that he messed up. Chris forgives him for it. Nicholas asks Chris what he prayed for while he was away and he says that they prayed that he was alive and now that he will be alright. Later that night, Carrie wakes up and one of the nieces wakes up too. Carrie tells her that she can’t sleep and that she can get back to bed. She tells her to live with them and says that they will protect her. Carrie says that it is her job to protect them. She goes to the end of the stairs and sits down. The episode ends.