The Good Soldier - Recap

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The scene opens with Carrie at work. She is reviewing the tape of Nicholas and Afzul. The Head of the division is in David’s office and he asks how the razor blade got to his possession. Carrie comes in and suggests that they polygraph everyone who was in contact with Afzul and deal with it there. The Head of the division says for that to happen and David is upset that Carrie didn’t tell him in private. He yells for her to get the polygraph set up then. Outside his office, Carrie says that David was a little harsh, but Saul tells her that she deserved it. He asks her if she wants him to forget about what happened and she says that she was hoping so. Meanwhile, Nicholas gets ready for a memorial service for Thomas Walker. Jessica gets in and tells Nicholas that she isn’t looking forward to seeing Helen, the wife of Thomas, because of the fact that she treated her bad when Helen got remarried. She goes up to Nicholas and adjusts his tie. She tells him that he looks very handsome.

Carrie goes in for her polygraph and when asked if she took narcotics since working for the CIA, she lies and says that she has not. The machine picks it up. She goes out of the room and David goes in without saying a word. He takes the test and makes it very clear that he is upset. Meanwhile, Saul goes up to an operative and asks what the neighbors are saying. He says that the interviews are in progress. Saul sees a woman come out of her house and he goes up to her. He asks her what she thought of the neighbors. She says that they kept to themselves. Saul is confused and asks who the other person was. She says that it was the wife of Rakim. On the road, Rakim asks what happened and Rakim’s wife says that someone must have found out and that they were instructed to go to a house and wait for instructions. She apologizes for dragging him into this. He says that it is alright. Later at the memorial, Nicholas gives his speech to remember Tom Walker, but stands at attention and has all the people who served with them stand up. He repeats Tom’s name and everyone is moved. Afterward, Carrie goes up to him and tells him that the CIA needs him to take a polygraph. He says that he can come in tomorrow.

Saul goes up to David in his office and tells him that Rakim has a woman with him. He also asks David if he could be activated into the field again. He says that Mira has been called back to India and thought that it best that he go with her. David says that he will take it up the chain. Carrie and Saul have the team find Rakim and his wife. Meanwhile, Rakim and his wife arrive at the “safe house” and they go around and inspect the grounds. However, they see that it is rigged with explosives and they get out of there quickly. A car is parked, watching their every move. She tells him that she knows this because she was trained. At the after party at Nicholas’ house, the Marines have fun rapping and drinking. Jessica goes up to Karen and tells her that she is sorry that she gave her so much hate when she got remarried. She says that she understands. The other Marines ask Nicholas what happened and he tells them that they were hit and that it was like someone tipped them off. However, one of the Marines stands up and tells Nicholas that he is a liar. He then says that everyone wanted to sleep with his wife. And only one of them actually did. Mike punches him and then Nicholas grabs Mike and punches him right in front of Jessica. He says that he thought that he was his friend and then drives away.

At the CIA, Carrie tells the rest of the team that the wife of Rakim is Eileen Morgan, a woman with a past of terrorist activity. Saul gets called in for his polygraph and he is against it. They strap him up and he is nervous and anxious. He says that he wants to get back to work. The guy giving the polygraph asks if he was the one who slipped Afzul the razor blade and Saul says that he didn’t. The machine shows that he is lying and the guy plays it off as being too anxious. Saul leaves and says that they will resume the test tomorrow. He gets back inside and they find out that Rakim and Eileen met in Saudi Arabia and Saul suggests that it is getting hairy for an amateur. Carrie suggests that they have it backwards and says that Eileen is the terrorist. Carrie gets a call from Nicholas and he says that he can’t take the test because he is a mess. Carrie goes to the bar where he is and they talk about what he did. Nicholas admits punching his best friend. He asks if Carrie has been married before and she says that she never did. He asks her why she pretended never meeting him and she says that she has to be secret.

Later that night, they walk out to their cars and Carrie says that she drank too much. She says that she won’t puke because she is Irish. She tells Nicholas that Afzul is dead and that is why the CIA wants Nicholas in. They kiss and then go in the backseat of Carries car. They kiss more and then “get busy”. Meanwhile in a hotel room, Eileen is trying to calm down by watching a singing competition. Rakim is not calm and she tells him that they can’t turn themselves in because then they would just be interrogated like the men and woman from Guantanamo Bay. She goes to the bathroom and suddenly there is gunfire. Rakim is killed and Eileen manages to escape. Saul gets home to find Mira awake. He tells her that he is going to be able to come with her. However, she breaks it to him that she doesn’t want him to go with her. He is devastated. The next day, Nicholas gets home to find Jessica and the kids going off to school. He tells Dana to have a good day at school, but she hints that is not where they are going.

Saul resumes the polygraph and when asked if he is married, he says that he doesn’t know. He is asked again if he gave Afzul the razor blade and he says that he didn’t. The machine doesn’t pick up anything. Nicholas is brought in and she says that this is what they have been waiting for. Nicholas comes in and with everything; the machine is not picking up anything. Carrie is coaching the man giving the polygraph and he still can’t catch him in a lie. Carrie asks if he has been unfaithful to his wife. Nicholas lies and says that he hasn’t. Carrie knows that he is lying, but doesn’t tell him how she knows this. Later, Carrie goes out to her car and Nicholas pulls up and tells her to get into the car. The episode ends.