The Weekend - Recap

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The scene opens in Beaumont, Texas. Eileen walks into a bus station and asks when the next bus goes to Mexico and when. The ticket agent asks her where she wants to go and she tells her that she doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Carrie and Nicholas drive and Nicholas asks why she got into his car. She tells him that she wanted to. She asks Nicholas what type of bar they are going to. Nicholas says that he likes Dive Bars. They get there and start playing pool. Nicholas walks off and a guy with an 88 tattoo walks up to Carrie. He suggests her to go with him instead of hanging out with Nicholas. She jokes with the guy and says that 88 stands for Ariean Pride. Nicholas comes up and asks if there is a problem. The man says that Carrie isn’t keeping her mouth shut. He goes to hit her, but is blocked by Nicholas and is taken down. Nicholas and Carrie get out of there and drive away. Carrie mentions a cabin that her family has and they drive to it.

Dana and Chris are getting their haircut by Jessica. When it is Dana’s turn, she asks about Nicholas. Jessica says that he is taking the weekend off. She asks if he found out about Mike and Jessica says that he did. David and Saul meet and Saul tells him that they got a lead on the runaway terrorist. She says that Eileen showed up in Beaumont, Texas. Saul suggests that he go and meet her in Mexico when they bring her in. Nicholas and Carrie get to the cabin and Carrie calls Maggie and asks her where the key is to the cabin. She tells Carrie that she has to come to the house so that she can pick up her medication. She tells her that she will come back from the cabin on Sunday. Maggie asks who she is with and Carrie lies and says that she is alone. She tells her the location of the key and Carrie goes inside the house. Once inside, she goes into the living room and finds the gun in the drawer. She puts bullets in the gun and sees Nicholas outside. She goes out to meet him and asks him how he beat the lie detector. He says that he had to lie all the time. Nicholas says that she is a good drinking buddy and tells her that he has been thinking about her a lot. They kiss and get “busy”.

In Mexico, Eileen is caught by the Federalies. Saul offers to take her into custody. In the car, Saul tells her that they are going to Virginia where he is going to hand her over to the FBI. He offers her to talk to him. Back at the cabin the next morning, Nicholas meets Carrie on the dock. Carrie tells Nicholas that she and her sister used to come out all the time and used to go exploring. Meanwhile, Saul talks more to Eileen and tells her that she is safer with him than she has been in two days. He asks her about the plan and she tells him that he can’t help her. Saul speaks Arabic to her and tells her that he knows about the life that she lived. She tells him that he doesn’t know her. Back at the cabin, Nicholas and Carrie go hiking and they talk about their time in Baghdad. She tells Nicholas that she lost her translator and says that a mob got crazy. Nicholas says that it is nice to talk to someone who can understand him. She agrees that she has found peace as well. Nicholas leans in and asks if they are going to try doing it sober, but Carrie changes the subject.

At Nicholas’ house, Dana has her friends over and they are smoking marijuana and drinking beer. Dana’s friends say that they are going and she protests. She falls through the glass door. She looks at her arm, which is cut up and says that she didn’t feel anything. Saul and Eileen stop for dinner and he asks her more about what she knows and says that he has been in touch with her father. She tells him that she hasn’t. Saul says that her family is worried about her, but Eileen says that they are only worried what their friends will think of them after knowing that their daughter is a terrorist. Saul tells her that he knows that she was isolated and that is why she found Rakim. She tells him that there was something good there until her father found her with Rakim. Jessica gets home from the hospital and Mike is there. He asks if Jessica is alright and she tells him that things are complicated and doesn’t know how things got out of control. They kiss and then Jessica is called into Chris’ room. Dana comes out and says that Mike needs to stay away from their family.

At the cabin, Carrie and Nicholas make dinner and Carrie says that she is thirsty. They skip dinner and start to get “busy”. Carrie looks at Nicholas’ scars. Nicholas pauses for a moment and says that he wants to live in the moment just a while longer. Later that night, Nicholas has and shouts out the name “Isa”. Carrie tells him that it is alright and tells him that he is with her. Saul drives Eileen to his old home and tells her about his life growing up. She agrees with him on the fact that parents mess their kids up. Saul tells her that he knows that she moved her way out for Rakim and for love. Carrie is woken up by Nicholas and she tells him that they don’t have Nicholas’ favorite tea there. He asks her how she knows at what tea he drinks. She stumbles and says that it was probably what he had at the CIA. She goes out to get some firewood.

Saul drives with Eileen and she asks what problems he is having at home. He says that his wife is walking out. She asks what happened to Rakim’s body and Saul tells her that if no one claims Rakim, then he will be buried in a potter’s field. Saul says that she has a deal with Eileen. She says that someone needs to be on the roof of the house and says that Eileen is sitting with a sketch artist. Carrie gets back and Nicholas tells her that he knows that she has been following him and spying. She says that she has suspicions that he is a terrorist. He says that he isn’t and says that she can ask him whatever she wants. She asks him what he does in his garage. He admits that he prays. Carrie is shocked that he is Muslim. She asks how Walker died. Nicholas admits that he was instructed to kill him. He says that he lied meeting Abu Nazir because he offered his hand and he took it. He says that he loved him for it too.

Meanwhile, Gomez is on the roof and he says that he isn’t seeing anything special. David is talking to him and tells him to look harder. Gomez sees an airport and that Marine One helipad is their target that they are looking at. Saul asks for Nicholas’ picture so that Eileen can look at it. Back at the cabin, Nicholas tells Carrie that he is leaving. Saul calls Carrie and tells her that they were wrong about Nicholas. An American POW was turned and it was Walker and not Nicholas. Carrie tells Nicholas that she is sorry and says that their time was real, but he leaves her at the cabin. Later that night, Nicholas gets into his house and checks on his family. He goes out into the living room and cries. The episode ends.