Achilles Heel - Recap

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The scene opens with Tom Walker asking for money. Suddenly he sees a man who gives him money with a note and a key. Meanwhile, David talks to Lucas, Tom Walker’s son, and asks if the picture of the sketch that Eileen gave is his father. Carrie talks to Helen Walker and she tells her that she doesn’t know whether to be excited or scared. Saul talks to Nicholas Brody again and asks him the same questions of Tom’s death. He goes over the details that he doesn’t know and says that he was told that he was dead. Nicholas sees Carrie and walks by her without a word. Carrie runs up to him and tells him that she didn’t tell them anything that was said at the cabin. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it. Saul comes out of the room and asks Carrie if everything is alright. She lies and says that everything is fine.

Nicholas gets home to find Jessica there. He says that Langley wanted to ask him more questions about Tom Walker. She tells him that he doesn’t need to tell her where he was. Nicholas tells her that he doesn’t blame her for what she did. Jessica breaks down and tells him that she waited 6 years and then she cracked and gave in. He says that she is not the one at fault. He tells her that he doesn’t want everything to fall apart. In the CIA, Saul shows Carrie that the phone records of Helen Walker shows that there is a number at the times when Helen isn’t home. He calls Helen’s phone and they hear the answering machine. Saul says that it is Walker’s “Achilles Heel”. David enters and introduces Special Agent Hall. David says that Hall is their liaison. Carrie says that Walker is calling to hear their voices. Hall says that they need to enlist the public and Carrie tells him that the last time they did that, it took them 20 years to find the bad guy.

Later that night, Nicholas, Jessica, Chris and Dana are playing cards when Mrs. Gaines calls. Jessica says that they are invited to a party for them to go and Dana convinces them to go. Jessica tells Nicholas that she is sending a car. Dana tells Nicholas to learn to say yes when good things happen. Meanwhile, Saul tells Mira that Elizabeth Gaines invited them and she agrees to go for old time’s sake. Carrie comes over to Saul’s and tells him that David has assigned her to the task force. She tells him about the relationship that she and Nicholas had. She tells him that it has stopped and he says that should have never happened. He asks if she is alright and tells her that they will be heroes by noon tomorrow if everything goes well. The next day, Carrie talks to Saul and tells him that Helen seems confident to do the task. They phone rings and Helen freezes. Carrie tells her to pick the phone up. She does, but it is not Walker. Helen breaks down and Carrie tells her that she can do this and to tell Walker that she kept him alive in her son’s thoughts. The phone rings again and she picks up. The person on the other end hangs up. Walker takes the battery out of the phone and looks at the dollar with a key on it. He takes the key and walks off.

Later, Chris waits for the car and Dana tells him that they will come to the door. Chris says that Nicholas and Jessica aren’t fighting. They come downstairs and ask how they look. Dana says that she must be adopted. At Saul’s and Mira’s, Saul compliments Mira and she compliments him too. He asks whose going to tell him that when she is gone. They arrive at Elizabeth’s place for the party and Elizabeth walks up and welcomes Saul and Mira. She tells Mira that she needs to stay this year. She walks off and Elizabeth asks if she “accidentally” hit a nerve. Elizabeth makes her rounds to Nicholas and Jessica. She has Saul meet them and she tells Saul that she has big plans for Nicholas and Jessica. She tells him to stick around and he will find out. At Helen’s house, Carrie talks about how she met a guy, but thinks that it won’t work out. Back at the party, Nicholas tells one of his war stories and looks at Jessica. They walk up to one another and ask each other if everyone is being nice. Jessica says that everyone is being nice to her and Nicholas says that it is the same for him. Elizabeth asks if Saul wants to talk about his and Mira’s problems and he says that he doesn’t understand it. Elizabeth brings everyone into the library and they watch out Rep. Richard Johnson is in the middle of a scandal. Saul realizes that she is thinking of replacing him with Nicholas and Jessica.

Later that night, Jessica and Nicholas get driven home and laugh about how the Republican’s name was Dick Johnson. Jessica thanks Nicholas for a wonderful time out. They get home and find Dana and Chris watching a movie and sit down together as a family. Late that night, Walker calls Helen. The tech team at Langley gets an alert and calls Carrie. They start the trace on Walker and Carrie finds Helen outside talking to Walker. When Walker talks back, Helen is overcome with emotion that she tells him that the FBI are tracking him and tells him to get out and run. The truck finds him and chases him down. Carrie tries to talk to the team to not pursue him and to hold back a little. Walker hits one of the men and takes his gun. Walker runs into a building and the FBI team moves in. They shoot at a man and realize that it isn’t Walker. Carrie realizes that they lost Walker.

David arrives at the Mosque that the FBI infiltrated after Walker went inside and sees that two of the men are killed. Hall tells them that they need to make the news public now and Saul agrees that they don’t have a choice. Meanwhile, Walker walks up to the storage closet and finds a sniper rifle lying inside a case. Carrie calls Nicholas and he asks what she wants at six-o-clock in the morning. She tells him that Tom Walker is alive and that he was the POW that was turned. Nicholas tells her that she is lying, but Carrie tells him that they are going LIVE with the information in a few hours. She tries to tell him that the intimate moments that they had were real to her, but Jessica comes out and he stands by his wife. She gets in the car and drives away.

Saul gets home and sees Mira leaving in a cab. He tells her that he promised to take her and she tells him that it is better this way. He kisses her and says that he will talk to her still. Carrie and Saul are in the office and Saul tells her that they are going to have to prioritize tomorrow since there are thousands of sightings. She tells him that she has an epiphany and says that she is going to be alone her whole life. The man who gave Walker the key to the shed gets home to find someone in a chair. He thinks that it is Walker, but it is Nicholas. He tells him to tell Abu Nazir that he is done talking to Abu Nazir and tells him to tell him that it is over. He walks out and the episode ends.