Crossfire - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicholas at the grocery store. He calls and leaves a message for Jessica about the grocery list. Back at the house, Dana can’t believe that Tom Walker is alive. Back at the store, Nicholas asks the cashier about the list and she recognizes him as the “war hero”. As Nicholas gets to his car, he is attacked by two men. They kick him and beat him with a crow bar and then inject him with a sedative. Meanwhile, Carrie goes up to the Masque and Hall, from the FBI, comes up and Carrie says that she wanted to talk to the lead on the team. Carrie says that the leader of the Masque tells that none of the men knew Walker, but Hall points out that Walker knows the Masque well. At the same moment, Walker is walking through a forest.

The leader of the Masque comes up and she tells him that she is sorry about the deaths. Galvez tells that he is Muslim too and they tell him that Walker needs to be caught. Carrie brings up that Walker knew the way around the building. He says that if the FBI tells the truth, he will say something. Carrie tells Galvez that the leader of the Masque knows something, he won’t say anything though. Jessica returns the message that Nicholas left and she tells him that she is taking Chris out to a movie. Meanwhile, Nicholas is getting cleaned up by a man. It takes him back 3 years ago when Abu Nazir cleaned him up and gave him a place to stay with his son Isa. However, Isa isn’t that happy to see Nicholas.

Carrie meets with Hall and tells him that the leader of the Masque is telling her that Walker didn’t fire at the men. She tells him that he knows more, but won’t until they he gets justice. Hall tells her that he isn’t going to allow for his men to be thrown under the bus for this incident. Back with Nicholas, he remembers more about what happened three years ago and how he tried to strike up a friendship with Isa. Back at the CIA, Carrie plays the recording of Hall talking about how he is not going to allow the CIA to throw them under the bus. David tells her that she has a lot of guts to do that. She says that she is going to do anything to catch a terrorist. She says that she knows a source. David says that she is to do nothing to sabotage the FBI manhunt for Walker. Nicholas remembers when Isa knocked over some glasses and Nicholas takes the blame for it.

Carrie is in Saul’s office and she takes a pill. Saul comes in and asks what she is doing. She tells him that she needed to relax. Saul tells Carrie that she is approaching the problem the wrong way around. Nicholas remembers when he prayed with Isa. At a protest, Carrie and Galvez go to the Masque and Carrie visits the leader of the Masque. She says that if there is an attack that happens, the people are going to put a match to the place. Carrie asks what he expects and he says that he wants to the truth. He refuses to give up the information on Walker. She goes out to the car and tells Galvez that the FBI better find Walker. Meanwhile, Walker unpacks the rifle and shoots at a target. Nicholas remembers when Isa knows how to read so quickly. He gives Nicholas a hug.

Carrie calls Saul and he tells her not to worry about it. Carrie gets a call from Zahira, the leader of the Masque’s wife. She asks to talk to Carrie in 15 minutes. Back in the woods, a hunter comes up to Walker and asks what kind of game he is hunting. Walker tells him that it is just office supplies. The hunter reaches for a bullet and loads a round in his gun. Walker tells him to have a nice day. Carrie meets with Zahira and she says that she loves her husband, but tells her that Walker has been coming to the Masque to meet with a man from Saudi Arabia. Nicholas remembers back in Iraq again and Isa comes up and gives him a drawing of him and Nicholas. He thanks Isa for it. Nicholas wakes up from his bed and asks what is going on. There is a monitor and webcam. Nicholas gets dressed and Abu Nazir sits down in front of another webcam. He asks what Walker is doing and Nazir says that he is helping. He brings up Isa and says asks if he has forgotten.

Nicholas remembers teaching Isa “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. Later, there is an explosion and Nicholas finds Isa at the bottom of rubble. He is dead. He takes his body and prepares it. Nazir comes in and kisses his son goodbye. Back to the present, Nazir tells him that it was his choice to do what he did. He gets up and a man comes in and plays a press conference from 2 years ago. The Vice President tells the nation that it was America who bombed the compound where Nazir was hiding out in and says that the information that several children were involved is false. The man tells Nicholas that he is going to be asked to run for office and that he needs to take it. He says that this will be a symbol to Nazir that Nicholas wants to continue the work that he vowed to do years ago.

Back in the woods, the hunter gets back to his truck and sees a newspaper clipping of Walker. He reaches for his keys, but it shot in the back of the head by Walker. Back at the hideout, the man tells Nicholas that he needs to take some medication. He says that that his car is across the street and that the groceries are there. Meanwhile, Walker takes the hunter’s truck with the body in the back. Nicholas walks up to his car and gets in and drives home. Saul and Carrie go up to the same house that Nicholas came out of. Carrie asks what if the Saudi national doesn’t want to give up the information. Saul says that they need to wait then. Nicholas gets home and Jessica asks what happened to him. He lies and says that he was mugged at the grocery store and that they took his money and phone. He says that he went to the hospital and is fine. Jessica tells Nicholas that the Vice President called. The episode ends.