Representative Brody - Recap

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The scene opens with Carrie driving and Saul is talking team about the Saudi Arabian Diplomat, Al Sahrani, who talked with Nicholas. Saul tells the team that Al Sahrani is gay and that he has wives and children. He says that he is $750,000 in debt to a bank. Carrie arrives at the bank to which Al Sahrani is in debt and meets with Dwayne Pritchard. She says that they want to give Al Sahrani some pain. She asks to borrow their bank. Meanwhile, Nicholas is having breakfast when he sees black SUVs pull up to his house. He gets ready to attack, but it is the Secret Service. Vice President Walden comes in and tells him that he has to keep the security since the Walker threat. He asks if Walker is as good of a shot as they say he is. Nicholas says that he is. Walden tells Nicholas that he wants him to run for Congress, just like Abu Nazir had said. He says that he would love to, but needs to talk it over with his wife. He asks if that is going to be a problem. Nicholas says that it won’t.

David, Saul and Carrie meet with a member in the State Department about what they can do with Al Sahrani. The man says that Al Sahrani has diplomatic immunity. They tell him that they just want to talk to him and the man tells him that he doesn’t want to talk to them about this and leaves. David tells Carrie to run point on the interrogation. Carrie gets the information on Al Sahrani and Saul tells her that he is alright with her running point. She tells him that she remembers Saul telling her about finding the humanity in people. Jessica gets home and Nicholas tells her that Walden visited him and offered him a place in Congress. Jessica is not happy about it and says that he can’t do this because he won’t be able to spend time with them ad also brings up the fact that they are going bring up everything on him including her and his affair.

Carrie is at her place trying to quiz herself with Virgil on the information on Al Sahrani’s family when she gets a call from Nicholas. He says that he needs to see her and she says that she is busy tonight and that they can do it tomorrow. He agrees. Virgil teases her about the phone call. She asks him if they have enough to get Al Sahrani. He says that there are two types of people, those that lay down for the cause and those who fight against it. The next day, Carrie and Saul wait for Al Sahrani to arrive. When he does, Saul asks if she has this and she says that she is. Meanwhile, Nicholas goes up to Mike and apologizes for hitting him. He says that it wasn’t Mike’s fault that he got with Jessica. He tells him that the Vice President offered him a seat in Congress and needs him to talk to Jessica. He says that he will. Nicholas thanks Mike for taking care of his children when he was gone. Al Sahrani comes in and he realizes that they are not from the bank. He tells them that he wants to call his Embassy. However, Carrie tells him to look at the pictures first. He realizes that they have him at the Spa with other men. He sits down.

Later, Carrie is still talking to Al Sahrani and he isn’t giving any information. He says that he will tell his own wives because they don’t care. He says that he will say that he is gay to everyone. It seems that he is going to leave until Carrie mentions his daughter, who he is very close with. Carrie says that they can deport her and take away her degrees that she is getting at Yale. Al Sahrani sits back down and Carrie tells him that they know that he met Walker and that a man, who is connected with Abu Nazir, gave him an envelope. He tells her that he is paid only to give Intel from his Embassy. He says that he is supposed to meet him again and Saul tells him that they are going to be bait. He welcomes him to the CIA. Back at Nicholas’ house, Jessica burns dinner and then sees that Mike is outside. He tells her that Nicholas apologized for hitting him and says that he is trying. Jessica realizes that Mike is there to try to convince her. She tells them that they should get in the same bed together by the way he follows Nicholas.

Later that night, Nicholas goes over to Carrie’s place and she is dolling herself up. She tries to give him wine, but her refuses. He asks her if she told the CIA anything about them two. She says that she hasn’t. He asks if they could find out and she says that they can’t. Nicholas tells her that Walden wants him to run for office. He says that Jessica deserves better and wanted to make sure that none of what happened at the cabin is going to get back to him while he is running for Congress. Nicholas leaves and Carrie dumps the wine out and cries a little bit. Meanwhile, Saul is at the office still and grabs himself some bread and some kind of spread. He doesn’t have a knife so he uses his ruler. He looks at the picture of Mira and him. The next morning, Al Sahrani gets ready to go to the meeting with Walker.

They arrive at a city square and Carrie, along with 15 other agents, are all watching for him. The sniper is in position to be able to take the clear shot of Walker when he meets with him. Al Sahrani comes to the city square and suddenly, a man comes up toward Al Sahrani. Carrie asks for confirmation, but they can’t conclude. The man has a briefcase in his hands. Carrie sees that the man is left handed and that Walker is right handed. Carrie tells everyone to get out of there, but Walker detonates the bomb from his phone. Carrie is blasted back and Virgil rushes to her side. At the same moment, Jessica watches the news report and says that it is a terrorist attack. Nicholas comes in and tells her that it will be alright. He asks her about her thoughts about the politics. Jessica says that the kids and her talked about the Congress bid and they agreed that it is a good thing that he is running.

At the hospital, Carrie is on machines and Saul is there watching over her. The next day, Nicholas and Jessica go with the Vice President to a meeting. Saul goes into Carrie’s room and tells her that she is going to get a lot of good drugs and a week’s pay. Saul says that Walker paid a homeless man. Saul tells Carrie that they have a leak in the government. They watch the report of Walden talks about Nicholas’ bid into running for Congress. Carrie watches as Nicholas thanks them for the opportunity to run. The episode ends.