The Vest - Recap

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The scene opens with a man sewing something. He rolls out a strap and pours a type of glue on some fabric. He places beads in it. The man is creating a bomb vest. He situates the wires and realizes that it is ready to go. Meanwhile, David talks to the press secretary and says that he has to talk to the president. Saul comes in and says that there are several agencies who knew of the bombing and that the leak is even harder to find. Galvez tells David that the Vice President Walden wants to talk to him. He tells David that Walden is on lock-down until the threat is subsided. David asks where Carrie is and Saul tells him that she is going to be released in a few hours. However, when Saul gets there, he sees Carrie walking around manic about getting a green pen. She tells Saul that she is focused on the green and says that Abu Nazir doesn’t have a single sniper and says that he goes big. Carrie says that Walker is a pawn and says that there is a bigger threat out there. Saul gives Carrie a green pen and is worried about Carrie’s state of mind.

At Nicholas’s house, Jessica is packing lunches and Dana says that she has plans with Xander and they are going to a concert. They tell that she is going. Jessica says that Nicholas wants to spend time with them before he is going to be taken away for political things. Back at the hospital, Dr. Jeremy comes up and Saul asks where the other doctor is. He says that he isn’t there. Carrie is still manic and Carrie says that she is on a roll and Saul tells her that she is not herself and says that she is manic. They ask if there is anyone who they can call. She tells him to call her sister. In the car, the Brody family is on their way to Gettysburg and Dana is recording their trip. She looks at Nicholas’ scars and realizes that they are faded. Carrie is taken home and Saul watches over her until Maggie comes in and gives her the medication that Carrie needs. She tells Saul that it is going to be a couple of days and that there needs to be someone there to watch her. Saul tells her that he can take the night shift.

David goes down to the bunker where Walden is hiding out in and tells him the details of their threat. Walden says that he doesn’t like that he doesn’t like that he is hiding out and tells him to fix it. David says that the C4 that was used was part of a Saudi shipment. Walden tells David to find Walker and to fire someone. The Brody family gets to Gettysburg and Nicholas tells Chris and Dana all about what happened on Gettysburg and that they fought their way to the front of the line. Back at the CIA, Saul gets in and says that they are keeping Carrie another day. Saul tells David that Carrie things that there is something bigger and David says that she better get in the office soon. Saul tells him that it is going to be a little bit because of the fact that the doctor said so. Dana goes up to Nicholas and says that she didn’t know that he knew so much. Nicholas tells Dana to promise him that she will look after her mother when he is gone on the campaign trail. Dana is concerned and says that she will. Chris and Jessica come over with hats.

Maggie drives Carrie to the store and Carrie says that there is something big coming and Maggie says that she needs rest. Carrie sees something and gets out of the car. She looks at a garden and says that somewhere there is a sliver of green and says that it is how everything works. Maggie takes her back to the car. The Brody family gets to a café and Nicholas tells them that he has to pick up a toothbrush. However, he goes into a shop and meets with the man who made the bomb vest. He shows him the vest and tells him how to operate it. He goes back to the car and puts it in the under the trunk. Dana comes up and asks what the package was. He says that it is a present for Jessica. She asks if something is wrong and says that he sounds weird. They get in the café and a man comes up and says that Nicholas is a hero. The man says that he is a tough man and says that he would vote for him. Nicholas stands up and starts to shake hands with everyone in the café. Back at the house, Saul gets in for the night shift and Maggie tells him that Carrie is upstairs. Saul sees papers scattered everywhere and Maggie tells him that she had to give Carrie another sedative. Saul goes up to Carrie and apologizes for not seeing this earlier and says that he feels responsible.

He goes back downstairs and starts to see the pattern in Carrie’s mess in the living room. He starts to pin things up on her board and when he is finished, he sees the pattern of documents. There is a separation of Red, Yellow, Green and Purple. At a hotel, Nicholas goes outside to find Chris getting ice. He tells Chris that he wanted him to understand that wars turn things upside down. He tells him to be brave when he gets older. He hugs him and tells him to tell his sister to go to bed soon. Nicholas gets back in his room and finds Jessica in a lingerie piece. She smiles and says that she likes their new life and says that the trip was a great idea. She says that this candidacy is a good thing. She says that she is happy. They kiss and start to get “busy” quietly. Carrie gets out of bed and goes out to find Saul looking at her work. She is happy that he sees it. She says that everything points around the Yellow where Abu Nazir was in mourning and that he came back in force with the Green and then the Purple. She tells him that she heard him last night telling her that it is his fault that’s she is like she is and tells him that she has had this since college.

Maggie comes in and Carrie’s father, Frank, is with her. Saul leaves and Carrie says that she needs him to tell Galvez. Frank says that he will make her his world’s famous sandwiches. At the Hotel, Dana tries to open the package that Nicholas got and he comes up and stops her. He says that is for Jessica only. She insists on opening in and Nicholas grabs her arm. Back at Carrie’s place, Carrie is pacing back and forth and Frank tells her to sit down and do a puzzle with him. She tells him that she has to get back to work so that she can help them figure out the pattern. He says that they will handle it. Carrie says that she has a friend who knows about this and says that he was there. Frank says that she needs to rethink this and says that he has the bad gut feelings too and that she has to wait. However, she says that she knows what she s dong. The Brody family gets home and Xander is waiting for them. Carrie calls Nicholas and tells him that she needs to talk to him about Abu Nazir and why he took a break of his terrorist acts. He asks to meet her and tells her to stay at the apartment.

Carrie gets ready to meet with Nicholas and puts on makeup. She hears a knock on the door and opens it. However, it is not Nicholas, but David. He comes in and tells her that Nicholas called him and says that he knows that he had a fling with her and that she illegally spied on him. She tells him that she is working on solving the entire thing. David sees that there are classified documents scattered on the wall and says that her desk is being cleared out and that the men are there to do the same. She tells him to stop what he is doing. David asks how long Carrie has been manic like she is. Carrie tells him that she is going to solve the mystery, but David tells the men to take it down. The episode ends with Carrie freaking out at David.