Marine One - Recap

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The scene opens on Day 1 and Nicholas is in front of the camera. He tells the camera that he did it to make those accountable of the incident to be held accountable in one way or the other. Meanwhile, Saul comes in to Carrie’s home and asks Maggie if there is any change. She says that there isn’t. She asks what being on “administrative leave” means. Saul tells Maggie will never be aloud to step into Langley again. Saul goes into the bedroom to find Carrie sitting in a chair. He says hello and Carrie calls him by his last name. He reminisces with her and Carrie says that she wants to hear a story about a man named Abu Nazir who took a break from being a terrorist. Saul says that she knows that they can’t talk about that. She says that she knows. She asks why Nicholas turned her in like that. He says that he can think of hundreds of reasons why and says that he is running for Congress and can’t afford any scandal. Saul realizes that Carrie loves Nicholas.

Meanwhile, Nicholas gets undressed out of his military clothing and packs up the camera. He is in the same storage locker as Tom Walker was in. Nicholas goes to an area in the park and sits down. He removes on of the stones and puts the SD card in and draws a line with chalk. At the same moment, Tom Walker walks up to a car and breaks into it. He lies down in the back seat. Later, a woman gets into the car and drives off. At a meeting with Vice President Walden, he addresses and thanks Elizabeth Gaines for convincing him to accept the nomination. Walden walks up to David and he tells Walden that they need to change the venue for his announcement of running for President. David says that Walker can do a lot of damage, but Walden says that he is not worried. The woman comes up to a police blockade and she shows her ID and they clear her. The woman parks her car and Walker puts a gun to her head. Virgil comes in for the night shift and tells her that he made dinner, but she isn’t interested in eating. She tells him to go away, but Virgil says that he is going to sit down until she falls asleep.

Nicholas gets home and Chris is mad that Nicholas can’t go to his match. Jessica says that they talked about this. They sit down for dinner and Nicholas says the Grace. Afterward, he asks how he did and they say that he did alright. Meanwhile, Walker is cutting a hole in the glass of the woman’s place. He props up the table and sets his sniper rifle on it. He lines up the shot to make sure it is good. At Carrie’s, Virgil is asleep, but Carrie isn’t. At Nicholas’s place, Nicholas remembers what Abu Nazir told him and to purify his soul. He gets out of bed and goes to the garage. He starts to pray when Dana walks in on him. She asks if he is Muslim and he says that he converted. She asks why he washes his hands and feet and Nicholas says that it is a ritual. The next morning, Carrie gets out of bed and asks Virgil where her medication is. He comes in and gives it to her. She tells him that she needs to get out of there. He says that it is a great idea. Saul goes into David’s office and says that there is an 11 month gap in Abu Nazir’s actions. There must have been an event. He shows David the redacted report and Saul says that he thinks that it is a Drone strike based on a number. He tells him that Saul needs to be at the conference today and not this.

At Nicholas’s house, Chris asks if Nicholas is sure that he doesn’t want to go. Nicholas says that he can’t. Meanwhile, Virgil drives around with Carrie and she tells him where to go. Virgil doesn’t like the fact that they end up at the place where the conference is being held. He asks why they are there and Carrie says that they have a terrorist on the loose. Virgil says that it is someone else’s problem now and not Carrie’s. She asks Virgil to be on her side with this. A police officer says that Virgil can’t sit there and Virgil says that he needs to find a place to park the van then since Carrie is set on going up there. At the house, Nicholas pulls out the vest and puts it on. Dana comes to the door and tells him that she really doesn’t want him to go to this thing today. He says that Walden is expecting him to be there. He says that everything is being taken care of and Dana says that this is awkward to have this conversation through the door. He takes the vest off and opens the door. He says that he heard his car arrive and tells her to tell them that he will be right there. Dana says that she is worried about Nicholas and he assures her that he is fine.

Nicholas gets dressed and connects the bomb. He goes outside and the car is there. Dana goes in to hug him and he stops her and tells her to be good. He gets in the car and it is a secret service officer. He says that he has been appointed to him. In another car, David tells Walden that Saul found a redacted document of the redacted form. Walden tells David that this cannot get out. Saul talks to Valdez and he says that there are no documents on it. Carrie watches from the crowd with Virgil and says that this is too small for Abu Nazir and that they are missing something. In the apartment building of the woman from earlier, Walker watches the news to be ready for his shot. Nicholas arrives and slowly gets his ID out of his jacket. Carrie sees that Nicholas is there and the pieces start to come together. Walker gets ready to shoot his target. Walden comes out of his car and Nicholas salutes. Suddenly Walker fires and Elizabeth is shot and killed. Walker fires again and kills more people. Everyone is rushed inside and Nicholas goes through the metal detectors without being checked.

They are lead to a closed room and Nicholas asks where the Vice President is. David tells him that he is on his way. Carrie calls Saul and tells him that Elizabeth wasn’t the target and says that Walker wouldn’t have missed. She says that this is Stage One and that right now the Vice President and his team are in a tight room. She says that it is Nicholas who Stage 2 is. She says that Nicholas is going to kill the Vice President. She says that Saul needs to get in her in there. Saul tells Benton, an officer, to get Carrie and detain her. Meanwhile, everyone is terrified and Walden comes in and they close the door. The officer says that they have initiated a full lockdown. Nicholas walks up to Walden and is sweating. He reaches for the switch and remembers Abu Nazir’s words. He flicks the switch, but nothing happens. Carrie sees Benton, but Virgil asks what is up with the backup. She asks Virgil if she is crazy about Nicholas and he says that he believes her. She asks for Virgil’s keys and says that he doesn’t want to know where she is going. Virgil gets Benton’s attention. Carrie gets into the van and drives off.

Inside the secured room, Nicholas goes to the bathroom and finds the Secretary of State there. He says that Walden has big plans for him. Nicholas takes off the vest and realizes that it is damaged. Dana turns on the news and sees the coverage of the Assassination attempt. Carrie shows up at the door and tells her that she needs her help. She says that Tom Walker shot those people and that Nicholas is working with Tom Walker. She asks what she is talking about and Carrie tells her to call him and talk him down. She calls 911 instead and tells them that there is an insane woman at her house. She runs out in the yard and tells her that there is something wrong with her. Jessica gets home and tells Carrie to get away from her daughter. Dana goes inside and Carrie tells her that she is crazy. The police come up and they take her down and tell her not to move. In the building, Nicholas repairs the vest and goes out and joins the others. One of the secret service officers gives him a phone and says that it is for him. Dana asks if he is alright and says that Carrie came over and told her that he was a terrorist. She says that she told her that she was crazy because he would never do that. He tells Dana that he is going to come home and is shaken up about it. He doesn’t push the button and the room is cleared.

Later, Walden announces his bid in for the President of the United States. Jessica comes into the living room and asks if Nicholas is going to press charges. She says that she doesn’t want to hear Carrie’s name in the house again. He says that he is going to take care of it. Walden goes up to Saul and talks to him in his office. He brings up the air strike that Walden ordered and Walden asks if they are on the same side. Saul says that he needs to know so that he can prevent anything like yesterday to happen again. Saul says that he is a sentimentalist and likes to hold onto things. He shows that he has the interrogation tapes of when they tortured terrorists. Walden realizes that Saul is blackmailing him.

Maggie gets Carrie out of jail and Nicholas is there. She says that she has to talk to him. Nicholas says that his daughter is 16 and that she terrorized his daughter. He says that what he says to the police depends on her. He says that he is not a terrorist and says that she needs to get some help. She says that she is going to get the help that she needs. Nicholas says that it is crazy what she did. She says that she is going to stay away. She gets in the van and cries. Maggie asks where to go and Carrie says that she needs to go to the hospital. Saul watches the video of David and Walden ordering the Drone Strike on the compound where children were playing and where the hideout of Abu Nazir was supposedly there. Saul says that he is close to going to the news. David says that Saul isn’t going to because that would mean that he is handing over every asset in the field over to Nazir.

Nicholas goes back to the rock and sees that there is another line made. He goes back to the garage and gets out a box. Inside it is a gun. He loads it and puts it in the back of his pants. He walks to an underpass and goes inside. Walker appears in front of him. He asks what happened and says that his vest malfunctioned. He says that what he didn’t do was a good thing and they would have replaced Walden with someone close. Walker asks if Nazir is listening to this. He asks to talk to Nazir. Nicholas says that he will be able to influence Walden. Abu Nazir tells him that Nicholas is going to have to give him a demonstration of his loyalty. He tells him to kill Walker. Nicholas gives Walker the phone and shoots him. He tells Abu Nazir that it is done. Nicholas gets back home and tells Jessica thank you for everything. He hugs her.

Two days later, Saul goes into the hospital and tells the nurse to take the IV out of her. She tells him that she wants the electroshock therapy. Saul tells her that it will pass, but Carrie doesn’t want it. She says that her brain is already messed up. The doctor comes in and Carrie says that everything is fine. She says that the memory loss is temporary and says that she has made up her mind. She says that it needs to stop. Saul doesn’t agree with it, but he understands. He tells Carrie that the period of silence was because of a Drone Strike that Walden ordered that killed Abu Nazir’s son. She asks if there is a way to appeal the termination. He says that there isn’t. Nicholas sits on top of the roof and Dana asks what he is doing. He says that he wanted to fix the skylight. She sits next to him. In the hospital, Carrie is going under the treatment to shock her system. She remembers her and Nicholas’ time together. She remembers the Nazir’s son, Isa. She mumbles to not let her forget Isa’s name. They shock her system and the episode ends.