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The Smile - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie picking up vegetables from her garden. Her father and sister are watching the news and Frank is worried that Carrie’s lithium levels are too high. His daughter, Maggie asks him to stay out of it. Carrie then goes to her room for grading papers and she follows the news online. Next, we see that Saul is in the embassy in Beirut. His team mates tell him that a woman has come to them with some information. Saul hasn’t seen her before. The woman wants a face to face. Saul agrees to meet her and he asks arrangements to be made. He leaves and he sees that someone is tailing his car. But they manage to elude the tail and meet the woman.

Next, we see that Brody is now a Congressman and Vice President Walden is waiting for him in his office. Walden says that he is going to float Brody’s name as a potential candidate for VP while he runs for President. Walden says that he did run a background check on him. He has lined him up for an intelligence briefing and he wants Brody to be prepared for the questions. Next, Carrie is at school and Galvez arrives to tell her that Estes wants to see her. He asks him to get lost. At home, everyone is excited about Brody running for the VP’s post. Chris has made a lot of new friends but Dana is not in a great mood. She is going out with Xander. She doesn’t like her new school and she hasn’t made any new friends.

Carrie arrives home and Maggie tells her that Saul has been calling all afternoon. She calls him and he tells her that he needs her help. He wants her to meet Estes who is sitting outside her house. She tells Saul that she doesn’t want to see Estes as she has put all of this away. But later she comes out on the porch and Estes hands her a photo of the woman Saul met with. Carrie recognizes the woman. Carrie tells Estes that the woman is Fatima Ali and Estes knows her as the first wife of the Hezbollah district commander. Carrie tells her that she recruited her and she kept her off books as she wanted Fatima to remain alive. But she couldn’t manage to find out whether Fatima was a valuable asset as she was transferred to Bagdad.

Estes then tells Carrie that Fatima came with information about an attack on the US that is going to take place. He says that she is refusing to speak to anybody but Carrie. Estes wants Carrie to go to Beirut for three days. But Estes also points out that this isn’t about Carrie getting her job back; this is only Carrie being a good citizen. Maggie tries to stop Carrie from going. She tells her that she needs to inform her doctor about this before she leaves. She feels that this isn’t about patriotism; a part of her wants to do this. Frank asks Maggie to let Carrie go. Carrie hugs her father and leaves. Estes introduces Carrie to Joy who will be accompanying her to Cyprus.

Next, a reporter named Roya Hammad arrives to meet Brody. Once they are alone, Roya asks him whether there are any recording devices installed in his office. She tells him that she needs to talk to him privately about Nazir. She then proves that she is in touch with the Nazir family and that their families have been close. She tells him that Nazir wants his help. She tells him that they know about the brief that Estes would be giving him on homeland security. She says that in his safe there is an encryption key that contains the database of all the potential targets. She wants him to steal it. Brody infers that if they need these then they might be planning to hit one of these targets.

He tells her that he told Nazir that he is going to influence the law makers through his access and that is what was agreed upon. He doesn’t want to kill innocents as he isn’t a terrorist. He says that he will not be able to access the safe. Roya tells him that he will have his chance. She asks him to contact her once he has the list. This is his chance to prove his allegiance. Next, during a school debate, one of the students in class says that the Arabs want to convert everyone as they want to go to heaven and they don’t value human life. Dana interrupts him by telling him that Iranians aren’t Arabs; they are Persians. As the argument continues, Dana blurts out that her father is a Muslim. In a safe house in Cyprus, Joy is briefing Carrie. She is struggling to remember the information of her alias.

Brody returns home and a furious Jessica tells him that Dana was called to the dean’s office. She tells him about what happened in school. Dana thinks that Jessica is over reacting as the person she argued with is Walden’s son and Jessica fears that this could ruin her relationship with Walden’s wife. Dana apologizes to her father and tells him that it was a slip of tongue. Brody tells Jessica that Dana is telling the truth and Dana learned about this when she saw him praying in the garage. Jessica rushes to the garage and finds the prayer book. She is at her wits end and she tells him that this cannot happen. These are the people that tortured him and now he cannot be following this religion as he is a Congressman.

She then asks him whether Carrie knew that he is a Muslim. Brody tells her that Carrie was dismissed from the CIA and was locked up in a mental institution. Next, Joy wakes up Carrie and tells her that they need to move out within an hour. Brody arrives to meet Estes for the briefing. Saul talks to Estes and tells him that Carrie isn’t coping well. But Estes tells him that there is no other option. Estes then takes Brody to his office for the briefing. But just as he is about to begin, Estes is told that Roya Hammad is waiting for him in the press room to confirm few facts of the story that she is going to telecast at night. Estes leaves and Brody manages to get into Estes’ safe and copy the encryption key in a notebook.

Estes doesn’t give out much. Roya ends up asking Estes for dinner and Estes assures her that no way he is going to divulge any classified information. But he agrees for dinner. Next, we see that Carrie manages to get through the customs and arrives in Beirut. She reaches her room and finds a phone and an address in an envelope. Carrie uses that phone to call Saul. Just then Saul notices that he is being watched. He tells Carrie to walk past the café and not stop. He tells her the time he will meet her at a safe house. Saul notices that one of the men begins following her. He tells her to ditch the phone and get taken into custody. She tells him that she can lose the tail. If they arrest her, the mission will be blown.

She then eludes the tail and when he gets close to her, she knees him in the crotch and escapes. At night, Brody wakes up and buries the copy of the Koran that Jessica threw on the ground. Dana watches him burying the Koran and asks him what he is doing. He says that this copy of Koran is desecrated as Jessica threw it on the floor and tore some pages. He is burying it out of respect. Dana helps her father with his task. The episode ends.