State of Independence - Recap

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The episode begins at the Beirut airport where Saul is going through the security check. One of the officers asks him to step out and takes him to a room. He tries telling them that he is a Diplomat; but they pay no heed to him and they open his suitcase and rip off the lining and take out a memory card. The Hezbollah rep takes it and tells Saul never to come back to Lebanon. We then see that Saul is in the plane and he still has the memory card with him as he had hidden it elsewhere. Next, Carrie is writing a report and her father tells her that she ought to go to bed and she can’t strain herself. She says that she is feeling great and he says that she has one more hour to finish her work.

Jessica finds the speech Brody has written for the fund raiser. He has mentioned his days in captivity and how he feels about returning to his family. She says that she appreciates it and kisses him. They start making out but get interrupted by Dana and Xander. Just then Hammad calls Brody and tells him that based on the intel that Carrie found in Beirut, the CIA is close to finding the tailor in Gettysburg who made his vest bomb. She tells him to go and move him to a safe house. Brody asks her to call him and tell him. She says that the tailor trusts and knows only Brody and so he will have to do it. He tells her that there is a problem; he is giving a speech at the fund raiser and the VP would be attending the vent as well. She tells him that he can get back on time of he leaves now.

Next, Danny arrives to meet Carrie and she hands over the report to him. He tells her the time for the debrief. He tells her what she did on the field was very impressive. Brody arrives at the tailor’s and tells him that they have to move now as the CIA is coming for him. the tailor isn’t very convinced and wants to know who sent Brody. Brody notices a truck across the shop and says that they don’t have much time. Brody then drags him out of the shop and puts him in his car. The truck follows but he manages to evade the truck. Carrie is a little worried as she hasn’t received any text from Danny about the debrief. The tailor still has a lot of questions for Brody. He then tells him his name is Bassel.

Just then one of the tires goes flat and there is no jack in the trunk. Brody uses some logs to put together a make shift jack and raises the car enough to change the tire. Just the Jessica calls and Brody walks away from the car giving her a lame excuse for not being there on time. Bassel looks a little doubtful and he tries to listen to what Brody is talking. He picks up a stone from the ground but later when Brody disconnects the call and asks Bassel to get into the car, he drops it. Next, Carrie arrives at the CIA early and finds out that Estes is in a meeting. She then excuses herself to go to the bathroom and she walks into the debrief room. She finds that Estes has started the debrief without her. Estes tells her that she cannot be here.

He then takes her out of the room and tells her that he wanted to meet her privately and appreciate her work. But then that is it; catching Abu Nazir is no more her concern and her work is done. In the elevator, Carrie fights back her tears. Next, Brody stops for gas and when he returns he finds that Bassel is gone. Later he spots Bassel running through the woods. At home, Carrie is packing her stuff and tells her dad that she is going home as she wants to figure out what she will be doing with the rest of her life. She can’t do it here with her family hovering. In the woods, Brody’s phone rings and Bassel attacks him from behind. He then chases him and tackles him to the ground, telling Bassel that he is only trying to help him.

But he then realizes that Bassel has fallen on a sharp root and it has pierced his stomach. Bassel is bleeding. He tells Brody that he needs to be taken to the hospital. But Brody says that this will lead him to the CIA. Brody is trying to stop the bleeding. Bassel then tells him about his family in Syria. Just then Brody’s phone rings again; it is Jessica. She tells him that the VP is about to arrive. He tells her that he is waiting for the tow truck as there is no jack in the car. Bassel starts making noises and Jessica asks him what is that sound. Brody then breaks Bassel’s neck with Jessica still on the phone. Next, Carrie arrives at her apartment and pours herself some wine. She then goes to her closet and picks out a dress. She then puts on some make up and her fake wedding ring.

She then goes to the kitchen and pulls out some bottles of pills. She thinks for a moment and then gulps down around 20 of them. She goes and lies down on her bed. She begins to doze off but then she quickly jumps out of her bed and runs to the toilet and makes herself throw up the pills. Next, we see that it is raining as Brody digs a grave for Bassel. At the fundraiser, dinner is coming to close and Walden asks Jessica about the plan as there is no one to introduce. Jessica tells him that it is her mess and she will handle it. She then goes up to the podium. She apologizes for Brody’s absence and she gives her speech; it is brutally honest when she puts forth the challenges she faced when Brody returned home after eight years and how unprepared she was.

And so she says that they need to use this money to set up a place for theses war veterans who return back after years, thus helping them deal with their homecoming which could be really hard on them. She receives a standing ovation. Next, we see Brody trying to wash himself at a car wash. Mike brings Jessica home and she asks him if he would like to come in. he passes. She then places a kiss on his cheek. She tells him that she doubts that Brody is cheating on her as he did spend a weekend with Carrie and so now she is having trouble believing the car breakdown story. Mike changes his mind and goes inside. Just then Brody arrives and he is certain that they were about to go inside together. Mike leaves.

Inside, Jessica asks him to tell her the truth. Brody tries to stick to his story about the union meeting in his district. But Jessica is not buying it. She knows that he is hiding something. She tells him that either he tells her the truth or start looking for a hotel room and give their marriage a serious thought. Dana overhears their conversation. Next, Saul arrives at Carrie’s apartment and wakes her up. He then shows her the video as he wanted her to be the first person to see it. She watches the video and begins to cry. She was right!! The episode ends.