New Car Smell - Recap

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The episode begins with Saul arriving at Estes’ house with Brody’s tape. Estes is shocked and after watching the video he asks Saul what the next move would be. Saul suggests that they could either arrest him or have him followed. This could allow them to gather any intel about the future bombings. Estes feels that it is dangerous for Walden to be moving around with Brody. Saul tells him that they should hire people outside the Agency to follow Brody and that no one else knows about this and it is carried out in complete secrecy. Estes tells him that he will be sending a man to him who will be running the things.

At home, Brody brings Jessica coffee and tries apologizing to her. She wants him to tell her the truth and nothing but the truth. He tells her that he wants to tell her but he can’t. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him anymore. She tells him that if he doesn’t tell her the truth, he should leave. Brody packs a bag. Dana is talking to Xander and she looks as if she is growing apart from him. Brody then drops her to school and she sees his packed bags in the car. She tells him that his car smells like smoke and leaves. Finn arrives and there is a smile on her face. Next, Virgil and max meet Carrie and she takes them to Saul. Saul introduces her to peter Quinn, who is the ‘man running things’ sent by Estes.

His team will not be seen by anyone. Carries is slightly taken aback and wants to know about his experience and he tells her that he was an analyst at Langley with six years of experience. Now, Carrie and Peter both have a plan. Peter explains his plan where they would have Carries intentionally bump into Brody at the meeting today. This should trigger his fear that Carrie’s theory about him could be back in action and this could send him running to his handlers. Well, seems that Carrie shad a similar plan. Next, Brody is at a car wash and he is getting a ‘new car smell’ as he wants the smoky smell to go away. The man at the place seems to be from the Middle East. Virgil and Max are watching Brody and clicking pictures. At the CIA office, Carrie is waiting for Brody to arrive and when he does, she walks past him, making sure that he notices her.

He is stunned to see her and calls out to her. She thanks him as she owes it to him that she is fine know as he was the one who told her that she needs to get help. She also congratulates him on becoming a Congressman. He wants to know if she is back and working on something. She tells him that she cannot discuss it with him. Brody is intrigued. At home, a drunken Lauder arrives to meet Brody and Jessica tells him that he isn’t home. Lauder says that he will wait. Jessica is unable to get Brody on the phone, so she calls Mike and tells him that Lauder is home. Mike tells her that he will be there in a while. At the operation HQ, Saul and Peter congratulate Carrie on her good work. They are now monitoring Brody but they have no audio in the building.

But they follow Brody on camera and see him talking to Roya Hammad. At the CIA, Brody tells Hammad about Carrie’s return and he feels that this might involve him. But Hammad thinks that she could be there because of Abu Nazir as the timing makes sense. Instead, she tells him that renewing his relationship with Carrie could be useful. At the HQ, Peter is very blunt when he asks Carrie about her sexual involvement with Brody. She thinks Peter is too mouthy for an analyst. Mike arrives and takes Lauder with him. Brody calls and tells Jessica that they will talk tonight, but she doesn’t want to. Lauder tells Mike that he is on to Brody. He thinks that Brody is trying to cover up Walker’s death.

He thinks that Brody had teamed up with Walker and working together like old times. Dana and Finn are studying together and when Walden gives his son a tough time, Dana backs Finn up. They then make plans for the weekend. The team watching Brody discusses all the people Brody met during the day. Carries is suspicious of Peter and wants Virgil to dig around a bit and get some information on peter. Estes apologizes to Carrie and tells her that she has done a good job. Carrie tells the team that Brody is living in a hotel as his wife chucked him out of the house. Turns out that Peter and Carrie will be the only ones watching Brody and doing the night shift. Next, Finn takes Dana for a ride in his BMW and they go to the Washington Monument which is under renovation; but clearly not for the Walden’s son.

They go to the top and they kiss. But then Dana pulls back, telling him that she has a boyfriend. He tells her that he wants to be her boyfriend. Dana tells him that she needs to talk to Xander first and he asks her to do it soon. Next, Carrie and Peter are getting cameras installed in Brody’s room at the hotel. Virgil sees Brody at a bar and calls Carrie to inform her. He says that the hotel security let them in on the cameras, and so she will be able to monitor him in a second. Peter asks Carrie if she fell for Brody. Carrie doesn’t appreciate this question and tells Peter to tell her something about him. He say she is from Philadelphia and graduated from the Harvard; a must in his family. He also states that he is very reliable. Just then Brody calls Carrie and tells her that they should meet for a drink and bury the hatchet.

She agrees. Peter tells her that Brody hasn’t called his handler. Carrie thinks they should spook him a little more. Peter suggests that she should drop something about Abu Nazir on him. Carrie is nervous but Peter isn’t as he thinks she is good. She arrives to meet Brody at the bar. Saul joins Peter. Brody asks her how she is doing and about her work. She tells him that she cannot say names, but they are circling in on a terrorist; the big one. He then mentions her therapy and she seems a little irritated. Brody then pays the bill and leaves. Carrie calls Peter and tells him that Brody made her. She feels that he is on to her and so they should send in the team. Peter asks her to come back. But instead, Carrie goes to Brody’s room and tells him that she heard his room number when he paid his bill.

She then instantly talks about the way he feels for his country and the way he treated her. She has blown the operation and Peter sends in the team. He moves towards her and just then the agents arrive. They cuff him and Carrie calls him a traitor. The team then places a black bag over Brody’s head and take him away. The episode ends.