Beirut is Back - Recap

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The episode begins in Beirut where we see Fatima, the informant praying. She comes out of the mosque and Carries approaches her. Fatima takes her to a safe place and asks her what she is doing here as Fatima was supposed to go to meet her. Carrie tells her that there was a change in plans. But Fatima says that she wasn’t informed. She tells Carrie that her husband is meeting Abu Nazir the next day in Beirut. Next, Brody is attending a fund raiser and Walden is also present there. Walden tells Brody that the Israelis are having trouble destroying an Iranian nuclear plant and so they are trying to acquire an American bomb.

But the President is blocking the export license. Walden feels that it is his responsibility and wants Brody’s help to convince the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary is a Marine. Brody agrees. Walden tells him that this is strictly off books and no one can know. On the other hand, Walden’s wife wants Jessica to work with this group of war veterans and wants to organize a fund raiser for them. Jessica is excited about it. Next, Carrie arrives at Saul’s safe house in Beirut. He is happy to see that she is safe. Carrie tells him that she already met Fatima at the mosque. Saul isn’t pleased to hear this as he wanted to be present while Carrie talks to Fatima as he wanted to assess her reliability. Carrie tells him about the probable meeting.

Next, Estes talks to Carrie through skype. She tells him that Fatima’s husband, Abbas, the Hezbollah commander, will be meet Abu Nazir in person. Saul points out to Estes that this meeting place is a dense residential area with a lot of unknown areas; so a drone strike is out of the question. They require people on ground and they could be walking into anything! Now, Estes is a little dubious about this story and there is no one that they can verify what Fatima told Carrie is the truth and also Saul wasn’t present there. Carrie continues to tell him that Fatima is a victim of domestic violence and so she wants out. She wants five million dollars and a flight to Detroit; this cannot be a set up. Estes thinks that a Blackhawk Down isn’t the best thing for the US at this point of time.

Next, Jessica and Dana are on their way to Walden’s house. Jessica asks Dana bout Brody’s prayers and Dana tells her what she saw. Later, Walden’s wife tells Jessica that they want Brody to be the keynote speaker at the fund raiser. Dana goes to the library to do her homework and there she meets Finn Walden. They get along pretty well. Saul and Estes are still discussing the issue at hand. Estes is really worried of dragging the soldiers on streets of Beirut without concrete information. Estes wants Saul to make the final decision. Saul tells him that he did not want Carrie in this mission at all. Carrie is listening to this conversation from the next room. She has an attack of sorts and she staggers to the roof to meet Saul.

She tells Saul that being wrong about Brody really messed her up because she has never been so sure and so wrong. She says that she can no more trust her own thoughts. But this time she tells him that they do have a chance to get Abu Nazir. She tells her that she is sure about Fatima as she practically saved her life. And she trusts the Carrie who recruited her. Next, we hear is that the operation is “a go”. Brody is preparing to leave for his meeting with Walden. He gets a surprise visit from Mike and Brody asks Mike to ride with him. Mike asks Brody to look into some information surrounding a lone shooter named Walker. He and his unit are a little dubious about him. They suspect a conspiracy of sorts. Brody agrees to look into the classified report if there is one.

Estes is being briefed about the mission on Nazir which is “capture or kill”. Saul and Carrie will remain in the safe house till the mission is over. There is a capture team in place along with several snipers. Brody arrives for his meeting with Walden. Walden tells him about the black-op in Beirut. He then takes him in to the command center to watch the mission. They see several trucks arriving. The capture team is clearly outnumbered and they wouldn’t be able to get out alive. So they change their mission profile from capture to kill. Brody wonders who are they going to kill and Walden tells him that it is Nazir. Another car arrives and Abbas and Nazir’s lieutenant alight. Brody is restless and he takes out his phone and texts “May 1”. Another vehicle arrives and Nazir steps out.

Just then one of Nazir’s men gives him a phone; obviously he got the message! Nazir heads back to his car and drives away. Walden realizes that somebody warned Nazir. Saul and Carrie rush to get Fatima. Fatima arrives and takes the house keys from Fatima and rushes inside to check whether there is something important in there. Saul tries to stop her but to no avail. While Carrie is in the house, a mob begins to form around the vehicle. Carries manages to get some file, but by this time the mob is about to destroy the SUV. So Fatima tells Saul that they should leave. They drive away leaving Carrie behind. The guys then go upstairs to get Carrie. She manages to escape the capture and gunshots. Just then Saul’s agent arrives and hustles her into the vehicle. Next, Brody meets Hammad who delivers Nazir’s gratitude.

She says that they suspect Abba’s second wife. He tells her that he is a Congressman and he is not their guy. She tells him that his role is more important now and that Nazir needs him. He then meets his army friends at a bar. He tells them that he found nothing on Walker. But one of the men still is doubtful as Walker is dead and he is a man who never missed a shot in his life. And on that day he missed three of them He assures them that the truth is that Walker broke and gave up everybody’s position and that he is a traitor. He says that Walker is not the person who they think he is.. Brody arrives home and Dana tells him about Jessica’s plan to making him speak at the fundraiser.

She then tells him about her friendship with Finn Walden. Carrie is dropped back at home. Next, Saul’s agent goes through the files that Carrie grabbed from Fatima’s house. There seems to be nothing useful in them; just some names and addresses but none important. Saul asks him to go and get some rest. He then notices something hard in the lining of the satchel. It is a USB. Saul plugs it to his computer. We then see a video where Brody is telling the camera what he did and why. He wants people to know the truth. The episode ends.