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The episode begins with Brody in custody. A furious Estes arrives and heads straight to the room to meet Saul and Peter. He doesn’t talk to Carrie. Estes wants to know what happened to the surveillance and why the arrest. Peter tells him that Carrie thought that Brody read her and so she blew the cover and they had to bring in Brody. They need to act quickly before Nair’s men realize that Brody is missing and then they will lose any intel about the next attack on America. Saul suggests that Carrie should go in and talk to Brody. But Peter thinks that she is too emotional and reckless. Carrie enters the room and tells them that she is positive that Brody made her.

Estes tells her that Peter is going to take a whack at Brody and Peter asks Carrie to go home. But Saul wants Carrie to stay. they agree; but it is going to be Peter’s show! Peter enters the room and sits across Brody. He informs Brody that he is in CIA custody. He will not be given a lawyer and he is off the grid. Peter then asks him why the torture that went on for five years suddenly stop. Brody doesn’t know why. Peter then asks him who is Isa and Brody tells him that Isa was one of the guards. Peter points out that Nazir’s youngest son is also named Isa. But Brody says he isn’t aware of it. Brody tells Peter that carries is out of her mind and she is lying about him. Brody also denies being converted into Islam.

When asked he says that he doesn’t know how Walker missed the shot on Walden. Brody denies wearing a bomb; he denies everything. Peter then plays the tape that Carrie found and he leaves. He arrives in the surveillance room and tells them that they will let Brody stew for a while; no sleep. Next, Jessica tells the kids that Brody is living in a hotel so that they could sort out few things. Chris is really upset with the whole thing. Dana meets Finn and tells him about his parents. He says he can relate to it. She then tells him that she broke off with Xander and they plan for a movie at night. Estes meets Greg, Brody’s staffer and he tells him that Brody is helping them with an issue of National security.

So he tells Greg to spread the word that Brody has flu and he is staying at the hotel as he is in the middle of a conjugal spat. Jessica tries to reach Brody. Next, Saul tells Peter and Carrie that Jessica has called three times already. Peter gets back to the grilling session. Brody admits that Isa was Nazir’s son and he taught Isa English. Brody tells him that he loved Isa as his own son and that Isa was killed in a drone strike ordered by the VP. He tells Peter that he wasn’t wearing the vest. Peter threatens him to tell Jessica and the kids. But Brody says that Jessica will understand. Brody tells Peter that they have nothing oh him. Brody also says that he knows nothing about the upcoming strike.

Peter then pulls out a knife and stabs Brody at the back of his hand. Carrie and Saul rush into the room. Brody receives medical help. Carrie tells Saul that she will take over the interrogation. Next, Jessica goes to the Ashford and finds out that Brody isn’t there. She calls Greg and asks him to track down Brody and have him call her. Greg calls Estes and tells him that Jessica is becoming an issue. Estes tells Greg he will have Brody call him back. After Brody’s hand is bandaged, Carrie sits cross him and tells him that he broke her heart and that she ended up losing her job and ended up in a mental institution. He tells her that he never wore a bomb. She asks him whether he felt anything for her and he apologizes for hurting her.

She then gets him some water. Saul realizes that Peter losing his temper was all theater. Every good cop needs a bad cop! Carrie then disables all the cameras (the audio is on though). She then unlocks the cuffs. She then tells him to stop lying as he is drowning in his own lies. She states that Nazir is a monster an he killed hundreds of civilians; wives and children who were Chrises and Danas and Jessicas. She points out how they manipulated him by being kind to him and giving him a son to love. She says that telling the truth will make him feel better. To prove her point, she tells him that she feels that he should leave his family and be with her.

She says she is now feeling better. She knows that he is a good man as he did not detonate the vest he was wearing. She knows about Dana’s call that he received when he was in the panic room with Walden. It was her voice that changed his mind. She then asks him about Nazir’s plan. He says there is a plan but he doesn’t know much about it. He tells Carrie that Roya Hammad might know about the plan. He tells her about Bassel and the Saudi attaché. Saul arrives and gives Brody his phone and asks him to call Jessica telling her that he will be back home tonight. Brody calls Jessica and tell her that he was out finding some answers. Dana is waiting for Finn as they have a date.

While waiting for Finn, Dana tells her mother that she knows that her father changed during the war. Finn arrives. Next, Carrie wakes up Brody who is asleep on the floor. She tells him that they need to go over his options. She tells him that he could help them to uncover Nazir’s plans and he will face no trial and there will be no charges pressed. He will quit politics and go somewhere far way. He asks whether they could give him immunity and she says a yes. He knows that they don’t have the power to give him that; but she tells him that he better hope that they do. Also, his family will never know about any of this. Dana tells Finn that she wants to have some fun. Finn jumps the signal and tries avoiding his tail.

He takes few quick, sharp turns and hits a pedestrian. Dana wants him to check on the woman. But he cant as his father is the VP and his future would be over if any of this gets out. They see that someone else is helping the woman and Dana reluctantly agrees to leave from the scene. Next, Carries knows that Brody told Hammad about her. He tells her that Hammad suggested re-establishing the relation with Carrie. Carrie tells him that if his absence is questioned, he should tell Hammad that he was with her. That could be their cover. Brody tells her that if Nazir finds out that Brody is working with the CIA, he will go after his family. She assures him that they will protect his family.

Brody reaches home and tells Jessica that he is working with the CIA on matters of National Security. Just then Dana arrives home and she looks nervous. Chris is happy to see his father and hugs him. At her apartment, Carrie pours herself a glass of wine and sits on her couch. The episode ends.