A Gettysburg Address - Recap

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The episode begins with the CIA surveillance on Hammad. Max and Virgil follow Hammad. Carrie knows that Hammad knows she will be seen as she is a public figure; but she also knows that she wouldn’t want to be heard. And Carrie is right; Hammad walks up to the fountain and meets a man wearing sunglasses. So they have video but no audio. Since he is wearing sunglasses, the facial recognition won’t work. Max walks up close to them but the audio is too faint and Carrie gets frustrated. Virgil then follows the guy but loses him in the subway. At home, Jessica says that she has fifty million questions about the CIA assignment he is on.

He can’t talk but he asks her what she wants to know and that he will tell her something if possible. But she changes the subject. Dana doesn’t want to go to school. There is no way they can get an ID on the man Hammad met. Carrie suggests they should get Brody in and see if he can identify the guy. Peter agrees but warns Carrie against trusting Brody. At home, Brody receives a text from Langley. Jessica wants to know if he is working with Carrie in the CIA. He says a no and says that CIA kicked her out because of her nervous breakdown. Brody drops Dana to school. Brody feels that he is being tailed. As Brody drives away from the school, he sees Finn and Dana walking into the school together. Hmm. Finn tells Dana to take it easy. He tells her that there is a hospital nearby and that the woman is going to be fine.

Brody arrives to meet Carrie. He tells her about Jessica’s question. Carrie reminds him about the deal. She wants him to identify the guy Hammad met. But Brody tells her that he hasn’t seen him before. Brody states that he doesn’t like being followed. Peter senses that Brody knows something. Brody tells them about Bassel’s death. Peter is furious as his team is watching the Gettysburg store, waiting for the tailor to show up. Brody complains that he didn’t know that they were watching the store as he isn’t told anything. Carries takes Peter aside and tells him that they can ask the team to search the store and see if they can find something. Peter agrees to put a forensics team together and get them to Gettysburg.

Carrie thinks they need to have Brody run back to Roya Hammad to get some information. Peter agrees. Next, Mike and Lauder go to the place where Walker’s body was found. The detective who takes them there tells them that a 9mm casing was found at the site. Looking at the place, Lauder thinks that Walker walked into this place with someone he trusted. The detective tells them that CIA took over the investigation in 20 minutes. Mike thinks there is a guy in CIA who could help. But there is no guarantee that he would share classified investigation. Dana goes to the hospital to see the woman they hit. There she meets the woman’s daughter and she tells Dana that her mother was doing better initially but now it seems that she isn’t going to be alright. Dana tells her that her father is a doctor and she came looking for him.

The girl then tells Dana that the nurse has told her to call the priest. Dana is nervous and she immediately leaves. Next, Saul arrives. Carrie tells him that Peter says no to trust Brody. Saul thinks Peter is right. Well, she is the one who came up with that theory when the world was calling Brody a patriot of the Century!! But Saul worries that she is being so close to Brody again. Next, Peter and his team are in the store and he asks them to look for anything out of the ordinary. Carrie meets Brody and tells her to tell Roya that he overheard Carrie talking to someone about a Hezbollah operative who just entered the country. Is that, who he is? It is just a guess. Brody thinks that talking to Roya is a bad idea.

But he says he will anyways. Next, Saul arrives to meet Mike. Saul asks him about his investigation regarding Walker’s death. Mike agrees and tells him that he is meeting Peterson. Saul takes Mike into a room where Estes is waiting for him. Mike is a little surprised to see Estes. Mike is asked to stop his free lance investigation into a matter of National Security. Mike says he understands. Next, Brody walks up to Roya and takes her aside. She is surprised that he isn’t following protocol. He tells her about the conversation he overheard at Carrie’s place. She then tells him about the tailor’s shop and the FBI surveillance that has been happening since two weeks. She says that the team has now entered the shop and asks him if he knows anything about it.

He says a no and asks if they found anything. She says “they might’. Carries seems to have a strange feeling. At school, Dana tells Finn that the woman died. Finn doesn’t want to talk about it. He feels that it is more important that they don’t talk about it now. He freaks when he learns that she went to the hospital. He says that all this will come down on him as he was driving. He tells her that if any of this gets out, he will be dead. In the store, Peter gets a call from Carrie and she tells him about Brody’s meeting with Roya. She tells him that she knows that they are at Gettysburg. She asks if he found anything but he says a no. She feels that there was something wrong about the way that Roya said “they might’ find something. She warns him to keep his eyes open.

Peter calls for reinforcements. Meanwhile, Mike is going through Brody’s things and tells Chris that he is looking for something he lent his father years ago. He finds a 9mm and finds exactly one bullet missing. In the store, Peter is staring at an empty wall. Just then a team of men wearing gear enter and shoot down everyone one present in the store. They then break down the wall and pull out a box. The guy who Hammad met is the one leading the team. He puts one of their guys who is dead on his shoulder and walks out with his men and the box. Peter is badly wounded; but he has survived. Mike talks to Jessica and tells her that he cares about her and tells her that he feels that Brody killed Walker.

Jessica tells him that Brody is working with the CIA, but Mike thinks it is a cover-up. Jessica asks him to leave. Next, Carrie barges into Brody’s office. She starts yelling at him saying that she has got seven casualties in Gettysburg and asks him that if he knew about the attack. She asks him if he has been lying to her. She feels that when he talked to Roya, he must have told her something. He denies. He tells her that he didn’t lie to her and that he doesn’t know what she is saying. She breaks down and he comforts her. The episode ends.