The Clearing - Recap

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The episode begins with Hammad waiting for Brody during his morning jog. She tells him that they lost a man and so he is going to have to play a larger role now. This time he wants details as there are six feds who are dead. Well, that is how it’s going to be. She tells him he needs to meet with someone and she will give him the details later. She tells them that they are almost there. Next, Saul visits Aileen, who is in solitary confinement for twenty three hours in a day. He tells her that they need her help. He shows her the picture of the man who led the Gettysburg attack. She knows the man and she tells him that in return of her help, she needs a cell with a window; a view.

He tells her that he can get that done. She will help only once she gets what she wants. Carrie meets Peter in the hospital. She feels that judging by the size of the box that was taken from the tailor’s shop; there was enough C4 to blow up the embassy. Peter decides to discharge himself from the hospital. Next, Dana tells Finn that she went to the dead woman’s funeral and she wants to tell this to someone; especially their parents. Finn tells her that it is already bad with his father. But she says that if he doesn’t want to, she will do it herself. Finn agrees to tell. Brody tells Jessica that Avery Philips is the new contender. But he is still the front runner. He then asks her if Mike was home the other night. She tells him that Mike told her that Brody killed Walker.

He tells her that the CIA used him to reach to Walker and it got messy and that he did have a part in it. They then join Walden at the fundraiser at Rex’s place. Brody then steps aside and calls Carrie. He is pissed that his wife came to know about Walker. Carrie assures him that they will deal with Mike. He also wants to know how the managed to lose six agents. Estes arrives and Brody disconnects the call. Carrie understands Brody’s stress as a double agent. Carrie tells Peter that they need to find a way to empower Brody. Next, Saul asks the warden about Aileen’s demand but he isn’t helping to expedite the process. Saul decides to go through the proper channels. He says that he will have orders sent from the Attorney General. Carrie meets Mike. He realizes that she is here about Brody.

She tells him that there is a terrorist attack in work and Brody is essential to them. She knows that he is emotional about Brody because of his feelings for Jessica. He tells her that he will lay off his investigation. At the fundraiser, Brody ends up answering some uncomfortable questions about the days he was held prisoner. Walden talks to Estes about Gettysburg. Estes tells him that they are on it. Saul arrives to meet Aileen and tells her that the warden didn’t agree and that they will go over his head. But since time is of the essence, he wants her to help him immediately. Next, Rex apologizes to Brody about the way he was questioned. He tells him that since he served in Vietnam, he understands how Brody might be feeling. Rex tells him that he doesn’t care much about Walden as he feels he is ignorant.

Considering all the recent events, he knows something is coming. Rex tells Brody that he is supporting Walden because eight years down the line, he is looking at Brody. Brody thinks Rex is giving him too much credit. Carrie calls Brody and aks him to meet her at the nearby clearing. She tells him that Mike is going to leave him alone. He tells her about the conversation he had with Rex. They kiss. He wonders if she is handling him by keeping him close. He also tells her that she makes him feel good. At the fundraiser, Finn drinks some alcohol; liquid courage. Dana tells him that they need to tell their parents and they end up in an argument. The mothers overhear this argument and Dana tells them what happened. They go inside to talk. They then ask the kids to leave.

Cynthia says that these kinds of situations need to be handled in a particular way and asks her to let her handle it. She wants Jessica to follow her lead. But Jessica says that she has to talk to Brody about it. Saul calls Peter and tells him that he is waiting to hear from the Attorney General. Saul brings Aileen some bread, cheese and wine. They toast to her window. Saul gets a call from the Attorney General and he tells Aileen that they faxes over a signed order. The guard brings the form into the room. She tells him that the man in the photo is Muhammad-al Gandhi. And he is been in the States for a year. She also states that he is gun crazy. Next, Cynthia tells Walden about the accident. She also tells him that it was Dana who pushed him into telling. She tells him that Estes and his guys will deal with it.

She tells him that Jessica is the one they need to worry about. Jessica tells Brody. At the fundraiser, Rex tells the crowd that he Walden/Brody ticket is the ticket to a bright future. They drink to that. Brody talks to Walden about the accident. Walden tells him that all this will be taken care of if they stick with the program. It means that all this will lie low. He tells Brody that they needn’t be benched due to some teenage screw ups. Next, Peter is in a private plane and plans an assault on al Gandhi’s residence. The agents go in. Peter finds out that the man is nothing but a musician. He knew Aileen from the pool club. This means that she duped them. Saul wonders why she would do such a thing. She knew that they would find out.

He suddenly realizes something and he rushes into the cell. He sees that she has used one of the glasses from the specs he had given her to see the photograph and has cut herself with it. He asks her why she did this. She says that she is never going back to that cage. She says that she wanted to spend a day by the window. She dies. Next, Brody tells Dana that they are going to the police. They leave. Estes sees this and he calls Carrie. He tells her that he feels Brody is going to blow this thing. He asks her to get in her car and call him. Saul tells Peter that he got emotional and that led him to believe her. He knows it was sloppy. Brody arrives at the police station and finds Carrie waiting for him. Dana wonders why Carrie is present there.

He asks Dana to stay in the car and he goes to talk to Carrie. She tells him that he cannot do this. He is surprised that she knows about it. She tells him that if he does this, it will alienate Walden. And all this will be off. Dana walks up to them and she assumes that Brody doesn’t want to report this because of the campaign. She walks off. Brody yells at Carrie and leaves after his daughter. The episode ends.