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I'll Fly Away - Recap

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The episode begins with Dana getting off a bus. She walks down the street and keeps looking behind to see if she is being followed. She then arrives at Mike’s house and Mike is surprised to see her. He invites her in. At home, Jessica and Brody are fighting over Dana’s disappearance. Jessica is pissed that Brody didn’t file the complaint and so Dana was upset and so she went away. Outside, Carrie and Virgil are listening to the fight from inside the van and Carrie sis worried that Brody might miss his meeting with Hammad thanks to this fight. Jessica wants him to tell the CIA that his daughter matters more and if he cannot then she will call them.

Just then Mike calls her and tells her that Dana is at his place. Jessica leaves to get Dana from Mike’s. Carries sees Jessica and Chris leave the house and she goes inside and tells him that he needs to go for the meet as Hammad was going to introduce him to a new contact. He says that he can’t do it and she tells him that he needs to do it for his family. He tells her everything is falling apart. She tells him that this could possibly be the last time. Jessica arrives at Mike’s house and tells him what happened. Mike tells her that Dana is asleep upstairs and that he would call when she wakes up. Brody arrives to meet Hammad and he is in a mess. He tells Hammad that he cannot do this and that he is under a lot of pressure. He then tells her that he is done with this and is not going to do it anymore. Peter wonders what Brody is up to and calls Carrie.

Hammad follows Brody and tells him that she does understand what he is going through. And that he quitting now will not be good for him. She tells him to sit; but he just blows her off and leaves. Peter is pissed and Carrie tells Virgil to kill the tracking. Peter calls her and she tells him that they are having some tech issues. Peter tells her that they too are facing some problems. She tells him that she is following Brody on foot. Peter tells Carrie to bring Brody in as he is a threat to all of them and that if “they” pick him up first, who knows what Brody would tell them Carrie spots Brody but she doesn’t tell Peter. She then walks up to him and tells him that she wants him to be safe and so let her drive.

Estes meets Saul and tells him that Brody jumped surveillance and that Carrie helped him do so as she isn’t answering her phone and that both of them are missing. Saul tries to point out that Carrie might be trying to fix the problem but Estes isn’t too sure as she has some twisted feelings for Brody. Estes wants him to find her and bring her back with Brody. Carrie takes Brody to a motel and then goes to get them some food. Next, at Mike’s, Dana is awake an d he tells her that she should call her mother as he had promised Jessica that he would let her know when Dana wakes up. Dana wants to stay the night and Mike says that she should ask Jessica. Dana calls her mother and asks her if she can stay back. Jessica tells her that she misses her.

Dana then tells Jessica that Brody backed off as Carrie came and told him something. Jessica didn’t know about this. Dana says she is sorry for hurting her by telling her about Carrie. At the motel, Brody asks her how long before they are caught and Carrie tells him that it depends on how hard they look. He then tells her that he has burnt all bridges with the CIA, with Nazir and his family. He feels that he was better off in Iraq than he is now. She tells that they still need him and that he can make things right. But Brody says that they must now have some other person with some other plan in place. He says that the CIA can do whatever they want.

He then asks her if she would visit him in the prison and she tells him that she probably will be in the cell next to him. She tells him that if they manage to stop Nazir then all of Brody’s past doings will not matter. Including what he did to her. He thinks that she is crazy. In fact she is crazier than anyone could imagine. She tells him that their deal is a way out for both of them. She then kisses him. We then see that a camera is filming them. Saul is listening into this and the noises get louder and busier for Saul to even hear it. Peter has sent a takedown team and Saul stops him. Peter points out that Carrie is not fixing it; this is about her getting laid.

Saul tells Peter that Carrie did not run away; she went to a safe harbor house where she knew Saul could find her. She is asking for more time. Peter pulls off the takedown team. Next morning Brody calls Roya and tells her that he is having some trouble with his daughters and he would like to take back some words that he said to her. He says that he wants to be a part of it again and that this would happen. Roya thanks him for the call. Brody asks Carrie if Roya would believe him and she says that Roya will as this is the truth. Also, she wants him to confide in him before he blows up the next time. Dana talks to Mike and asks him was it difficult vanishing from their lives after Brody returned and he says that it was difficult.

She then tells him she wants to go meet someone and asks him for a ride. Carries arrives at the Ops and Saul is worried about her. He tells her that most of them were listening into them at the motel. She tells him that he need not be worried about her as he is not her father. Peter arrives and shows Carrie the video where Brody is meeting Roya. Roya appears suspicious about Brody and asks him where he was last night. He tells her he was with Carrie as he was instructed to renew his relationship with her. Roya then takes his phone and pulls out the battery and the Ops lose audio. Carrie feels that Roya knows. She wants a follow vehicle with Max and Virgil.

Dana goes to meet the dead woman’s daughter and she immediately realizes that Dana killed her mother. She wants Dana to keep quiet about it, otherwise she wouldn’t get anything. She asks her to leave and never show her face again. Roya takes Brody to the middle of nowhere and they stop the car. They get down in the dark. No one has any visual on Roya and Brody and Carrie wants to pass by to ensure that Brody is safe. Peter grants one clean pass. A third guy joins Brody and Roya. He is the guy who led the team in Gettysburg. Brody sees a car approaching and he asks Roya if they are expecting someone else. She tells him to get inside the car. Max clicks pictures of the man and sends it to Peter.

Carrie tells Peter that she wants to go in and Peter orders to stay away. Carrie gets out of the car. Peter orders her to stay put but she doesn’t listen. She then sees them grab Brody and take him somewhere. She sees that the man has Brody at gunpoint and hustle him into a helicopter. Carrie shouts that they took him and now they are gone. Dana arrives home and tells her mother what happened and wonders if it is a payoff.

Jessica doesn’t know about that but she is not surprised because of the campaign. Dana says that she can’t forget it and Jessica assures her that it will be okay. Brody is dragged into a warehouse and a car arrives. A clean cut man steps out and walks towards Brody; it is Abu Nazir. The episode ends.