Two Hats - Recap

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The episode begins with Estes, Saul, Carrie and Peter in the Ops. Carrie thinks that Brody is dead; if not physically then operationally. They need to move on. Estes thinks that their next best move would be to roll up Hammad. All agree. Meanwhile, Nazir drops Brody off in some remote location in Baltimore. He tells Brody that he needs his help on this one and that the mission cannot be accomplished without him. They hug and Nazir leaves. Brody runs to a café and calls Carrie and tells her too take his family to some safe place. Carrie is relieved to hear from him.

Estes thinks that Nazir and Brody can be playing them but Saul says that, 12 hours after he was taken, Brody is still alive and wants his family moved to a safe location; this means Brody is still on their side. They drop the Hammad plan. Mike goes to Brody’s house and tells Jessica that they need to move to some safe place as there is a threat. Dana doesn’t like it. Carrie watches Brody’s family leave with Mike. Brody asks Carrie to meet him where they first met. Max and Virgil break into Peter’s apartment as Saul and Carrie had asked them to keep a watch on him. They find a lot of anti-intrusion devices and a sniper cleaning kit. They have never seen an analyst live like this. They tell Saul that the cleaning kit indicates that it is a sniper rifle.

They then tell Saul about a photo they found in the only book Peter has; a lady carrying a small baby. Her name is Julia Diaz and she is Philly PD. Brody’s family arrive at the safe house and Jessica is still being kept in dark about the nature of the threat. Brody meets Carrie and he tells her that Nazir is here in America and he is planning an attack. Brody then meets Saul, Estes and Peter. He tells them that Nazir threatened to torture him but never did. Brody says that he wasn’t too bothered by it after all that he has been through. Nazir then arrives with tea and asks him about the recent happenings. Brody told him that he was worried about his family’s well being after he was gone. Nazir assured him that nothing will happen to his family if Brody stayed true to himself.

Brody then tells them the specifics of the attack. The following day Walden and he are scheduled to meet with the soldiers returning from Afghanis tan and their families to would be present there. Nazir plans to attack the homecoming. This is a locked down, classified event and Brody’s role is to convince Walden to allow one secret reporter to cover this event; Roya Hammad. Brody knows that no one believes but Carrie tells him that she does and he says that it is all that matters to him. She tells him that Walden will be in his office soon and Estes will brief them about the recent developments. All that Brody needs to do is act surprised. Carrie then tells him that his family is with Mike. At the safe house, Dana tells Mike that she wishes that Brody should not have returned home from that war.

Mike explains to her that they all come back from the war with some wounds. Next, Estes meets Walden and Brody and tells them about the situation. He tells Walden that with his help they can track down the terrorist cell and shut it down. He tells Walden that Roya Hammad is working with Nazir. He wants Walden to allow Hammad to cover the event so that they can roll them up and stop the attack. On learning that Nazir is in the US, Walden agrees for the plan. Estes tells Brody to make the call. Roya is pleased that Brody managed to convince Walden. She tells him to find a way to be with her at the vent. Saul realizes that it is a bomb and Roya just told Brody to be with her so that he can be away from the blast radius.

Jessica thanks Mike for being there for them. Next, Saul goes to Philly PD to meet Julia Diaz. He introduces himself as Richard Keller from IRS. He tells Julia that he is there to talk about her son’s father. She tells him that they have never been married. She does not believe that Saul is from IRS and so she doesn’t divulge much. Saul leaves and tells Virgil and tells him that Peter will get a call from his mother. Peter does. Peter then tells Carrie that he has some errands to run and leaves. Virgil gets into the van and Max is following Peter. Max tells Virgil that Peter has taken a bus. He then gets off the bus. He has ditched his jacket and put on a hat. He then gets on another bus. Max then sees him talking to someone on the bus. Max clicks snaps and leaves.

At the safe house, Jessica goes into Mike’s room and takes off her clothes and gets into the bed with him. Virgil shows Saul the picture of the man Peter was talking to; Dar Adul, who runs CIA missions “they don’t talk about”. They realize that Peter is not an analyst and wonder what he is doing in the team. In the morning, Jessica wakes up and goes into her bedroom before the children wake up and realize what happened. Peter arrives at work and the tactical team is going through prints and layouts and preparing to deal with the attack. They are following Roya’s movements. Carrie is in the van with max and Virgil and they are following Roya.

Brody’s family is allowed to talk to Brody over the phone. Chris calls Brody. Brody wants to talk to Dana but she refuses to talk to him. Jessica takes the phone and tells Brody that Dana is sleeping. Jessica wants to know what is happening and Brody tells her that things will be fine soon and that they will get back to where they were. Carrie is keeping a watch on Roya and reports to the ops that she is meeting with her camera crew. Peter signals to Estes and Estes nods his head. He gets up and leaves. Estes tells Saul that Peter is a liaison with the FBI. An analyst is a liaison? Estes tells Saul that Peter is wearing two hats today.

Saul then asks Estes as to who is running the operation; is it Dar Adul and he also wants to know about Peter. Estes tells Saul that Peter is here to kill terrorists. Carrie alerts the team as Nazir’s ammunitions guy steps out of the vehicle and there are three others she doesn’t recognize. One person is in the van and she cannot see him. Carrie then tells the team that they are switching the camera batteries with something really heavy. The tactical teams move in and take down the camera crew. They also take down a vehicle that tries to flee the scene. Everyone is happy but Saul looks confused. Carrie moves in to confirm the man inside the vehicle is Nazir. Meanwhile, Peter arrives at Brody’s house in a limo. Estes orders him to standby as he is waiting for confirmation that it is Nazir.

Carrie tells them that the man isn’t Abu Nazir. Peter removes a gun and points towards Brody’s seat, ready to shoot. Estes tells him to stand down as they still need him as the man in the vehicle was not Nazir. Brody is surprised to see him and asks him what he is doing there. Peter tells him that he is watching his back. Peter tells Brody that his information was good but they didn’t still catch Nazir. Nazir is still out there. The episode ends.