Broken Hearts - Recap

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The episode begins with Saul meet Dar Adal at a diner. After a brief conversation, Saul asks him about Peter Quinn. Dar tells him that Peter is one of his. Saul knows that Estes has brought in a black ops guy in the picture. Dar tells him that maybe Estes did not trust Saul anymore and he put Peter in to keep a watch on Saul. Dar says that Saul is too emotional for this line and he is amazed that Saul managed to stay this long. Well, so is Saul. Mike and Jessica are not guilty for having sex. Brody arrives and thanks Mike for his help. Brody meets his children and then while they are alone Jessica wants to know what is the next step.

Brody tells them that they are not going home yet. Jessica tells them that all of them ae going crazy. Brody finds Mike to be a great help. They then look at each other and Jessica asks, “What are we doing?” She tells him that Dana told her that Carrie was the one who stopped him from going to the police. Carrie calls. She tells Brody that the Attorney wants Brody to resign from the office and that they need to figure out what they need to say when he is asked for the reason. He says that he would tell them that he wants to give more time to his family. They then disconnect the call. Carrie is driving and we see that a white colored van runs into her car. During the celebratory meeting, Estes reminds his guys that Nazir is not yet found.

Later, Saul talks to Estes and wants to know what Peter is doing in his operation. Estes tells Saul that this is Peter’s operation. Estes loses his cool on Saul and Peter arrives telling them that Carrie has been in an accident but she is nowhere to be found. Estes tells Saul to go and look into this matter. He then tells Peter that Saul knows. Finn wants to meet Dana and she agrees. Just then Brody gets a video call from Nazir. He has Carrie! He tells Brody that he wants the serial number of Walden’s pacemaker and that if he doesn’t do it, he will kill Carrie at this very moment. Brody agrees. Brody decides to go to Walden’s house and the lady in charge of Brody’s security arranges for a car. Carrie tries to get to a blade so that she could free herself; but Nazir arrives and zip-ties her legs as well.

Saul is at the accident site and there are reports that a man saw a woman being dragged into a car. Saul gets Carrie’ phone from the car and he sees that the last number she called was Brody. Saul calls Brody. He tells him about what happened and wants to know what they spoke about when they spoke. He tells him that they discussed about his resignation. Brody does not tell Saul about the call from Nazir. Finn arrives to meet Dana and tells her that every day he thinks about the accident and it is driving him crazy. Dana wants to know if he knew that his father paid off the woman’s daughter. He tells her that is how the world works. But Dana realizes that he did not know about it. Finn tells her that he wants to start over and Dana tells him that their relationship is broken.

In the ops, Virgil shows Saul footage of Nazir at a gas station before the kidnapping. A man arrives and tells them that he wants to help. At the warehouse, Carrie tells Nazir that Brody will not be able to get the number; but Nazir tells her that Brody can be resourceful when required. He then realizes that Carrie loves him as well. Nazir thinks that they have at least that one thing in common. Carrie tells him that he won’t leave this country alive; he knows and he doesn’t care. They then argue about their interests and what their beliefs stand for. Carrie thinks that they pervert the sayings of the prophet and turn teenagers into suicide bombers.

Nazir tells her that they are ready to go through all the pain and sufferings to exterminate them and that they would also wait for centuries. Brody reaches Walden’s house and learns that he is still in the meeting. He goes to his office and snoops around and finds the serial number. He then calls Nazir and tells him that he got the number; but he wants him to let Carrie go first. He knows that the minute he texts him the umber, Nazir will kill her. But Nazir feels that if he lets Carrie go, Brody will not text him the number. Brody swears on the soul of Issah that he will text him the number. Nazir is doubtful and Brody tells him that Nazir knows how much he loved Issah and how much he hates Walden.

Brody tells him that Walden deserves to die. Nazir then sets Carrie free. Carrie gets up and runs. Brody wants to see Carrie getting away. Brody is relieved to see that Carrie has run out of the building towards the road. Nazir now asks him to send him the number; else he will go after Carrie. Brody sends him the number. Nazir then forwards that number to an accomplice who the feeds it on the computer. Brody then puts back the box and Walden arrives. But he does not suspect Brody. Brody tells him that this office and all this cannot e his as he is withdrawing his name from the candidacy. He wants to give more time to his family. Walden tells Brody to screw his family.

They are talking about the second highest office on this land and someday maybe the highest. The guy types in a program into the computer and we see that Walden has a cardiac arrest. Brody asks him if e s alright. He then tells Walden that he is resigning because he wants to feel clean again and also because he disagrees with everything Walden says or does. The attack becomes severe and he wants to call the doctor. But Brody refuses and he also pushes the phone aside. He then tells Walden that he is killing him! The computer shows a flat line; Walden is dead. Next, Carrie stops a truck on the road. She takes the phone from the driver and calls Saul.

She tells him the location she was held up by Nazir. The CIA is sent to that place. Estes and Peter exchange looks and, Peter checks his jacket and immediately leaves the ops. Estes picks up the phone. When Saul is about to leave the building, two men stop him. They tell him that they need to take him for questioning. Saul tells them to talk to Estes and they tell him that Estes is aware about this.

Meanwhile, Carrie goes back to the building where she was held by Nazir. She picks up a long pipe and goes looking for Nazir. She hears a noise coming from a room. She opens the door and enters. The episode ends.