In Memoriam - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie walking around the warehouse, looking for Nazir. She is looking totally dazed and tired. She sees a man walk by and she follows the path. But then that leads her out of the building, where the CIA unit is preparing to enter the warehouse. She is confused and wonders how she lost him as she just saw him. Peter then asks her how she escaped and she told him that she was lucky. She doesn’t tell him about the call Brody made to Nazir. She asks for Saul and Peter lies to her and tells her that Saul got caught up with Walden’s murder situation. At the safe house, Jessica and Brody are unable to get some sleep.

Jessica wants to have a talk with Brody; about the truth. Just then Brody’s phone rings and he goes to the balcony to answer it. It is Carrie. She tells him about Peter asking about her escape. She wonders what Nazir will tell the CIA when he is caught. Brody is relieved that Carrie is safe. Jessica is watching Brody talk on the phone and she is upset and she goes back into the room. Larry arrives in the interrogation room with the polygraph equipment and it is Saul who is going to take the test. Saul knows that all the tests are a farce but Larry tells him that for Estes it is very important. But he then learns that some unknown guy is going to ask him the questions. Peter tells Carrie that the tact team is completed the initial sweep and there is no trace of Nazir.

Carrie finds that hard to believe. Carrie finds this impossible and she feels that he has help from an insider. Peter is skeptical but he still decides to take another look. During the interrogation, Saul feels that Estes is trying to frame him for Aileen’s death. At the warehouse, Carrie is getting hysterical. She is sure someone is helping Nazir and she is about to question the tact team members. Peter stops her. She wants to know who is directing the search along with Peter; he tells her it is Galvez. She thinks Galvez is the muzzle. Just then they are told that Galvez is driving away from the search site. They follow Galvez. They catch up with him Nazir is not with him. He tells them that his stitches popped up and so he was going at the hospital.

At the safe house, Dana loses it completely and she wants to know what they are doing in that place, away from their normal life. She doesn’t want Brody to be around and she says that they all were better off with Mike and that Mike would be a better father than Brody. Jessica intervenes and she tells them that they can figure things out once they go back to their own house. At the ops, Carrie admits to Estes that all this was her fault. She goes to wash her face and Estes tells Peter that he wants him to question Roya Hammad. Peter thinks that Carrie knows a lot more about Hammad but Estes is not too sure about Carrie after what she just did. Later, Carrie walks into the room where Hammad is kept. She shows Hammad the wounds Nazir inflicted on her.

She tries to reach out to her by saying that she understands what Hammad has lost over the years. But she also tells her that Nazir cannot help her with anything; all he wants is perpetual war. Roya gets agitated and she tells Carrie that she doesn’t understand anything. Peter arrives and takes Carrie away. He asks her to go home and tells her that he will deal with Hammad and promises that nothing will be done without Carrie. The guy who questioned Saul arrives with a report on the polygraph analysis and tells Estes that there is everything that he wanted to know. But he also tells Estes about a rant that Saul was going on and on about; something to do with Brody’s assassination. The polygraph machine showed that he was telling the truth but the man thinks it is the best to leave that out. Carrie is on her way back home and something strikes her.

She calls Peter ad tells her that Hammad’s words are bothering her; she had said that Nazir would never run. She feels that Nazir is still hiding somewhere in the tunnels and that she is going back there. At the site, there are just few men left as the rest of them were called back. She wants them to sweep the tunnel one last time. Estes meets Saul. Saul tells him that he knows that Estes is trying to kill Brody. Estes tells him that Brody is a terrorist and not a Congressman. He tells Saul that he can either co-operate with him or else he has enough material to charge him with Aileen’s suicide and he would spend rest of his life attending the hearings on his case. Carrie is in the tunnels, with one unit of the tact team.

She and one of the guys follow a different path and she notices something weird about the wall she sees in front of her. She feels that there is something behind the grill and turns out that she is right. The tact team member shifts a small unit like thing and enters the passage and he sees that there are paper wrappers and a bag and other personal items lying around. He radios for help but there is no signal. He asks Carrie to go and get help. She runs but then she goes back to check on the guy and she finds him lying on the floor; his throat is slit. It is Nazir and he tries to attack her. She was right after all!!

She runs, screaming for help and he follows her. She hides but he manages to get her and punches her hard in her stomach and throws her against the wall. The team arrives and he runs. He then is found kneeling down and the tact team has their guns pointed at him. He attempts to reach out for something from his pocket and the teams shoots him. Nazir is dead. Estes congratulates Carrie as she was the one who always had the sixth sense about Nazir. He then tells Peter that he still wants Brody taken down and it could look like Brody was killed for what happened to Nazir. At the safe house, Brody and his family are told that it is safe for them to go back home now as Nazir is dead. The children are happy. They all reach home; but Brody is not going with them. His is leaving.

Jessica tells him that she failed to do whatever was necessary when Brody returned home after his capture; it was beyond her. Brody tries to tell her the truth, but she doesn’t want to know it now. She tells that all this while she fought to learn the truth, but now she doesn’t want to know anything. She knows that Carrie knows everything about Brody and that she accepts Brody will all his baggage. That is lot of love there!! She goes back into her house. Brody arrives at Carrie’s house and she lets him in. Peter is outside Carrie’s house; he is watching them. The episode ends.